Graciousness and Humility (Just Kidding!)

Fundy street preacher James Lyman gives some helpful advice to his critics: “shut up.”

You stay classy, James.

(for an example of James Lyman’s “methods” — which most appear to consist of screaming at people and calling them names — you can click here)

40 thoughts on “Graciousness and Humility (Just Kidding!)”

  1. “Working my way back to you Lord
    With a burning love inside
    Yeah I’m working my way back to you Lord
    With a happiness that died
    Listen here’s what I say, praying every day”

    or maybe:

    “The things we do for God
    (the things we do for God)
    Like walking in the rain and snow
    Its off to church we go
    And you’re feeling like a part of you is dying
    And you’re looking for the answer in God’s eyes
    You think you’re gonna get there
    ’cause you’re doing more than your share…”

  2. Wow, the vuvuzela really DOES make everything better! I’m going to have to go with Jordan’s assessment of Lyman here. Ugh.

  3. Weren’t we just talking about preachers who are tools? Methinks this one is a shining example of such an implement.

  4. I like that he picked the Great Commission from the end of Mark, the only one that we are fairly sure isn’t how the original autograph was written. Like we have the legit recording of the GC in Matthew & Luke & Acts, and vocational calling to do Christian work until His return in John, and he picks Mark (presumably blissfully ignorant of the textual problems). Those vuvuzelas sure seem like a good idea to use around these type bozos.

  5. LOL I’m not going to say who I am here, but I know who this video was aimed at!!! I even know the exact location where it was recorded (don’t worry, the church kicked him out).

    Go look up “James Preacher” on Facebook and read some of his statuses, if you feel like wasting some time. You’ll laugh.

  6. I hope he feels better after all this. I know I’d just love to be a sheep in this gentle shepherd’s flock.

    Though, at least he really hates Fred Phelps. There may yet be hope. Cage match?

  7. mounty, he isn’t a pastor. He claims to be submitted to the authority of a pastor, but he is a “street evangelist”.

    Just watch… one day he’s going to find this video posted on this site, and he’s going to come accuse you all of being “liberals” and that you’re all “lost and going to hell” because you disagree with him.

  8. “methods”? Being a Christian has nothing to do with methods. It makes me so sad to see such ignorant people thinking they have figured out the perfect way to be a Christian.

  9. You can call me a fundy on this.

    Not knowing the story behind this rant, it is hard to determine why he is doing this. I personally believe that God can use any media to cause someone to trust God. Even fundies like James Lyman. We all have unique personalities and live in unique cultures. We even hear different ideas and concepts when viewing a video. If God is in control and loves everyone, I have to believe that when James speaks about faith in God, God may be using that to cause someone to trust him. I do believe that James has methodology issues, but, as he states; He is out there, beating God into others. I suspect that most find James offensive, but some hear God instead. I think James may be missing the point that the criticism is about his methods, not necessarily his message.

  10. The lady on the linked video is more patient than I am. Although I eschew violence as a rule, I’m afraid I would have sunk a roundhouse right in his breadbasket.

    And JimE, although I appreciate the loving and accepting nature of your comment, I don’t think I have any interest in Lyman’s god, or any god that would spew such intolerance and sexist vitriol through such a vessel. But I’m a rebellious woman, after all.

  11. Ok, Jim… you’re a fundy. 🙂

    Lyman…. is a pompous dirtbag. His style of ranting does more harm to the name and cause of Jesus Christ than an army of atheists could do in a lifetime.

  12. Well isn’t this dude just a hero of the faith. I’m glad I wasn’t introduced to Christianity this way, otherwise I would never have become a Christian.

  13. “James the Preacher” came to Philadelphia last summer. He was yelling at people as they were going into the treatment center to receive chemo and radiation, early in the morning as it opened, about being punished for their evil. I go to this treatment center. I remember crying, because I had just been told a few days before that my tumor had grown. The saddest part of this, is I think he knows he is being cruel, because when he saw me crying, he yelled into his microphone to “weep for the day of judgement is at hand” and said something about how he is the last of the true voices to call people to the Lord.

    He upset a lot of people that day, cancer center staff, doctors, patients, family, friends and passerby’s alike. The cancer center called the Philadelphia police to ask him to leave because he was on private property. Before he left, he went on a tirade about how his religious liberties were being trampled and more about how he was a man of gawd there to warn the wicked of their sins.

    Later, I remember sitting in my chair receiving chemo that day, and thinking to myself, how sad for him to present Jesus to people in that manner. I was a Christian, whom he never knew and never will know, but was still judging me and screaming, not because I was convicted (as he said) but because of HIS cruel words and because I had received upsetting news claiming I was under conviction. Wonder how he will feel when he stands before Jesus and answers for the many HE turned away from Jesus. How dare he portray my Savior in that manner!

    1. Kitty I sincerely hope you will recuperate. How vicious for this unemployed self-righteous “preacher” to attack vulnerable cancer patients. Because of the exceptional cruelty in this case, Lyman should have been arrested and sued for mental distress he caused.

  14. @ Kitty, I am sorry you had to endure that. His actions alone prove that he does not truly know our Savior and Lord. For if he did, he would love his fellow man as Christ loves us. Fundies like him have no love what so ever in their heart for those whom they yell and scream at. We are known by our fruits, & the fruit he produces is hate.
    It angers me when I see our Lord and Savior misrepresented as well. I shudder to think about how much damage these guys have done to the gospel.

  15. @Kitty and Stony and Don and everyone else.

    I did not know the extent of Lyman’s delusions and abusive nature. I should have been more perceptive during the video posted here. I deeply apologize to anyone who may have perceived I was justifying his actions beyond the video posted here. I admit I was justifying his message based soley on this video and I apologize. Apparently his message is as wicked as his methods. The fundy thought processes had temporarily returned. Thanks to all who continue to expose his fraudulent behavior.

  16. There is worse. find the vid of him “preaching” at indy 500. it’s vile.

    I could tell plenty of stories about him (second hand – i live in nz but have friends who knew him).

    biggest jerk and psycho ever. kittys story is just the tip of the iceberg with this guy.

    oh, and this sermon was “targeted” at my friend who stood up to his practices.

  17. His “logic” blows me away. If I want to call him wrong or stupid then I have to get wrong or stupid myself. Maybe he should take that to heart. If he wants to call me (and everyone else) a sinner, he should admit that he is also a sinner.

    1. Holy Sh*&!!!!! What was that? I cant believe a man would go to the street and preach that garbage. Wow. In my young fundy days, we did a lot of street preaching. We even went to New York City and preached in Orthodox Jewish parts of the city but all we did was preach a simple 3 point outline from the Romans Road or Ephesians highway or something. And said God loves you a lot and quoted a plethora of scriptures. The men I preached with always had a broken heart for sinners. Even though I wouldnt evangelize this way now, I still respect those men for truly loving the unbelievers they were preaching to. This james guy though… he wasnt bearing one single fruit of the spirit to that woman. Wow. just wow.

  18. I have had many encounters and disagreements with James over the years. All in all, I have learned that he is not worth my time. He reads his Bible, so he knows the truth. All we can do is try to clean up after him.

  19. @Monty-
    “Though, at least he really hates Fred Phelps. There may yet be hope. Cage match?”

    Two loonies enter! One loony leaves!
    Two loonies enter! One loony leaves!

    Sorry, was briefly channeling ‘Mad Max’.

  20. This man’s love and finesse is second only to that of a braying jackass with a 12-gauge shotgun.

  21. I heard this James Lyman guy shouting some very vile and perverted things at a child, the only other times I have heard such vile stuff was from pedofiles I was investigating.

    1. Hard to tell where James Lyman and family live. They travel constantly around the country. How does he work a real job?

      Seems Lyman was associated with Truth Baptist Church in Panama City, FL (they got in trouble for abusing children). Maybe live 4015d Maynard Drive, Panama City Fl; no phone listed.

  22. This guy’s a complete ASS. I’m not a huge fan of Rosie O’ Donnell…she goes too far at times also, but she did not deserve NOR does anyone what this (I repeat) ASS said to her in front of her daughter. I can’t STAND these nuts that appear out of nowhere who abuse and berate otehrs in the name of God and Jesus. Do you REALLY think Jesus would have acted this way. NO! Run this piece of crap out of here. I laugh at these fools too as you know he’ll be caught frequenting a whorehouse sooner or later! SCUM!

  23. I think it’s very telling how much he focused on the preacher and how little he mentions his target audience. He isn’t concerned about people, he’s concerned about himself: his rights, and the “rewards” he thinks God will give him one day.

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