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  1. Sweet MOSES! Those photos are a JACKPOT of SFL! Have we gotten verification that site wasn’t setup by Reader Mo as a parody? 🙂

  2. The times I have practiced the same thing. This is part and parcel of the fundy works sanctification doctrine and by doing this you gain favor with God. You know He loves you more because of it.
    I am sure they are very sincere and they believe they are doing the right thing, but it’s more of the same performance Christianity that is the hallmark of fundy-ism.

  3. There’s an official Baptist flag?

    I know what’s going on in that pic. One of them temptress wimin came into the church so they had to hide their eyes. Er, wait. That can’t be it. They wouldn’t have that much self control.

  4. The guy on the right is asking forgiveness for wearing jeans and tennis shoes to church.

  5. I kope this wasn’t just after dinner on the grounds and Sister Beulah’s Three-Bean casserole suprise…. S-u-u-u-r-r-r-r-p-rise
    “Oh, Lord, Touch Brother Johnny Lee’s stomach, even right now Lord, we can’t stand another one of those…..”

  6. Maybe they are there because the preacher was berating the congregation during the invitation, and got mean when no one came forward. Then, he said (angrily) “We’re all staying right here until those of you are under conviction of the Holy Ghost come down here and get right with Gawd.” Their wives poked them in the arm and reminded them that another 15 minutes and their Sunday roast would be burnt.

  7. Dan Keller asked, “When did Baptists get a flag? How absurd.”

    I’m a lot more concerned that so many of them have guns! Apparently the pastor thinks toting one will add to his spiritual power!

  8. Everytime I visit the fwotw I hold my breath in fear until I make sure my Dad isn’t listed as one of the missionarys. When his name isn’t there I’m able to laugh without the tears.

  9. @ Richard :-))) lmao Especially the “Now in a new larger size holy toilet water”… because the previous amount wasn’t enough to be effective…. and then there’s the 3″x3” ceramic tile wafer he baked himself… yeah ‘pfffrtttt’ right. :-} Kool-aid line forms on the right.

    These people above just need to open the garage door and air the place out….

  10. Am I the only one that noticed the position of the red triangles on the Baptist flag looks suspiciously like an old Budweiser logo?

  11. @ Don: I’m glad you enjoyed it. I really liked the lady saying she just got out of the hospital. Now we know where that “holy” water comes from – it’s only a flush away! Enjoy your freedom as a brother in Christ and as a citizen of this country. Happy 4th!

  12. @Jacob
    Good Catch
    Budweiser and Beer are also alliterative “B” words so we know that Bud is the Beer for Baptists.

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