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  1. OH WOW! Haven’t seen those in forever. IDK why any female would ever put those things on her feet? Seriously those give me shivers just seeing the shoe!

  2. They’re only cool if you buy the pretty colored fabric ones (pastel plaid, anyone?). Though the fact that they come in washable leather is awesome.

  3. Hey don’t make fun of “dress-up” shoes!

    My feet haven’t felt the pain of high-heel shoes since the early ’80’s. I’ll go for comfort over sexy any time.

    1. Me neither. Though I’m rather short and could use more height, I’d rather be able to walk without taking mincing little steps. There’s nothing wrong with these shoes that I can see other than that they appear to have no laces. I prefer navy blue though, they don’t appear to get dirty so quickly.

  4. White, for the Purity of the feet under the denim ankle-length skirt… No foot fetishes can be developed with these on the feet fo sho!

  5. The male corollary is the clunky, gigantic white sneakers that look fantastic with high-water, pleated khakis and light-blue button-up shirt.

  6. Really sweet older (mid-age. sorry) lady I work with. Wears the denim skirt every day. And quite often wears a nice pair of like tennies.
    Maybe I’m just weird, but I don’t think they look hideous. Then again, I’m probably missing the whole under-story here about “these”. Actually look like shoes I’d wear…except guys shoes…something like that.

  7. I am proud to say that I never owned a pair of these. My mom did, though. We had an old missionary photo taken with her wearing them, so I’m positive. ‘Course, these are pretty much all a missionary wife can afford, so you’ll have to excuse her.

  8. Did you know that if Moses had been wearing white Keds, he wouldn’t have had to take them off at the foot of the mountain?

  9. Don’t forget about the big bow in the hair that’s often worn to complete the ensemble. White is the norm, but red is very acceptable – not only to give that little “pop” of color, but to provide that color combination that reminds us all of Old Glory.

  10. @ Water H, ROFL!!! I’d been saving all my big poofy bows in a box, then just finally got rid of them! I sometimes wore my long jean jumpers with patterned Keds (well, the Walmart brand of light canvas Sneaker), but I especially liked my black ballet flats. I thought they looked a little more feminine and sweet.

  11. Hey, how did you sneak into my sisters closet?? 🙂 She still wears these, and her denim jumpers…and hair bows, LOL! The funny thing is watching her run around outside in said ankle-length dress chasing after my nephew.

  12. Actually, I am looking for a pair of good, white Keds! The slip-ons are great. Most denim jumpers have cutesie stuff on the hemline, being so short , all of that would go in the trash!
    I think the tennis shoes/denim skirt thing grew out of Hyles in the early ’80’s (1980’s–NOT 1880’s). Before that, no respectable fundie female would wear tennis shoes to church! All this became acceptable for Wed night- wear. You guys have it so easy…..a pair of pants,a buttoned shirt, sandles and socks…..hehe

  13. @maria berg. Oh no! Not at my church! Definitely not IFB, but still maintains a tinge of fundyism in there (quite frustrating actually). The preacher elder decided that after one sermon, he would throw in a special little part about dressing…for church. Not females in totality, but males too…Urgh! I wanted to scream. But anyways, what I was saying, SANDALS were not acceptable dress attire for church! Actually made me laugh, since the average male (or at least teenage male) does not wear sandals period. Or so it seems to me.

  14. LOL, sandals and socks…yeah, that is the “guy version”. I still cringe when I see men on the street wearing that combo…

  15. @Nathan: I think that’s more of a regional thing. Down here in the south it is *normal* to see everyone, male or female, young or old, wearing flip flops or sandals in general anywhere. Heck, I even wore flip flops to the opera and that wasn’t weird or all.

  16. @Amanda. Not flip-flops. I’m talking straight up old school “Bible Sandals”. ya know, the double-bar looking ones? Flip flops are common everywhere. I just mean sandals as such. With nice calf-high white socks.

  17. Ick. Had the cheap-o Walmart kind once and hated them because I tore them up so easily. My mom LOVES these shoes (she’s not a fundy). Girls in my school wore them about 10 years ago, and now I see very few people wearing them.

    I like Converses. Don’t own any right now, but I love ’em. I do own quite a few pairs of flip flops 😀

  18. I have a brown pair of keds. Love em!!

    and Im not a fundy.

    Though I do wear them with a jean skirt from time to time.

  19. Aren’t those considered Nurses’ Shoes?
    At least that’s what they look like, simple, practical, durable, and actually comfortable. Nurses do have to be on their feet a lot.

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