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  1. For some reason I want to start singing Procol Harum’s “A Whiter Shade of Pale”, except of course I would change the words to a “An Oranger Shade of Orange”. Seriously, orange pulpit, backdrop, and face. Who plans these things?

  2. Was NOT expecting to hear “faggot” used in there. I don’t know much about Ruckman other than he’s a KJV lunatic. Didn’t know he was a gay basher as well. I assumed was fairly orthodox on defining homosexuality as sin, but takes it a step further to start calling names. I know it’s common in IFB circles I’d been in, was just kind of shocked to hear it from Ruckman, and probably shouldn’t have been. πŸ™

    1. I suspect you are gay then Rob? Or that you have not read about Sodom or that you read it you just think that it is not gays but just not Hospitable men in Sodom and yes Gomorrah. Gay bashing is good as long as it is truth, not hurtful physically, and makes people feel uncomfortable about their sin, yes SIN. The reason sin of men with men as mentioned in Leviticus, which states they should be put to death, runs so great in America is because, as Rob put it, “gay Bashing” has not been done in enough pulpits. AMEN…

  3. -Rob, Ruckman is very adept at name-calling. He uses some terribly foul names for those who disagree with him. He’s an anybody basher if they have another point of view. Just check out some of his writings on the internet. His followers tend to emlulate him. This ungodly behavior is probably the number one reason that led me to consider the KJV Only movement suspect and began to research it further.

    “Vamp until ready” — keep repeating the same musical prhrases until the performer is ready to start. That’s what Ruckman seems to be doing. ‘5 pages both sides.’ Over and over. 8 minutes is a lot of time to fill when the camera is running. Too bad he wasn’t rpepared with some actual content. And is it just me, or did he seem to focus on sinful females…?

    1. Kate you seem very annoyed about the fact of sin of females. Are you perfect? Are you upset because you have sin that you want to keep and after listening to him are now convicted of your sin by the Holy Spirit? Did not Jesus state in the Gospels to the Pharisees ye blind guides, and he used some other harsh language. Look it up let your conscience be your guild if you can find yours.
      GOD Bless πŸ˜€

      1. …and yet you are on here defending a Pharisee of the first order. Your logical disconnect is legion.

    1. Morgan it is better to Worship the King James Bible, John 1:1, 14, then to worship sin. Which do you prefer? πŸ˜€

      1. It’s not an either/or choice: “worship sin or the KJV.” Absolutely Jesus is the Word of God, but to limit Him to a 1611 translation in the English language seems blasphemous to me.

      2. Classic!
        You do know that the revealed written word of God found in the Scriptures is not the “Word of God” found in John 1 don’t you?

        You do know that there is a difference in the Living Word as found in the Person of Jesus Christ, and the visual representation of language, thoughts and ideas don’t you?

        To equate mere words to being God is blasphemy. Even the world around us recognizes the difference between thought, meaning and substance. I leave you with a quote from a pop culture movie that sums it up better than I can: “Words offer the means to meaning and for those who will listen, the enunciation of truth.” (excerpt fro “V for Vendetta” tv speech)

      3. Dear Gadfly,

        Who says I have to choose between worshipping the KJV or worshipping sin? Worshipping anything but God is sinful, don’t you know? Or do you think that book, printed and leather bound (unless you get an el cheapo “award” Bible) is the essence of God?

        Ruckman is a heretic. But that’s okay. It is what he chose.

        I certainly don’t mind you being a gadfly around here, if you choose to be so Just remember, we do have squatters for annoying insects. If you choose to be reasonable and rational, then the sandbox will be a nicer place, don’t you agree?

  4. HISTORY???

    “We call it ‘King’ because it was translated under a king, and the Bible says ‘Where the word of a king is, there is power.’ We call it the Authorized Version because it is authorized by the Holy Spirit in a way that no book has ever been authorized before or since.”

    So the “James” part in there means…?

    For crying’ out loud. IT WAS AUTHORIZED BY JAMES I, KING OF ENGLAND AND IRELAND. THAT’S THE AUTHORIZATION. Are people really this stupid?

    “Saved but filthy.” I’m glad that when *I* was saved, my sins were washed away. Guess Pete can’t say that.

    lol, 4:49 he flips off the entire viewing audience for a good 20 seconds.

    I love how “devotions” is relegated to just getting through the Bible X times in a year. The thing that gets me is that he just finished talking about people who study it but don’t actually read it. Then he goes and tells people to read it, just read it, but no mention is made to applying what you read.

    1. mounty it seems people are stupid at one time or another. Dr. Ruckman has his faults since he is a man. If you would read your Bible, I do prefer a King James Bible, you would find that in Psalms we are to memorize it to fight sin, read it to be able to memorize and study it, Study it some where in Timothy, no verses give so you can LOOK IT UP. Sin is in the flesh and the Word of God, the KING JAMES Bible, has helped me fight it. What do you use to fight it? Wait, I should first ask if you even do fight sin as stated in Hebrews 12:4? God Bless πŸ˜€

  5. How can anyone sit and listen to the kind of “history” this guy and others like him spew and still keep a straight face? Anyone with a modicum of good sense could spot the foolishness a mile away.

    But the flipping everyone off is what got me more than anything–do you think this was a “Freudian flip off” (a new psychological term), maybe?

    1. cordovan I sense that you believe the government and think their way of doing things is better and makes sense. This would include, homo in public schools, islam control, and lest we forget the debt.. As stated already, Dr. Ruckman is a man not perfect, but has done a lot more for the Lord than all of us making wonderful conversation here while those in the world are going to HELL without Christ by the 1,000s. πŸ™„

  6. “Brother, if you have been saved 30 years and haven’t read through this book 60 times (every word in it) you are one sorry Christian.”

    This breaks my heart. I’m so glad that when God looks at me He sees the imputed righteousness of Christ. As His children, there are NO sorry Christians. I guess all Ruckman can see is the outward signs that you’re not living according to his Pharisaical (sp?) works-based legalism.

    1. Eric seems to not like reading his Bible, if he does have one. When God sees me yes the Bible says I am perfect, however you will stand at the JUDGEMENT seat of CHRIST and be judged for your works. Notice he did not speak of salvation you need works, it is service come on READ YOUR BIBLE. πŸ˜›

  7. I’m assuming this was closed circuit television or something? I mean, it couldn’t have been broadcast on national, or even public access tv with the name calling. I don’t think the censors would allow that.

    1. Ben OK really? The comments seem to get more and more brain dead here. A preacher calls you dumb or stupid or says don’t be an idiot and you are quick to sensor. However, the same individuals watch blood and guts on the boob tube, TV, all kinds of cussing, down right nasty shows and sit coms and you make that comment? I pray that comment came because of lack of watching what is on TV… πŸ˜†

  8. I nearly soaked my laptop with Pepsi Throwback when he pointed at the screen, frowned, and said, “If you’re messing around with lesbianism…” Where did that come from?

    @mounty, I’ve actually seen some kind of argument akin to the “Where the word of a king is” ploy. I can’t remember what verse they draw on, but it has something to do with the word of the Lord coming to Jacob, and since James is the anglicized version of Jacob, well… isn’t it obvious?

    @Morgan, I was thinking that myself. Where is God in all this talk about “this book”? A Bible–but only the right version, mind you–has almost talismanic power in this view.

  9. The Freudian flip… not related to the Freudian slip with a lisp. ; )

    I haven’t seen the video, but I’ve ready plenty of what James White wrote about how this guy is a nutcase (sometimes I think Texe Mars may be worse, but who cares?).

  10. Did you guys notice that when he mentions “lesbians” and “faggots” he points to the Bible with his middle finger. He does it a few other times as well, but it is still interesting. It seems when he wants to talk to a particular type of person (lesbian, or someone seeking other versions) to emphasis he points at the Bible, but with his middle finger.

  11. I love to point out the fact that King James I was suspected of being a closet homosexual. That really gets the fundies going!

  12. I’m still waiting for the first time I hear that the King James got it’s name because it’s as better a version as King James (LeBron) is a better basketball player than anyone else. I would love that analogy. Probably just wishful thinking.

  13. these people treat the bible like the moslems treat the quran- like the text is co-eternal with God and was simply dropped on humans with a command to write verbatim what had always existed in heaven. bibliolotry if you ask me.

  14. FROM Wikipedia: “Ruckman has many ideas that differ from those of typical Baptist fundamentalists. For instance, he does not believe that a fetus becomes a living soul until it is born and takes its first breath.[18] His unusual ideas extend beyond the Bible as well. Ruckman believes in UFOs and blue aliens with blue blood, black aliens with green blood, and gray aliens with clear blood.[19] Further, he believes that the CIA has implanted brain transmitters in children, old people, and African-Americans and that the agency operates underground alien breeding facilities.[20] In 1997, Ruckman claimed that Attorney General Janet Reno had drawn up a list with his name on it and prophesied that the “Government Mafia” would make a hit on him during “the next two or three years.”[21]”

    Laugh or cry?

  15. @Matt: i’m gonna go with “laugh” on this one.

    i think this ruckman character exists to make regular fundies appear to be reasonable.

  16. @ Reader, So true! KJV onlyist act as if the KJV is the fourth member of the trinity!

    The Bible, KJV included, tells us to STUDY to show theyself approved unto God, not just read it. Perhaps if he would actually study It instead of speed reading through the Word of God he’d actually learn the Truth of God’s Word!

    1. You are wrong! The King James Bible is the Third Person of the Trinity!!! Dispite lip service to the Holy Spirit, He is, to the average Fundamentalist, no more relevent today than the Gifts. πŸ‘Ώ

  17. @Reader Mo: Bibliolatry is the exact term. Others have been bandied about: heresy, unorthodoxy, and plain ol’ lunacy. I don’t have a problem with people using the KJV because it’s what they grew up with, or because they prefer it, or because they don’t think there are any other good English translations out there for whatever reason (though if your reason is because no one’s translated the perfectly preserved Greek text, you’re wandering towards unorthodoxy, assuming you’re not already there). I’ll even give people a pass if they use it simply because the vast majority of fundamental Christianity still uses it (though I wonder how long it’s been since a good scientific survey has been done on that topic). But the minute you use the KJV to prove the KJV is “the one” you’re off the path and steering towards error and possibly outright heresy.

    Honestly, though, I’ve started considering anything KJVO-related as “low-hanging fruit.” The movement is more or less self-destructing, as its proponents push themselves further and further into irrelevancy. Of course in 30 years I’m sure we’ll all be fighting as proponents of NIV-Onlyism. History does tend to repeat itself.

    1. “The movement is more or less self-destructing, as its proponents push themselves further and further into irrelevancy.”

      The quicker they become irrelevant thebetter. I think it was Lenin that said “Give a man enough rope and he will hang himself”

      “Of course in 30 years I’m sure we’ll all be fighting as proponents of NIV-Onlyism. History does tend to repeat itself.”

      History has to keep repeating itself. Nobody listens…. πŸ™

  18. @mounty

    As rabid as some formal equivalence fans can be, I wouldn’t be surprised to see ESV-only sects form before long. At least for now, they’re not to fundie/KJVO levels of lunacy yet. πŸ™‚

  19. @mounty. first comment: yes people are this stupid.
    second comment: good point. totally agree
    @Josh. check out Tom in the Box on the side bar of links. It’s lovely satire also. There’s a blog on there about ESV-onlyism…Kindle style. Worth a check!

  20. I wonder what kjvo’s think of the purported shoutout to Shakespeare in Psalm 46 of the kjv?

  21. Finally, I’ve found the answer! I’m a “faggot and fruitcake” because I read the NASV growing up. Always wondered what “caused” it. πŸ™‚

    1. “Faggots and Fruitcakes!” roared Trumpkin the Dwarf.
      Just couldn’t resist, it does sound so Narnian. πŸ˜€

  22. I want to know when people of this ilk quit worshiping God and started worshiping a book. “What a maroon.” – Bugs Bunny

  23. KJVOnlyists believe their interpretation is infallible because they are using the infallible Pure Word of God.

  24. Yes, Peter Ruckman is a strange case even for fundies. I’ve met him and on a one-to-one basis, he’s quite different. He talks about his gardening, fishing, and just everyday events. Behind the pulpit…well, a different story. I visited his church when I lived in the Pensacola area back in the ’90’s. After seeing some of the lunacy up close, I left. His ex-brother-in-law (from his second marriage), Jim McGaughey (former assistant pastor at Ruckman’s), had already started a church in Cantonment, FL and I decided to check it out (Charity Baptist Church). The difference from Ruckman’s was night and day. Even for a fundy church, the McGaughey’s & Charity Baptist showed my family & I nothing but kindness and grace.

    Don’t let Ruckman’s lunacy to the KJV fool you. He’s actually an extremely intelligent person. He made a name for himself with Bob Jones, Sr. and Jones actually had a lot of good things to say about Ruckman. Although he isn’t the one who started KJV-Onlyism, he most certainly is the one who started his brand of “double-inspiration” which is very prevalent in extreme KJV-onlyism.

  25. Where the word of a king is, there is power; and who may say unto him, What doest thou? Ecclesiastes 8:4

    Naturally, his usage has nothing to do with the context from which it is wrested. It’s also allegorically interpreted in order to apply it to an item in the text of Scripture.

  26. But I personally love his argument from “biblical” numerology that the KJV “bears good fruit” because Galatians 5:22-23 contains 9 fruit of the Spirit. Therefore the number 9 is God’s number for fruit bearing. But you’ll also notice, he continues, that the book of Galatians is the ninth book in the New Testament, and even the words “Holy Bible,” and (better yet) “King James” contain nine letters. Now, if that isn’t the mark of a fruitful Book, Ruckman doesn’t know what is!

  27. @Phil – 46 words in – “shakes”, 46 words from the end (not counting “selah”) – “spear”. Shakespeare turned 46 in 1610. He and King James were tight, and part of the “theory” is that the translators relied on the Bard to help with the poetry. I’m not sayin’ I believe it, I’m just sayin’… I’m curious what the kjvo fundys who decry Shakespeare would feel if the story could be proved?

  28. Concerning this….here is a fun picture taken directly from his message:

  29. Concerning thisÒ€¦.here is a fun picture taken directly from his message:

  30. Someone needs to tell this guy that King James was a practicing homosexual. So, don’t lean on the “king’s word having power”…

  31. This is amazing! I always thought it was the ‘Authorized Version’ because it’s the authorized version of the Church of England. Revisionist history is always so eye-opening. 😯

  32. Interestingly there is no evidence that anyone actually ‘authorised’ the KJV. Now it may be that the evidence has perished over time (London having burned down in the interim, and there having been a revolution and the like). King James commanded it to be translated, but he never authorised the result. The last true ‘authorised version’ was the Bishops’ Bible, and if the KJV is to be called ‘authorised’ as a result of being a revision of that, it means that the Revised Version, the RSV, the NASB, the NRSV and the ESV are ‘authorised’ as well!

  33. If I had a letter penned by a secretary, my own words penned down, that letter would contain my words. Now if someone came along and changed my letter in any way, by different word choices etc. the letter would no longer be my letter, or my words. This is why I believe there is only one Bible. God’s Word to man, the King James Bible, the perfect Word of God. In John chapter 1, God said, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God . . . and the Word became flesh and dwelt among us” God and His Word cannot be separated. We cannot change His Word, or it is truly not His Word!

  34. All I can say is, most posts here are misconceptions of what Ruckman actually teaches as a whole, and thus straw men are being attacked. Citations from his books and booklets are quite needed.

    Romans 9:17 For the scripture saith unto Pharaoh, Even for this same purpose have I raised thee up, that I might shew my power in thee, and that my name might be declared throughout all the earth.

    Since scripture did not exist in Pharaoh’s time, scripture here equals God, and thus the basis of the worship of the Bible, in addition to Jesus being the Word.

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