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  1. I think I’m losing my touch. I didn’t realize what song was being played until the “powers” comment. As for the rest of the comments, they were dead on. I loved it!

  2. And now I can’t get that song out of my head. It’s all coming back to me now. Thanks a lot, Darrell!

  3. Glory! My FIL plays banjo and guitar and does specials like this at his church on occasion. I may go to a Souther Baptist “mega church” but when we’re out of state visiting them, I just love to hear him and the other men at the church get together and play music like this. I love it!

  4. “Is that one of those worldly devil guitars? It’s a wonder that thing hasn’t burst into flames”
    Hahah! That along with the rest was great! (Being a guitarist, that always bugged me!)
    But the kid on the mandolin was actually pretty solid with his skills.
    And not to poke fun, but the dude at 00:19 cracked me up!

  5. I actually enjoyed that. Of course, up north here we are a little more ‘cultured’ (there are no ayyy-mens above the Mason-Dixon Line) and I know some folks who would have walked out on something like that. The guy’s testimony at the beginning was from the heart.

  6. As someone who plays guitar, I never understood why the acoustic guitar was “sanctified” while the electric guitar was of Satan. If fundy logic would be true, that would mean a preacher who doesn’t use a microphone is much more godly than the preacher that does? Rock on dudes!

  7. Speaking as someone who has only played the guitar while playing Guitar Hero, I immediatly thought of having a version for Fundies. It would go something like the video…I would buy it.

    Did have one question. Whats up with the Israel flag? Dipsys believe in a seperation of the Church and Israel, so what’s the flag doing there? Seemed to me they were combining two things that should never be joined in the remotest sense, Israel and the church. Man, I could only imagine what Paul would have said about combining the Church and Israel, after all, Jews can really chew people out.

  8. Did have one question. Whats up with the Israel flag?

    In other videos from the church the flag is missing, so I’m assuming it was there for some special sermon or occasion.

    The logic is that because Dispys see Israel as separate from the church, all of the promises for Israel (I will bless them that bless you) are still currently in effect. Therefore, they still give Israel place as God’s chosen people over and above the Gentiles.

    In many dispy church multi-national flag displays (the kind you might see at the front of the church during missions conference) you’ll see the Israeli flag right next to the American flag in the center.

  9. I think what everyone is referring to as an electric guitar is actually an electric BASS guitar, which everyone knows, is perfectly acceptable in fundy churches.

  10. Man, they were clapping along. I sure hope those feet weren’t tapping, or heads bobbing, though. That would be sin.

  11. @Josh. Yeah, we know it was a bass. And as you said, those are somehow all the more acceptable in fundy churches. Which honestly, as Richard said, doesn’t make much sense either. 🙂

  12. Oh, man! I am now itching to get into a jam session! That’s not likely to happen here in England. I have sat in with a lot of gospel bluegrass jams and this brings back memories…fond ones. Spot on about the electric bass! 🙂 When our group (cowboy/western not bluegrass) started out we had an electric bass and felt maybe we ought to sanctify the look so we eventually went to a Martin acoustic bass. Look like a regular acoustic guitar but with only 4 strings and really long neck. Scared fewer fundies even if it did the same work.

  13. I’m personally offended that the guitar (any guitar) is being played *at all* in a fundy church. I mean, we know it’s one of the Devil’s tools, and certainly it is the appearance of evil. You start with the acoustic guitar, and next thing you know, it’s a full worship band with DRUMS. . .see how much of slippery slope it is???

  14. @ Darrell “Therefore, they still give Israel place as God’s chosen people over and above the Gentiles.”

    Perhaps this belongs back on the racism post, but I always got the impression that Israel was being punished and somehow less then the Gentiles when I was at a Dispensational College. The whole “Fullness of the Gentiles” thing, or that it was the Church that gets married to Christ and the Jews get to watch, or that Israel gets to go through the Trib while we Gentiles party it up in Heaven.

    I don’t know, no Dispensationalist I know would say those things that way, but that is how it always came across to me. When I heard that Israel was “Seperated” from the Church I always heard that Israel was “Segregated” from the Church. The seperate but equal argument in theological terms…

  15. The whole Israel thing just goes to show that, when it comes to fundies, it’s impossible to generalize. I grew up in a more or less non-dispensationalist church (didn’t even hear the D-word until college) that was nevertheless hugely involved with pro-Israeli politics.

  16. All I can say is this must have taken place “down south” as we would NEVER have a group like that at OUR church. I really love good bluegrass! Loved the comments. Just before the comments on the 2 jugs, um, er, vases, I was wondering if they were for the ashes of some wayward fundy.

  17. Now, now, now. We all know that the electric guitar was not sanctified because Jesus didn’t have electricity. And since He couldn’t play it, we shouldn’t either.

    But the stats board!! Wow. It’s amazing how little I miss that little gem. Until I saw it recently here:


    You all need to see that. Because it’s a fundy church from 1948 in good ol’ Greenville, SC. And the similarities are uncanny. Best I can figure, it’s White Oak Baptist before it was ecclesia non grata (I just made that up, and I don’t know Latin) within the BJU orbit. Bill Piper started that church, you know. Yes, **the** Bill Piper who sired ***the*** John Piper.

    Anyway, it’s a shot from a Life magazine spread in 1948. Very interesting. . . .

  18. For those who think that’s just a southern thing, three of the churches I attended as a kid in Michigan would have loved that special. And they would have amen-ed after it too.

  19. I have to admit my toes were tapping. I have such mixed feelings about this video: I enjoyed the music. I enjoyed the fact that two or three generations of men were working together to create something. I recognized the song immediately and can remember singing 89 “pow’rs” to it. I thought the musicians were actually quite good. I noticed, of course, that no women were up there playing. I didn’t get the Israel thing either, but there could be some special occasion being recognized (maybe they had a visiting missionary on furlough from Israel?). I had a twinge of nostalgia for the “stats board.” I laughed at the pop-up comments but also on some level found them cynical, or perhaps found myself cynical. I felt moved by the boy’s heartfelt testimony at the beginning even as I felt uncomfortable listening to it (I think I was moved more by its apparent sincerity than by what was said, per se). As much as I might disagree with the church’s theology as I perceived it through the narrow lens of this video, I also probably would in many ways feel right at home there, and I’m not southern, and I never considered myself fundamentalist and am certainly not one now.

  20. Yes, there are many churches in the Midwest that would LOVE that to be the “special.” I’m just bummed ’cause they didn’t sing. I would’ve loved to hear “pire” said 15,000 times!

  21. *”Guys, that is an electric bass. The acoustic version of that instrument weighs like a ton. I don’t blame them for using it.”

    Actually an acoustic bass guitar has a hollow body and is lighter than the solid body electric bass. However, they are a lot more expensive and rare. You don’t go for an acoustic bass unless you are really serious about playing bass…a lot. The next step is a stand up bass fiddle, which is the perfect instrument for this kind of music. Looks great, sounds great, fun to watch when it’s played, pain in the neck to carry around!! Yup. The electric bass is simply the easiest and most economical. But for the sanctified look–bass fiddle every time. Can’t accuse a big violin of looking like a refugee from a rock band.

  22. Wait—there was a WOMAN on that stage! They hid her pretty well up till the end, but I SAW HER!!! Then again, maybe it’s a white piano kind of thing.

    Also, don’t worry about the guy on the devil guitar. It’s not like he’s actually playing it. His left hand is moving, but the right one looks like its fingers are virtually paralyzed.

    1. I’ve always thought of “non grata” as “is not welcome”, rather than “does not welcome”. Can be either?

  23. That was good bluegrass right there. It has been a long time since I’ve heard that song, our “hip and cool” praise bands over the last few years refuse to play it. I must say however the pop-ups were annoying, just show the clip and let us enjoy some good ole Southern music. :mrgreen:

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