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  1. I cringe @ his terminology as well. It also makes me furious as well as full of pity for him. Furious at whoever taght him that kjvonly stuff and pity for his believing it. Also, his “soul winning” is all wrong. It like a #s game or something…and playing people to get them to make a decision.
    I also want to know how he reconciles his application/interpretation of titus 3:10 with 2 timothy 2:24-26.

    If they don’t believe after the first few tries in the first 5 min just write them off eh?

  2. Check out Steven Andersons blog…


    It appears they consistently have less than 50 in attendance each Sunday morning yet their ‘soul winning’ numbers are huge. So where are they? They just seem to be numbers to this Anderson crowd and not real people with real needs.

    I’m so thankful when I was saved God brought several people into my life over a period of time who showed a genuine concern for me. They just faithfully shared the Word and allowed the Holy Spirit to work in my heart…no one ‘got me saved.’ I’m very skeptical of these 1-2-3 repeat after me conversions.

  3. How silly…. Why don’t they just encourage the new Christians to talk to their family members? People are more likely to listen to their own family than perfect strangers. Are new Christians unfit or something? *sigh* It’s sad how they seem to think they’re the only ones able to witness…

  4. “Let’s try to make sure we quote it directly.”

    While this whole video makes me squirm, that use of “we” is so familiar from my days growing up and attending BJ I felt a little sick when he kept using it. If a sovereign can use the Royal We, fundies rely heavily on what I call the “condescending We.” In my experience, it’s their way of giving a direct order–especially when they “confront” you about something–without just manning up and saying “don’t do that.”

  5. Here’s what “I” do. The cult of the personal pronoun. “Basically the basics” made what little hair I have stand on end.

  6. It seems like he is taking all the credit for “getting people saved” and not giving credit to the Holy Spirit, where it belongs.

    True repentance and true conversion is a life-long process of living in the Spirit. You can’t just say the magic words and think you are saved.

    I do have to concede that he is right about the importance of explaining key concepts like sin to people who may not understand it the way Christians do.

  7. @ Stan
    I went to his blog, and watched the video of him being tazered by Border Patrol. Now he has filed a law suit against them. He may end up with a “Prison Ministry”.

  8. BTW, I emphasize THAT point only because I couldn’t make it through more than a minute of that video without throwing up in my mouth a little. The fruit may be low-hanging, but it’s also full of worms. 😉

  9. “Give the kids a Bible story”??? How is that different from telling them about Cinderella or Thomas the Tank Engine or something? Those are historical records in the Bible, not “stories”. And if one “tells a Bible story” is that not a bit like paraphrasing the Word? Would it not be more proper to read to the kids directly out of the KJV, because after all, how can “we” get them saved with a paraphrased Bible story? “We” don’t paraphrase for Mom and Dad. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander…or gosling.

  10. @Kate – he’s using the “Give the kids a Bible story” line to get by the parents. Being deceiptive. He is really giving the gospel (a good thing). The danger comes if the child gets involved with his church, becomes a Steve follower and is manipulated into rejecting his parents love. If seen fundies attempt to do this, they are quick to quote the Matt 10:37 passage, confusing the obedience to the pastor with love for God.

    I knew a gal that went to a fundy college. Her grandfather became chronicly and gravely ill. She left college to take care of her grandfather for a couple of weeks. When she returned, Matt 10:37 was invoked and she was told that college was more important than her family.

  11. What I find even more amusing, is the picture of himself he opted to put on his blog. That ain’t no huntin’ rifle and that’s at least a 20 round clip in that thing!!

  12. If you didn’t know/believe that Jesus Christ was sinless at your “conversion” (1:33), then I doubt your conversion.

  13. I’m in an unusually charitable mood so I’ll say that he makes a few good points – don’t argue to the point of acrimony, quote whatever you’re going to quote correctly (though not for the reason he states – Scripture is more credible than any paraphrase I can come up with), etc.

    Be ecumenical and progressive! Don’t just dismiss the whole thing because it’s 99% drivel. 😉

  14. “John the Baptist was a Baptist.”

    Yes, and there’s an unbroken line of Baptist churches going all the way back to the first century. Church history? We don’t need no church history!

  15. Church historians everywhere just had seizures.

    I just had a seizure laughing. Awesome. And re: Amanda, yeah, some IFBs even include Cathars among their supposed forebears. Half a second’s reading on Catharism would send the average fundy into a conniption.

    And this quotation from mounty’s link: “If you believe one point of calvinism, you’re going to hell.” I don’t believe a single “point” of Calvinism but I still accept the Reformed as friends and brothers. What is it about fundamentalism that makes people so boorish, tactless, and abrasive?

  16. @Jordan, I know a lot of fundamentalists who would claim Anabaptists in that line, too. Clearly, they’ve never studied the Anabaptists either, especially some of the more extreme types.

  17. Didn’t see the Calvinism link…But read the About page. And wow. They devote a whole brief part to homosexuality. One, calling it an abomination. Which I realized something about this today. Fundies seem to place extreme emphasis on the abomination part here. Like it’s the only one. Yet something I noticed today (hope I’m not ripping it out of context here), but in the Mosaic Era, God mentions plenty other abominations. Ones fundies would not acknowledge today. I dunno. Hope I totally didn’t misconstrue that…

    Although one part cracked me up more than anything I’ve seen so far

    “Jesus had short hair and wore pants.”

  18. Ok…I noticed at least 7 things that don’t seem to fit in the About page…Who? or WHAT are they? Are they super hyper-fundy, shall I say?

  19. I was once in his shoes. I don’t believe in soulwinning like this anymore. But to give the guy the benifit of the doubt…He maybe genuinely sincere with trying to get people saved. He has been taught this, and has embraced it. I know I embraced it (and shouldn’t of, but I was a dumb teenager who wanted to be above the status qou) and it took about 12 years for God to purge it out of me. Maybe more.

    A couple of years ago, I was angry with being duped into such trash, but then the Lord began to show me that I *was* these people. They need *HIM*, just like I needed *HIM*

    Wrong ideas of someone getting saved makes me cringe and want to almost puke as well… but I feel really bad for genuinely sincere people that are wrong. I wonder if they know Jesus. If they are tyring so hard to draw near to him with their works, rather than rest in His truth and have a personal relationship with him.

    So I cringe at people being presented the wrong gospel, and I cringe for those who give the wrong gospel, because I was one who did. Sincerely, but not in truth.

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