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  1. Love it! This is true on both the literal and metaphorical levels…and people wonder why I’ve since joined a denomination with elders, deacons, and a denomination who *gasp* help provide accountability for the pastor. There’s just something incredibly ironic about believing that people are inherently sinful with a bent to do evil, and then giving one man that much power in the church, all the while defending a system of government with checks and balances built in to limit giving too much power to one person. I think I better stop now before I *really* get started on my church government rant!

  2. “The prophets prophesy falsely, and the priests bear rule by their means; and my people love to have it so: and what will ye do in the end thereof?” Jeremiah 5:31

    I guess nothing has changed.

  3. Amanda, It is encouraging to see that God has helped you out from under that abusive situation. God has done the same for my family.

    RJW, Alan, good posts.

    Being a fundy pk, I had to help clean the church on saturday….

    The thrones in my dad’s church were very ornate. 3 chairs, purple velvet on oak. The center one higher than the other 2. They really did look like the thrones used in movies. I sat in it once to see what dad saw during church.

    The building we were in was 90 years + old. A farming community. Stain glass windows. Creaky, unpadded wood pews with cracks that pinched your butt if someone much heavier sat down nearby. A hugh bell in the tower that you rang using a rope. The chairs kind of fit the building and were there before my dad was hired by the church.

    If I were to see this in a modern structure, I would walk back out without sitting down.

  4. and I thought you would post pics of three toilets together for “thrones”-they weren’t fundamentalist but wasn’t some “preachers” busted by the IRS for having a $25,000 marble toilet that they wrote off as a “ministry expense”? LOL

  5. What about all the generals and officers sitting on the platform to show the exercise of authority and leadership to the pions in the pews?

    1. Ha ha ha good one Don! I used to be taken to a church whos “pastor” had a telephone installed next to his throne so he could call the sound room and tell them to adjust the levels or something. I think he thought it made him look more important or in charge. In reality it was an attempt to micromanage methinks…

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