FWOTW: fundamentalbaptistpalmer.org

fundamentalbaptistchurchThere’s no way to mistake the intentions of a church named “Fundamental Baptist Church.” At least visitors know exactly what you’re getting into.

You just have to respect a guy who will put his church attendance and offering totals on his website every week. And posting an ‘altar report‘ with the names and reasons why people came forward? Well that’s just completely above and beyond the call of duty.

Be sure to check out the page of the 103 Missionaries and Mission Projects. that this church supports.

15 thoughts on “FWOTW: fundamentalbaptistpalmer.org”

  1. Oh dear. Please – would someone with technical knowledge teach them to create a password-protected area of their site just for members? The whole site is full of information (prayer requests by full name, etc) that should NOT be made searchable on the internet.

  2. Aside from the password protected area, they have one of the better, more well-designed fundy websites around. You know me…always looking at the positive! haha.

    But yes, you’re right. Protect that personal information. Or better yet, just take it off of the website altogether. It doesn’t need to be there anyway.

  3. So I counted 85 different missionary names that they support. If you round up their weekly missions giving to $2,500 that works out to $29 per week, per missionary. Wow, way to go.

  4. No KJVO statement, women wearing pants, men with facial hair, what kind of fundamentalism is this? Is the well running dry?

    The site is the best designed one we have yet seen. Have you two written to them with the suggestion of removing or protecting the information?

    I am impressed with their commitment to missions. This is something they seem to be doing right. Aside from their name, my quick perusal did not turn up anything too bad.

  5. I would call this maybe the TMI Baptist Church, but I’m with a few of you others – the site design ain’t half bad! No clashing colors, no hideous animated GIFs, no seizure-inducing banners…someone’s got it together!

  6. Best website design I’ve seen for an IFB church. Amazing how webiste design can really improve the impression one has of a church.
    Compare this site to crazy Bro Gizzards “kjvamazinggracebaptist” that is still suspended.

  7. I do find it somewhat weird that they would post the names/reasons of those who came forward during the service. I mean, that could potentially get very “interesting”.

  8. Considering that, in many IFB churches, all of the reasons listed in the Altar report are usually then repeated after the invitation (“Bob here has come forward wanting to be baptized” or “Helen wanted to have assurance of salvation”), the list isn’t that bad. It;s not like they are listing things like “Joe is struggling with lustful thoughts and wants us to keep him in prayer.”

    The church is definitely to be commended for their missions giving.

  9. My first 3 Sundays as a new altar worker three different people came forward to tell me they secretly despised me in their heart, and wanted me to forgive them. I’m glad that wasn’t posted on the church web site.

  10. I actually personally know at least a couple people listed on that site…weird. But, like others have mentioned, at least the website’s color scheme doesn’t give you a headache.

  11. Haha! I actually remember/know some of those missionaries too!
    Gotta love the good ol’ fashioned IFB churches.

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