FWOTW: Barbara’s Blessings

barbara“If you are interested in joining this group of godly, fundamental, Christian ladies who use only the King James Version of the Bible, then this is the place for you.” But be warned: “Use only KJV when posting scripture of any kind, or it will be deleted. I will not tolerate gossip or backbiting of any kind, or any slang of language, like “gees” or “golly”.”

Make no mistake, Barbara (a.k.a. PastorsMate) runs things with an iron hand. If “you’ve prayed about it” and you’re up to the challenge, be sure to fill out an application for membership. Premium Membership also available.

19 thoughts on “FWOTW: Barbara’s Blessings”

  1. That application process is creepy. But then again, any group that requires a salvation testimony before admittance has always struck me as cultish. It is a trait of cults, after all, that you have to provide all kinds of constantly shifting bona fides to prove you’re not an interloper.

    And enough with the embedded midi files!!!

  2. “The membership is attained on a entering a password basis.”

    Awesome English skills. I think if the KJV is required for the Bible verses, all language used in the message boards should be circa 1611. (Under no circumstances should language circa 1769 be used!!)

  3. Jordan-“any group that requires a salvation testimony before admittance has always struck me as cultish.”

    Lol, first thing that popped into my head was that my testimony was a requirement in my application to Bible College…although depending on the Bible College…

  4. “if the KJV is required for the Bible verses, all language used in the message boards should be circa 1611”

    LOL–Like Dwight Schrute: “My German is pre-industrial and mostly religious.”

  5. ” I will not tolerate…any slang of language, like “gees” or “golly”.”

    I’m so glad to know we’re in a 1950’s time warp. 😛

  6. @Jordan, when it comes to the church it *is* a good idea for a church to require a salvation testimony for inclusion into full membership. However, for anything else – college, MBs, etc. – totally agree. At the very least it’s definitely very weird.

  7. “We believe the King James Bible to be the inspired and infallible Word of God and is the only written revelation of God given to mankind.”

    Yeah, because it’s not like the KJV was translated FROM anything! It just appeared out of thin air!

    This statement is so ignorant and ethnocentric – I can’t even begin to describe how it makes me feel. Most things on this site make me giggle, but this makes me incredibly angry.

  8. The requirement for a testamony reminds me of when my wife and I first moved to a new state and were looking for a church. We found a church fairly close by but needed directions to the church. Upon making a phone call to the c hurch I was grilled with a lot of questions about were we saved? what is our testimony etc. I asked if only saved people are welcomed at their c hurch and the person kind of hemed etc. Anyway we decided to try it out. After the paster greeting us he went up front and announced our names and where we were from. The next day Monday he was at our door and again needed to hear our testimony. We were not applying for membership there and I thought that he needed too much information. therefore we never went back to that hurch.

  9. I understand the premise of the group, that Barbara wants to create a safe place for Christian women to get together to chat. (Albeit only Christian women who believe in the King Jimmy bible)

    However, I hate that she (and other groups like that) treat their groups like it’s a bona fide church that can hold people accountable and have authority over them. I don’t understand how people can expect to extend this much control in the cyber-world.

  10. I have to laugh myself when I see how the world allures to a Godly Christian person(that is a person who has been bought and paid for by the blood of Christ) Not just some one who thinks they are religious or playing at it. This group is not controlled, this group is a group of women who do not want all the hassle of a mixed group, and lets be honest there are lots of mixed groups who go at it all the time, we do not play church, any Biblical Scripture is did in KJV other than that we are just a group of sinners saved by grace, that take a stand on what God’s holy word stands for, it is easy to fall into the worlds standards, but some times difficult to stand on God’s ways. For Daniel especially my husband is not a kept man, I have never worked and he always has, took good care of our family, myself, and 5 children. Inf act he is a Pastor, so with all this said in our defense, God bless you, and If you want to read all about us, and what I really think go to http://my.homewithgod.com/barbara4him/barbarasblessings_index.html it is an open site for the whole word to see and know my heart. Thank you whoever set this site up, I enjoy reading all the posts here. Barbara

  11. Is this legit? I about died when I saw the e-mail “pastorsmate@yahoo.com”
    such a shame…. I was saving that for when I got married…. 😉

  12. “gees”, another Pastor’s wife named Barbara. strengthens my theory that all good pastors wives are Barbara or Debbie.

  13. Thanks to my fundy high school, to this very day I still have a twinge of guilt whenever I even say “gee.” 😳

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