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  1. The Jack Schaap story he has in his “editorial” is funny. Also, his mission statement is alliterated! How much more do you need? Oh, yes, the page with the sound. ‘Nuff Said.

  2. This is the second time I’ve seen that animated graphic of the guy running frantically from the fires of hell into the warm embrace of the kj”b”. In this one, though, hell does not contain “Popes” or “Camps” like the last one did. Are we to assume, then, that this “Brother Mike” character approves of “Popes” and “Camps”? What a compromiser! Be sure to shake the dust from your feet after viewing this liberal, worldly website!

  3. This is from the above website:

    What’s missing? There is no statement that he BELIEVES the King James Version. He uses it, memorizes it, and obviously likes it. But does he BELIEVE it? Does he believe that it can be said of the King James Version, “Every word of God is pure” (Prov. 30:5)? Could he say of the King James Version, “Therefore I esteem all thy precepts concerning all things to be right; and I hate every false way” (Ps. 119:128)? Does he believe “baptize” should be “baptize”? Does he believe “church” should be “church”? Does he believe “Easter” should be “Easter”? Does he believe Titus 2:13 should say, “of the great God and our Saviour” rather than “of the great God and Saviour”?

    The fact that this person FERVENTLY BELIEVES in the INERRANCY of a TRANSLATION is mystifying.

  4. He has the statement “The Way Church Used to Be – and Ought to Be” and right above that he has “Bible-believing (AV1611)”. So there weren’t any bible-believing churches in existence prior to 1611?

  5. He says…

    “Every man who stands in the GLBC pulpit and every person who teaches a Sunday School class believes that the King James Bible is God’s infallible, inerrant word. Absolutely no references are ever made to Hebrew or Greek in order to properly understand the English of the King James Version.”


  6. Anyone know the address of his Delphi forums? I’m tempted to join just to take a peek at what should prove to be epic lulz.

  7. Is it just me or is the worst part of the website that his church’s website uses his name instead of the church?

  8. “Is it just me or is the worst part of the website that his church’s website uses his name instead of the church?”

    That thought occurred to me as well, once I realized that’s what the website is.

  9. Actually, Stan, he clarifies in his article about Schaap that he does not condone the study of Hebrew or Greek. It might tempt us to try to “correct” the KJB.

  10. ha, great points Jeremy, Brandon and Midori.

    did anyone else look at the pictures of their members??? They all look like they stepped out of the 80s and some of the pictures are just creepy.

    For instance…I would not want this guy as pastor of my kids:

    and the only guy that actually looks modern in his dress (Bob, pictured here when he presumedly comes forward for membership)…

    …they straight away turn him into “Bob the Soul Winner” (after having gotten rid of the sinful goatee, put a white shirt and saintly tie on him instead of his black t-shirt etc) :

    lol wow.

  11. and i was just noticing the “ministries” section. They have a “FREE” Christian school for members only. I bet that offers a high-quality education ;). I wonder if they still spank? LOL

  12. Hey everyone look at that preacher. What a buffoon trying to preach the gospel to people and pastor a church. He should just give up and do nothing like as of us do. Hooray. Look at me I did it I mocked a pastor. This really makes me feel better!


  13. No Bro. Mike would be soundly and unabashedly giving us a tounge lashing I’m sure. It’s undoubtedly one of his timid members who now feel emboldened and warm inside because they had the guts to “speak up against sin”

  14. Gotta love his $2.00 book section:
    O’NEAL’S OUTLINES NO. 1 – Alliterative, A.V. 1611-based seron starters.
    THE BIBLICAL WAY TO HATE QUEERS – There IS a way to do it!
    DO WE HAVE THE WORD OF GOD? – The case for the KJV
    WHY CHRISTMAS IS FULL OF THE DEVIL – Not for the squeamish!
    THE HOLY BIBLE VS. THE CAMPBELLITE HERETIC – Once saved, always saved!
    BAD MUSIC IS KILLING OUR FUNDAMENTAL CHURCHES – How rock and country-western music have taken over.
    HAIR – THE LONG AND SHORT OF IT – It does matter!
    WHY YOUR WIFE AND DAUGHTER SHOULD NOT WEAR PANTS – This book also includes a section by Mrs. O’Neal, YES LADIES …IT IS A PROBLEM!
    PERSONAL SEPARATION – The Key to Fellowship With God!
    Just too much!

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