Confusing Western Culture With Christianity

Here, Jim Schettler former pastor at Pensacola Christian College explains why Western Music of a particular style is more acceptable to God than the ‘awful’ music from other cultures.


It’s a shame we don’t have recordings of the songs of the Old Testament. I have a feeling this preacher might be in for a shock.

12 thoughts on “Confusing Western Culture With Christianity”

  1. What you missed:

    5:07 into the sermon: “I’ve been to an Islamic disco after 10:00 P.M. Completely dead!”

    6:13 into the sermon: “We have ‘It Is Well with My Soul!’ We have The Whippoorwill Song!'”

    8:57 into the sermon: “God creating music 2,000 years into human history is a sign that the Rapture will take place 2,000 months after the day the music died.”

  2. 8:57 into the sermon: “God creating music 2,000 years into human history is a sign that the Rapture will take place 2,000 months after the day the music died.”

    Please, please tell me you’re joking.

  3. As if any eschatological sign could be tied to rock music . . .

    I’ve heard more bizarre treatments of eschatology, like: “Jesus is coming back in 2012 because the Mayan calendar and Nostradamus say so.” Unfortunately, that one was not a joke. The preacher was most serious.

    I guess other cultures are bad for music but good for prophecy. 😉

  4. Besides sounding incredibly ignorant, this pastor sounds racist. In order to make his point, he necessarily has to demean all other cultures. The only good music in the world was composed by Western Christians? I hardly think so. However, I’m sure that music by Mozart or Tchaikovsky is among that school’s “approved” music, despite the fact that these men were neither Christians nor morally upstanding men. Racism? Definitely.

  5. Hilarious. He figures out that Moses’ song is the first recorded song in the Bible and the most that could point to is that this is proof that “modern” “Christian” music is better than all other music? I mean, what Moses’ actually sang – you know, the “Word” – that couldn’t have been the real point of it, could it?

    I will sing to the Lord, for he has triumphed gloriously;
    the horse and his rider the has thrown into the sea….

  6. I’ll bet he has a crisp, nuanced definition of the word “culture” that he uses as a rubric for these brilliant observations. I’ll bet he also has a solid Scriptural apologetic for why he is a Fundamentalist as well. While I’m betting, and because I’m not a bettin’ man (but I have a strong sense that I’m on a roll here), I’ll go ahead and bet that he has tentacles and sleeps hanging upside down from a curtain rod spanning the inside of his closet.

  7. I actually happen to know Jim Schettler, and while I disagree with him on a fair amount of things, he most definitely doesn’t have tentacles or sleeps hanging upside down from a curtain rod.

    1. I know him too and I agree that his heart is in the right place.

      His grasp of cultural differences obviously leaves a lot to be desired, however.

  8. When western culture as we know it vanishes, we’ll be merely a footnote in history; a curious chapter like the medieval period of western europe.


    PS. We are an arrogant people and the fall will be great.

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