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  1. KJV2GO has been changed to EmmanuelsARMY.net, I cut out of 6 year vinyl sticker material… any scripture verse, in the Bible. And I will install it on your vehicle for FREE! Also, at no charge to you, I will ship it anywhere in the world with instructions for applying it, yourself. So tell me your favorite verse… you can call me 865-607-8848. Remember God’s Word won’t return void! If you love the LORD, you must get a passion for soul saving… can’t you see them, going down to hell, by the thousands!

  2. You’re right, James!

    I have yet to meet the first person whose salvation, philosophy of life or even vote in the last election was changed by a bumper sticker. I suppose there is an outside chance that it could happen, but then a grizzly bear could get in a 747 and maul the pilots, sending everyone on board to their deaths tonight, too.

    The Gospel is not a blunt instrument. It is a scalpel that cuts to a person’s heart if used correctly.

    1. LOL I wanna say I double dog dare ya!

      Notice how when they did the responsive Bible readings in the IFB they would avoid like the plague all of the “pisseth against a wall” verses. Well they sorta gross me out too. 😕

  3. I remember getting a bunch of bumper stickers at the Christian bookstore with sayings on them and plastering our truck with them. People did ask about them in parking lots but usually it wasn’t because they felt convicted by them. They were just curious.

    Two of my favorites were “Born once, die twice, born twice die once” and “No Jesus, no peace, know Jesus, know peace.”

    I don’t remember if we had actual Bible verses or not. :mrgreen:

    1. I read one story of a police car that was stolen, but returned fairly quickly. It was parked outside the station, and had a note stuck on the steering wheel: “tighten your breaks – they are dangerous!!”

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