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Christian vs. Secular College: A Response

I’ve had roughly 8,239,106 people forward me the recent Maranatha Baptist Bible College article which attempts to prove that if you send your child (read that full-grown adult) to a secular school then you may as well just tattoo a pentagram on their head and change their name to Suzy P. Atheist — even if they’re a boy.

For those who have asked me to give a response I will give it now: it’s a load of fear-inducing, fact-eschewing, fundy-glorifying bullshit.

Come back and see me when you’ve done your due diligence with another study about how many graduates of IFB institutions have also left the faith or abandoned the “morals” they have been taught. For good measure you could also do a quick check into how many kids who were raised in church and went to no college at all are also now atheists. A quick anecdotal check of Fundy U grads I know suggest that number will be pretty high.

However, for all it lacks in academic rigor, the article does yeoman’s work in fear mongering.

Coed dorms? Why one might as well be living in…any apartment building in the country!

Liberal professors? God forbid we be exposed to other points of view!

Drinking, sex, and porn? Funny how nobody tries to warn young fundamentalist men off from joining the military where they will be exposed to all of these things and more.

If you’ve had 18 years with your young person and have not through that most impressionable time managed to convince them of your religion, politics, and philosophy then the game is pretty much over. If there are real studies that show otherwise, I’d invite MBBC to trot them out. Otherwise, I’ll remain convinced that this is no more than a last ditch attempt to remain solvent in a movement that continues its march towards oblivion.