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Illustration: Two Russian Soldiers


As a secret house-church begins it service in a village in Communist Russia (or China, or Vietnam…), two soldiers burst in brandishing machine guns.

“This is an illegal meeting,” they scream “and we’re going to shoot anybody who won’t deny Christ and leave right now!”

A few folks tremble with fear and deny Christ and run out into the night. The rest sit resolute without moving.

The soldiers then lower their weapons and say “We want to be saved but first we wanted to get rid of any spies and informers who might be in the audience.”

There are countless variations on this tale such as this one. As always it has all the hallmarks of a dubious illustration. It involves a place far away, it involves no actual names of people, the church, or anyone who knows someone involved. Last but not least it involves Communists. If you can’t work Africa into your story, throwing in a few Communists is the next best thing.