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One-World Government Scares

unThe recent announcement that the fallen World Trade Center buildings are going to be replaced by a new building known as the “One World Trade Center” has created a tizzy in some fundamentalist circles, serving as a reminder that fundamentalists love to frightened of a supposedly impending one-world government.

This is hardly a new phenomenon. Everything from the rumored NAFTA superhighway to the Olympics has been pointed to as evidence of Biblical prophecy unfolding before our very eyes. Before we know it, the UN is going to make a law that everyone has to learn Esperanto! Next, they’ll take away football and make us all watch soccer! Oh, the humanity!

To fundamentalists it’s all obviously part of the very slow rush towards the end of the world which has been going on for the last two thousand years and in theory may take just about forever (although fundies seriously doubt it). After all, don’t you know that the Euro has a picture of a woman riding a beast on it!! Never mind that only sixteen of about two-hundred countries use the Euro, and that the only one coin out of well over one hundred different coins carries that image. That 2 cent piece the smoking gun that fundamentalists need to prove that the EU is most definitely the seat of the anti-Christ who will no doubt be making an appearance sometime in the not-to-distant-but-not-specifically-setting-a-date-like-those-cults future.

No prophecy conference would be complete without a little xenophobia mixed with some wild guesses ripped from the headlines. The end of the world is here again.

Thanks to Stephen for the idea