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Judgment Day

throneJudgment day is a favorite subject for fundamentalists. The thought of the wicked finally getting their dues makes them positively cheerful. Even more delightful is the idea that the whole of humanity will get to see every sin and evil though committed by their friends and neighbors up on the heavenly big screen. What a day that will be.

This threat of public humiliation in front of (literally) God and everybody is a great motivator for fundies and is carefully taught to fundamentalists children. “Some day, we’ll all watch you up there on that screen and we’ll know everything you’ve thought, said, smoked, climbed or yodeled. You’d better watch out!” It’s even better than threatening a child with the wrath of Santa Clause.

It may seem strange that God would feel the need to remind us of sins that He said He has as good as forgotten about. But then, what’s the fear motivation in absolute forgiveness? Too much grace just isn’t useful.

Hopefully there will be popcorn to go with the movie.