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Being Healthy and Skinny (The Hyles Way!)

From the book description:

When failing health, extreme gatigue(sic), pain, obesity, depression, and a myriad of other symptoms began to severely limit her ability to care for her responsibilties(sic), Jane Grafton could not seem to find answers. After being told she would have to live with her debilitating symptoms, there came a point when she realized that he health was her responsibility. Jane began to diligently research women’s health; she has read dozens of books, attended seminars, consulted medical professions, and done Bible studies on the subject. Mrs. Ciny(sic) Schaap, the senior editor of Christian Womanhood, asked Jane to write a book on women’s health from a Christian layperson’s persepctive(sic). Jane shares the practical principles she instituted that have helepd her on the road to regaining her health.

So…what could possibly go wrong with a fundy writing a book full of home-grown “biblical” advice on how to be skinny and healthy?