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Chuck Phelps on “Cultural Fundamentalism”

I am informed that our old friend Chuck Phelps put this on his Facebook page today (caps and all). Apparently Chuck is worried that the IFB movement as a whole is beginning to crumble around him and so…he proposes more of the same.


It has become vogue to declare one’s loyalty to “historic fundamentalism” while distancing oneself from “cultural fundamentalism.” “Historic Fundamentalism” is defined by those who affirm this paradigm as belief in the cardinal doctrines of the Christian faith. “Cultural Fundamentalism,” according to those who disenfranchise from it, is fixated on music, dress, ministry associations and methods. While such an argument may be appealing, it is simply not valid. Failure to biblically explain one’s position on matters pertaining to Christian liberty by attacking a newly created straw man called, “Cultural Fundamentalism,” will cause increasing polarization among those who profess to know the Lord and love His word. Peace among the brethren will not come as a result of pummeling the straw man called “cultural fundamentalism.” Why not? Because it’s not about “cultural fundamentalism,” it’s about personal separation!

(then follows a lot of stuff about Spurgeon and the Niagara Baptists and he ends with this)

Beware of those who belittle personal separation by attacking “cultural fundamentalism.” To belittle separatism is to belittle Scripture and to ignore what it means to live a life of consecration. It’s not about “cultural fundamentalism”, it never has been. It’s about living a consecrated life of personal separation to please a holy God.

One can only suppose that leading a life of “personal separation” doesn’t include separating oneself from the defense of rapists nor a separation from blaming victims. It is amazing that Chuck feels the need to double down on his personal standards while still refusing to consider the weightier matters of justice and kindness. People aren’t going to care about your standards, Chuck, if your church can’t even stand up and protect children from their attackers.