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Women Who Help The Pastor

Are you a lady? Do you long to be a help to your pastor but just don’t know how? Well, have I got some great news for you! A great little fundy lady named Stacy MacArthur (who happens to be the church secretary for Jeff Owens) has put together a helpful list of things you can do to help your pastor even though you’re only a woman. Isn’t that swell?

These tips include:

  • Pray for him and his wife to keep your heart “tender” towards them.
  • Don’t put your pastor under a microscope
  • Examine your heart and make sure it is not holding any bitterness.

And then it really gets good with this…

We, as ladies, are not to say, “Amen” and stand up waving our Bibles in the air, but we can and should respond to the preaching by smiling, slightly shaking our heads in agreement with the preaching, and of course we should always laugh at the jokes that the pastor tells.

What great advice! I sure love it when women are forced to laugh at my jokes and I’m sure your pastor will love it too!

But there’s more!

Be a soul winner! Our pastors want the church house to be full. If we can fill our churches, we have a much better chance of fulfilling God’s plan, which is a part of our pastor’s purpose.

Seek to do things the way your pastor would want things done…Stop any and all criticism about your pastor…Give your pastor the benefit of the doubt…Look for opportunities to praise him…Find ways to thank your him…dress modestly…have a servant’s heart…

Do whatever your pastor says and then go out and fill up that church house, ladies! Bringing glory to your pastor’s plan and purpose is why you were put here on earth! (Well, you were put here to make babies and casseroles too but that’s just a given.)