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Once Upon a Time…

Once upon a time in the dead of a harsh winter a gallant minivan lost its transmission and left its riders stranded on the mountain.


Those brave souls searched their pockets and raided the change in the couch. They scrimped and saved and worked and borrowed and bought an even older minivan that carried them through the cold and snow until at last the springtime came.


Then, as if it knew the winter was past and its duty done, this van too fell ill and at last began to die with horrible groans and many flashing lights and dinging noises.

The family who owned it were now at their wits end. Their savings were all spent. The father already worked two job. The mother now attempted to work the dark magic known as Tupperware sales. They scrimped and saved and cut corners but to no avail.

Even after all their efforts they still had not the funds to buy even half of a new van and so they risked spending the summer in the same way as they had spent the wintertime: stranded on the mountain with their two princesses and this made the princesses very sad.

And so the father swallowed his pride and sallied forth to the land of Gofundmia where he had heard tell that there was a good and generous people who sometimes helped those in need.

And there the story waits for you to help write the ending. If you can, please help us find our happily ever after.

Here are some other ways to help out too:

You can buy some Tupperware. (No seriously, buy a LOT of Tupperware. The start-up costs on getting into this racket are higher than you might think.)


Use this link the next time you buy something on Amazon. Like this Mont Blanc pen. Or this Banana Slicer.