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Becoming Ex-Fundies Then Writing A Book or Three

Since the entire country is out standing in lines to buy stuff right now, I thought I’d tell you about three books that you might want to add to your holiday reading list. No lines required. I know all three of the authors and I think you’ll find these interesting (even if you don’t agree with every single thing they say, write, knit, or excavate).

Nate O’Connor wants to do right. His senior year of college, though, gets off to a rocky start. He’s a student at Bob Johnson University, the flagship institution of higher learning in American fundamentalism, where he and his best friend are placed on spiritual probation after being accused of disloyalty to the school. Their attempt to repair their reputation backfires and when Nate meets two women–one beautiful and smart, the other wise and charming–his entire belief system is uprooted. Nate’s world is further rocked by tragedy and his life will never be the same.

Drawing on his own experiences as a student at Bob Jones University, Rich Merritt has crafted an extraordinary story of love, hope, loss, betrayal and loyalty. Most of all, Spiritual Probation is a deeply compelling exploration into the power of faith – in friends, lovers and God, as each of us defines God, and in the unwavering dictates of our own hearts.

Available on Amazon.com

A couple college friends of mine have put together a delightful little children’s book with original artwork and a fun story about what it means to be special. Definitely check this one out if you have kids on your shopping list (or buy it for yourself — we won’t judge you).

You can get it at Amazon.com





In 2008, when the mortgage industry collapsed, Craig Daliessio lost his career and his livelihood, becoming homeless. During that time, he began writing a series of Advent stories for his 10-year-old daughter, wishing to capture the joy of Christmas and attempting to look past the dark times in which they were living. Daliessio’s collection of short stories, “A Ragamuffin Christmas: An Advent Journey,” provided him with hope and helped him to overcome his struggles.

“A Ragamuffin Christmas: An Advent Journey” highlights the lives of 24 uniquecharacters and their holiday stories. Daliessio depicts individuals with varied backgrounds and problems, with each one laying their worries, fears, and troubles at Jesus’ feet during the celebration of His birth. From a Roman soldier to a murderer, a broken-hearted mother to a patriarch, each one experiences a life-changing moment of redemption through Christ.

A Ragamuffin Christmas is available via Amazon and Kindle Download