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Illustration: Black Fire

green-fire-black-flamesIf you believe that the hottest fire burns pitch black…you might be a fundamentalist. Here we have one of the classic examples of psuedo-scientific babble providing the perfect ‘proof’ for a point that needs no proving. The illustration transpires thuswise…

The fundamentalist preacher while bellowing out his message on hell will inform us that hell is both a place of fire and a place of darkness. But how can there be both darkness and fire??? The preacher then breathlessly reveals that unnamed “scientists” have discovered that the hottest flames burn PITCH BLACK! Here is scientific proof that not only will hell be dark but it will contain the hottest fire imaginable! What an amazing thing.

Of course people like physical chemist Vince Calder have never actually heard of black flame. Invisible flame is theoretically possible but if flame is burning invisibly it means it’s actually on the lowest end of the heat spectrum not the highest.

Fundamentalists, however, know better than to trust those Berkley-educated academic types — they’re probably just lying to protect their own evolutionary agenda.