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  1. “Hey, I know that even nature itself teaches us that there’s something about that kind of relationship that’s not on the level.”

    In 2007, scientists studying the laysan albatrosses of Oahu noticed that sixty percent of birds present were female, and that thirty-one percent of all the albatross pairs were lesbian. These pairs of female birds exhibit all the behaviors of close pair bonding, and engage in nesting, bill kissing, and a variety of other albatross breeding behaviors. In bonobos, homosexual bonding is a frequent occurrence. Homosexual behavior has been documented in wild Australian black swans.

    And he mentions Sodom and Gomorrah. Yeah, oddly enough, Isaiah 1, Jeremiah 23:14, and Ezekeiel 16:49-50 talk about adultery, lying, not help the poor and needy, and so on. And the sexual immorality referred to? It never specifically references homosexuality, so a better understanding would be rape.

    Dud needs to do his research before preaching.

    1. Research? What’s that?
      He probably read “World Net Daily.” Isn’t that enough research?

    2. Add to this fact that cows will “jump” each other indicating they are ready.

      So I don’t agree with the lifestyle but I believe it should get as much attention as Christ and his apostles gave it, which isn’t much.

      Also it is often an indicator when the harder a speaker hits certain sins and the more time spent on it that he likely struggles with the sin himself. Many previous examples: schaap, swaggart, spitzer etc.

  2. If you took out the preachy style, and said the words of this sermon matter-of-factly (channel William F Buckley) it would be absolutely ridiculous!

  3. Marriage equality is based upon the 14th amendment to the US constitution, which states, in part:

    “No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.”

    1. We live in a civil society, as opposed to a religious society.
    2. All citizens should enjoy equal protection under these civil laws.
    3. The law is constantly evolving.
    4. Marriage equality is not based upon any religion, or any lack of religion. It’s based upon allowing all citizens to enjoy the same rights, responsibilities, and privileges.

  4. Of course, all this wisdom comes from a preacher with a bad comb over, from behind a fabulously ginormous pulpit and a phone off to the side to keep tabs on the ushers and the sound crew. What else would you expect?

    1. Well, Bullshittim Wood pulpit does add some serious gravitas.

      Wait? Is that a white piano?

  5. Scientists say that Ebola fever is caused by a virus, but apparently preacher Baity’s bull told him that it’s actually caused by court rulings on marriage laws.

  6. I don’t see freedom of the press or protection of sources for journalists in Scripture. I’m glad some folks in our past, including some judges, saw fit to protect it.

  7. I’ll bet the bull his family let loose in the field wasn’t monogamous. How far should we go with his illustration?

    1. An argument that people should base their sexual ethics on those of farm animals can’t end well.

      1. Lol. No kidding. At first I was concerned with where he was going, since I have lived in the country and can tell you that a bull in his season will boink anything (fence? check. Tree? check. Pickup truck? Yep.)…and then I thought that he was lying about growing up on a farm.

        1. I still live on a farm and bulls don’t have a ‘season’. However when a bull scents a cow that is ‘in season’s then yes, you are absolutely right they lose all sense of propriety.
          Just tryin to keep the biology straight πŸ™‚

        2. Last fall a bull moose in rut was tossing my garden trailer around my back yard with his antlers. He almost had his way with that 4 foot trailer.

          I drew the line when he went for my Old Town canoe with that look in his eyes.

        3. BJg, I have a Discovery 158. Which Old Towne do you have?
          Mine thinks I’ve forgotten it. I really need to get my shoulder fixed.

        4. Uncle Wilver, I have the Penobscot 16. We only took it out once this summer, and it’s lonely too. I may yet take it out this fall before snow covers everything. I’ve taken up fly fishing and my casts aren’t quite precise enough yet to flycast from the canoe.

      2. I’ve seen heifers hump each other. I’ve seen spayed animals try to hump male animals. Living an agrarian lifestyle can put a lot of Bible stories into a context we can more readily understand. This preacher is basically prooftexting by way of taking what fits and stretching it to his foreordained conclusion.

        1. One of my female Chihuahuas tries to hump the other female. It’s either domination, or something else. Both have been spayed. So much for Preacher Barnyard. As mentioned below, he’s having memories of him, the barnyard, and a bull.

        2. Now I’m put in mind of that Arby’s commercial, “If all that’s true, I’ll marry a goat!”
          (cut to the new groom and a goat in a bridal veil)
          Friend: “She’s hot!” 😈

        3. We live on a farm and before we got nanny goats, we had problems with the male goats trying to have sex with each other. I’ve also seen dogs try it with the same sex. Just thought it was funny…. Got irritated at our neighbor for “giving” us a free goat… Turns out the goat had issues. ha!

          I do not agree with homosexuality/lesbianism. But, I also realize that there are many hurting people in our world looking for love and are confused. It is not our place to judge them. Just thought this preacher’s unusual way of getting his point across was all wrong for a mixed audience. It was totally inappropriate. And someone, please tell me, why do all the IFB preachers have the same tone of voice and speach pattern???? Gets on my nerves sooooo bad!!!

      3. “An argument that people should base their sexual ethics on those of farm animals can’t end well.”

        Especially since a vet is likely to end up bicep deep in your wife.

    2. Explains much about the exploits of many IFB Mogs. They have been modeling their behaviour after barnyard animals in heat.

  8. Why can’t these preachers rant and rave and call hellfire down on child abusers? Or wife beaters? Or spiritually controlling religious demi dictators? Or on the people who sweep all this under the carpet?

    How about a good pulpit old fashioned pounding about refusing to love thy neighbor?

    1. Excellent question. No doubt ron baity would try to evade it by focusing on Gays. Nothing new under the sun.

      1. I’m wondering how many gays were in the audience in this video? Was he literally preaching to the choir???

  9. Ah huh. Reducing human sexuality to that of cows.

    Yah, yah. Judgment of God talk and all that. They said AIDS was the Judgment of God. Somehow, someway, modern medicine dealt with that complication. Can man really thwart the Judgement of God? And how about those who got AIDS by blood transfusions? Were they under God’s judgment, too?

    They say hurricanes are the judgment of god. I saw a picture of New Orleans after Katrina. A church in rubble. Close to it, a liquor store nearly untouched. Does God have bad aim?

    If he thinks Ebola is the Judgment of God, let’s see what he thinks when he or one of his family gets it!

    Not that I wish it, but I am afraid that Ebola is going to frustrate whatever the CDC says about it being “hard to get infected.” There is, of course, the public statements designed to try to calm the public and keep people from panicking. Then there is the truth. Panic won’t help. But we need to be aware of the potential for this virus to spread. If it does, some IFB churches will be affected, along with the touchy-feely Pastors.

    I sincerely hope I am wrong. But the fact that two nurses have been infected after wearing protective gear in treating the original patient does not bode well. Along with the fact that the latest person infected had been on an airplane the day before she began to show symptoms.

    1. Diseases don’t discriminate between good and bad people. They don’t even always discriminate between cautious people and careless people.

      1. True, that.

        Given how many people in the Gospels are cured of some disease or other because of their faith and/or virtue, I’m puzzled by how often supposedly Bible-reading Christians get confused about this point.

    2. “They say hurricanes are the judgment of god. I saw a picture of New Orleans after Katrina. A church in rubble. Close to it, a liquor store nearly untouched. Does God have bad aim?”

      That may be proof that his aim is good. I’d have saved the liquor store too. πŸ™‚

    3. I was always under the impression that God’s wrath on America is in the form of F-5 tornados that hit the Midwest right after the US says something against Israel.

      I would like to see the fundy god’s checklist of things that piss him off. Just want to make sure I am not on it.

  10. This guy has some interesting quotes (and quite full of bull as well):

    “I’d like to think that a bull in a pasture has more sense than a PhD (i.e. doctorate) in a university.” What he meant to say is “the bull in the pasture has more sense than a MOG with a honorary PhD (i.e. doctorate of theology) from a fundy university. Now that sounds more accurate!!!!

    I just love how these fundy pastors absolutely despise (and think they are smarter than ) people who have bettered themselves to pursue such a degree of higher education and spent years of hard work to achieve the degree. Most of these fundy MOGS (by there own ommission) are often very poor students, lack understanding of high tech subjects/fields, or are just generally uneducated nitwits… I recently heard a fundy preacher (who is also full of massive doses of bull) say from the pulpit that parents who push their children academically worship the “god of education.” I believed that this comment was directed at my wife and I who had just pulled my son from the fundy academy/highschool (that was poorly understaffed and under-rated) to enroll him in a early college/dual credit public high school. I don’t expect him to be an extreme intellectual, but he was just wasting time and spinning his wheels in that school due to the poor/lazy teaching.

  11. Here’s another gem from Pastor Ron Baity:

    “I’d hate to think that 2 studs in the backyard are smarter that a judge that has studied the laws of the land…”

    What!? This guy has 2 studs in his backyard and he’s preaching against homosexuality and gay marriage? Talk about suppressed sexual desires – all this talk about studs and bulls – OH MY….

    1. Well he did say something about being an old farm boy. I reckon he knows his way around a stud or two.

  12. I believe his reference to Ebola was somewhat veiled and general. Overall I thought he was generally okay and right on about cows and bulls. It’s difficult to argue that all cows and no bulls makes a dairy an empty place!


    1. It is impossible to say that nature exhibits no homosexual behavior. In fact, there is even evidence of cross-species sexual behavior, not that it often produces anything. It does sometimes.

      Cows and bulls exhibit homosexual behavior as well as heterosexual behavior. The homosexual behavior does not seem to have affected population growth or gotten in the way of reproduction.

      1. My male dog licks his own privates. Not uncommon. How far does Preacher Barnyard want us to take his animal comparisons?

      2. Sort of. I always get a little skittish about comparing homosexual humans to the behavior exhibited by other animals. Anybody who has ever been around real animals knows they will hump anything. It’s called being horny. That seems to be a bit different from human sexual orientation, and maybe just a little degrading.

        1. I tend to agree, but I have seen studies looking at animal sexual behavior to note that attraction and mating (or mating attempts) in the animal kingdom are not limited to opposite-sex encounters.

          Human behavior is definitely more complex and operates at a different level. I certainly did not mean to insult anyone in the LGBT community with my words or examples. Orientation is a different thing altogether. We have very few examples from the nonhuman world that orientation would map to.

          I appreciate your words of balance. Thank you,

      3. Yup ^ ^
        Like I said earlier, we were dealing with gay goats and dogs here on our farm. Not pretty, but it happened!

    2. If the cow/bull model is to be imitated or held up as an example, men should be hitting every woman in the neighbourhood they can and then move on to their offspring as soon as possible. Because a horny bull should be our guide to human sexuality. No slight against the bull btw. Just the idiot preacher who thought his folksy illustration should be put forth as a word from God.

      1. Well, this is an IFBx pastor’s perspective, and history has shown those options not always considered unacceptable.

      2. Oneflewout, I’m such a fan of the Austin Power series. So every time I read one of your posts, I hear Dr. Evil saying the words.

        Am I the only one ?

  13. How about this novel idea…The church could stick to preaching the gospel, aka the power of God unto salvation, and get out of the morality policing business.

    We are not, nor have we ever been a Christian theocratic society, therefore the Christian church doesn’t have the right nor the authority to legislate a belief system.

    People who preach morality only simply prove to the rest of us that they do not have the confidence that God is able to convict, save, and restore those that are in sin (aka. all of us).

    The freedom to marry or have sexual relations with someone is not the american churches’ jurisdiction.

  14. Bad things happen to people or a society you don’t like?
    “God’s punishing them! And it’ll only get worse unless they start doing things I agree with!”

    Bad things happen to people or a society you like?
    “God works in mysterious ways. Just keep praying brother.”

    Moral of the story: Bad things happen, and people exploit the tragedy to reaffirm their beliefs (or nowadays, to get facebook likes – they’re the new haymens for non-preachers ).

    1. If bad things happen to you or your church, you’re being persecuted for righteousness’ sake.

  15. Some years back there was a wave of enthusiasm by evangelicals for penguins.

    Do you remember? Penguins, particularly the Emperor Penguins, it was affirmed, provided proof in the animal kingdom that God preferred monogamy. God loved the idea of one parent being the provider and the other staying at home to take care of the kids.

    Of course, the similarities to the 1950s Father Knows Best family structure are so superficial as to be laughable. Instead of the father going off to be the breadwinner, the female penguin leaves the egg with the male penguin, and goes off for about a month! She gorges on fish to bring back and upchuck for the chick to feed on. After she comes back, each parent takes turns going off to feed and gorge and return with food.

    Monogamy? The so-called monogamy actually only lasts for that one chick (about a year, IIRC). Once the chick is able to feed itself, each parent goes off in search of other mates.

    Nature just does not provide any real reliable witness to the idea that God prefers monogamy. If one looked at the animal kingdom, one would see all kinds of sexual behavior. There are fish that change sex for reproduction. Slugs are hermaphrodites. Bacteria multiply by dividing. Viruses reproduce by parasitically invading cells, taking over the cell functions, turning the cell into a virus factory. Funguses reproduce sexually without gender.

    Even sheep, arguably the animal God loves the most, are sexually promiscuous within the flock.

    If you were to go by “the creation,” you would have to conclude that God was really, really inventive sexually. “Male and Female created He them”? Well, only sometimes, it seems!

    We are loathe to talk about such things. It makes us uncomfortable. “Sex” is dirty to the evangelical and fundamentalist mind. There has to be an Owner. There has to be a dominant (husband) and a submissive (wife). Functionality is not mentioned. Even in “Christian” books about marriage, the actual act of sex is discussed in antiseptic terms. Christian teens are warned that sex is sin, masturbation is evil, and the fires of hell await those who do it wrong. Somehow God is more interested in how we do sex than in anything else.

    As long as we allow the notion of sex = wicked = evil to keep us from talking about it, we will never communicate healthy sexual ideas to our children and will be unable to have rich sexual lives with our spouses.

    I know that several of my posts have been uncomfortable for people to read. I know that because some of them get no responses, even though there is plenty of subject matter there to discuss or to debate.

    I just hope that I am not offending anyone by the postings. Believe me, I am not a “deviant,” and my wife and I suffer the same inability to actually talk about sex to our children — or to each other — that so many suffer with. It is one of those curses of fundamentalism that I shall never forgive them for.

  16. Most Christians would probably still agee that heterosexual relations outside of marriage are wrong, and unacceptable in the eyes of God….. Yet nowadays it seems that God has no problem with homosexual relationships, especially if beween “Consenting Adults”…… Hmmmmm……….

    1. I’m guessing most would get married if they legally could. Though I do know that many Christian couples still go through the religious ceremony but still file their taxes as if they were roommates.

      1. They file taxes that way because of the way the tax laws are structured. If one has a substantially larger income than the other, it may be advantageous to file separately.

  17. Remember how Phil Robertson (of Duck Dynasty) managed to reveal his ignorance about race in his comments about homosexuality?

    I would like to inquire why the impulse to bring a disease into this discussion draws the preacher to ebola–the exotic and African–rather than to the mutation of enterovirus, which has already killed and sickened more people in the US than ebola has. What I am getting at is that there is something more revealed about how the minds of this preacher and others like him work than is what is evident at the surface.

  18. Well, I’m always able to find a kernal of truth in these videos, no matter how small: “We’re not getting smarter, we’re getting dumber.”

    Now, I’m off to find me a herd of women, since that’s the natural order of things.

  19. While I usually love this site and the IFB standards that are brought out, I do not agree with this. Preacher Baity is standing firm on God’s word. A person does not have to like God’s word or live by God’s word, but God’s word is settled. Being Gay is a sin because God declares it that way. And God can judge a nation because of sin. Could it be Ebola, maybe, but God can judge however He sees fit. I hope America receives mercy.

    1. Assuming for the sake of argument that gay sex is a sin then my question to you is which sins are “bad enough” to merit the plagues of Egypt being visited on us?

      Do we not already have greed? Do we not already have violence? Do we not already have the strong showing no mercy to the weak?

      Prove to me from Scripture that allowed same-sex couples to have legal protections in a secular society somehow crosses and invisible line in the sand marked “Go Here and Get Smitten.”

      1. I had the same conversation with someone recently about suicide. The list of things in Galatians equated with murder that will keep you out of the kingdom of God includes anger, envy, causing divisions, etc.

        My basic premise was to go back to the Gospel. If someone is genuinely trusting in Christ’s work for their salvation they have been sanctified, no matter what sins they struggle with. Even a person who views homosexual acts as sinful should realize that a person who is trusting in Christ is capable of any sin so that doesn’t automatically disqualify them. Paul said in Romans 7 that while he desired to do what God wants, sin was right there with him. The gospel (Rom. 8) is the solution for this problem, not some arbitrary list of bad, worse, or worst sins and the scale of judgement. If your Christianity is reduced to that measurement exercise you may as well be Mormon, Muslim, or Catholic πŸ˜€ πŸ˜‰

    2. So what plague did God use to punish America for slavery? Or the mass slaughter of Native Americans?

      The Bible pretty plainly teaches that God no longer punishes groups of people for the actions of others. It also teaches from the book of Ezra forward that sometimes, bad things happen to good people and good things happen to bad people. So, you may argue that “being gay is a sin” but you cannot defend this pastor’s sermon as biblical – it actually completely contradicts the Bible.

    3. Michael: A word of warning: If you wander the internet, and stray far outside the bounds of WND or Faux News, you’ll likely find your preconceived notions and long-held prejudices severely strained.
      Welcome to the 21st century!

  20. Bleh. We just had a big ruling about same sex marriage here in Alaska this week. I’m willing to bet nearly every Sunday sermon in the entire state will be about the evils of homosexuality. Especially the sermon at my old Fundy church.

    As a product of a broken marriage, and not exactly an example of wedded bliss myself, if LGBTQ persons can make a marriage work and provide a happy home for kids and grow old and die together still married, who am I to judge? I know many homophobes that are on their second/third marriage with horrible home lives filled with drugs, alcohol and violence. Many Christian homophobes too, maybe less violent and alcoholic but still horrible controlling home lives for the family. I find that appalling. My two cents.

  21. In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns gave themselves up to sexual immorality and perversion. They serve as an example of those who suffer the punishment of eternal fire. Jude 7

    Let’s hear from Jesus on the matter of marriage:

    Haven’t you read, he replied, that at that at the beginning the Creator made them MALE and FEMALE, and said, For this reason a man will leave his FATHER and MOTHER and be united to his wife, and the TWO will become one flesh? So they are no longer two, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let not man separate. Matthew 19:4-6

    1. Yes, but God promised to restore Sodom one day. I don’t know exactly how it will work, but the Bible promises a restoration of Sodom. So even though they are set forth as an example of his wrath against sin, in the future they will be an example of his grace and forgiveness.

    2. Jude does say that. However, Jude is problematic. Nothing in the Old Testament says that about Sodom, but gives entirely different reasons for Sodom’s destruction. And it wasn’t about sex.

      Jude quotes heavily from the Book of Enoch, a non-canonical book. Yet Jude is canon. Jude’s quotes are nowhere in the accepted Old Testament. If you were to read the Book of Enoch, you would understand why it is not canon!

      As for “One Flesh,” nice caps. I Corinthians 6 tells us that “he that is joined to a harlot is one flesh.”

      In other words, any, any sexual relationship between a man and a woman creates a “one flesh” relationship, indissoluble. Which means you can be one flesh with a prostitute, one flesh with your first wife, one flesh with your current wife, and one flesh with the cute girl in the office — all at the same time! David was “one flesh” with each of his fifty wives.

      The passage has nothing to say about polygyny. Nor is the passage a prohibition against gay marriage.

      I, for one, believe that homosexual relationships are forbidden in the Bible. I also believe that eating shellfish is forbidden in the Bible. I also believe that using bathrooms is forbidden in the Bible (you are supposed to dig a hole). I also believe that wearing clothes made from different fibers is forbidden in the Bible. I also believe taking aspirin is forbidden in the Bible. I also believe that freeing other people’s slaves without the slave owner’s consent is forbidden in the Bible.

      The question isn’t what. The question is “Why?”

      If you only do something because that is what you were told to do, you are little more than a puppet, without understanding. On the other hand, Paul tells us that we are supposed to grow in Christ, to leave behind the schoolmaster and think as grownups — that is, for ourselves.

      1. rtgmath:
        I usually avoid mentioning the Mosaic law for the reasons that you gave above, but more importantly because we know that Christians are not under law, but under grace. And I think NT clearly proclaims the sinfulness of gay sex for all people of all times. But when you look at Leviticus 18, and see the list of 17 or 18 categories of people that God was instructing His people to not have sex with in verses 6-20, none of us would have a problem with those prohibitions being applied today accept maybe for the one about menstruation. Verses 21-23 prohibit child sacrifice, male homosexuality and bestiality. These 3 things are described as profane, detestable, and perversion.
        So, on the one hand, Christians obviously are not subject to the Law. On the other, I think there are inescapable implications in Leviticus 18.
        Obviously there are many examples to be found elsewhere in the Law of prohibitions that would now be seen as nonsensical.
        I just have a problem with looking at a “duh” list like that found in Leviticus and picking out one or two things (again, I don’t get the thing about menstruation).
        I’m pretty sure most people would be willing to live with the no sex during the period thing if that’s all it took to be consistent about agreeing with the entire list of prohibitions found here.
        I have been to Ron Baity’s church–in fact he came knocking on my door almost 30 years ago because of an indiscretion in which I found myself which had come to his attention. Rather than face his wrath, I stayed away from my house for a couple of days. In my youth I feared him as if he was the grim reaper himself.
        Having said that, I do agree with Baity on one thing that can be ascertained from this clip of his. I believe that gay sexual activity is sin.
        I believe that it is no more of a sin and no less of a sin than any other sexual sin–and on this Baity and I probably disagree.

    3. I’ll see your Jude 7 and raise you Ezekiel 16:49:

      “Behold, this was the guilt of your sister Sodom: she and her daughters had arrogance, abundant food and careless ease, but she did not help the poor and needy.”

  22. So, we’ve had one Ebola death and the Christian nation of Libiria has had like 4000. Are they 4000 times more sinful than us, or does God just have really bad aim?

    1. My first thought was along those lines, too. Apparently, when God wants to punish Americans, he sends plagues to Africa, according to this guy.

  23. So cows were placed here by God so we could know morality? Yea, that makes sense. Good thing it’s just cows, because certain primates engage in homosexuality.

  24. I am surprised that no one commented on the telephone on the platform! I have never seen that in any church. What could be the reason for that?? Anyone ?

  25. Comment jumping but,

    I am (was) also a “farm boy.” My grandpa has around 200-300 head of cattle, neither beef nor dairy. I describe what he does as sort of cattle surrogacy. He raises heifers and monitors their menstrual cycles so that he can take them to a veterinarian to have embryos implanted in them. Bovine “Baby Mama.”

    Daily, my grandpa “checks heats” – a process in which he drives his four-wheeler out into pasture and sees which heifers are in heat. There are several indicators (think bovine crowd psychology), but the biggest is when the heifers “jump” each other. Yes, cattle, ALL-FEMALE will and do, naturally, hump each other when they are in heat. I just think it is hilarious that animal lesbianism is such a natural part of my conservative midwestern family’s income.

    But, I digress. (: Discussion welcome.

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