Pew Climbing

In the Southern rural sub-culture of the IFB this wind-sucking, pew-climbing preaching style is still somewhat common. It’s the first time I’ve ever seen a preacher use a member’s head as a hand-hold for climbing up and down, though.

218 thoughts on “Pew Climbing”

  1. Ok, not a first for me to see this. I’ve seen Where a preacher has gotten in to of a pew and picked up a 13 or 14 year old while standing on the pew while the kid was sitting. That was ridiculous.

  2. Ah, flashbacks to my Pentecostal childhood.
    . . . methinks this fella would be aghast to hear me say that.

  3. Two things. One, I do not miss this at all. How in a minute and nineteen seconds, he climbed a pew and hooped and hollered and riled a bunch of people up by saying absolutely nothing. NOTHING! Two, I love how you people are discussing preaching performances like sporting events or preachers like athletes. Makes me giggle

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