New World Order Bible Versions

It looks like somebody (hopefully somebody with legal permission) has released the entire video of Steve Anderson’s New World Order Bible Versions on YouTube.

I just did a quick click-through of the video and most of it is apparently just Anderson yelling at his church in his usual obnoxious style with a few cuts to discussions with various “experts.” Even other KJVO people should have reason to find this production pretty cringe-worthy.

I love that if you go out to where the video is for sale that the other titles on offer include conspiracies on flouride and contrails. Anderson finds himself in good company.

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    1. Finally! I will have to watch the video later (and hope it doesn’t make me ill). The KJV debate has become weirder and less connected to reality since it was brought to the IFB. This could be the weirdest defense yet.

  1. I am so bummed! I thought this was announcing an actual “New World Order Bible.”

    You know, like a life-application study Bible for doomsday preppers, with footnotes detailing which government program or foreign invasion lines up with signs of the apocalypse.

    1. I’ll get on it. The IFB needs a Bible made by the NWO so theycanrail on it. Any one want to work on this groundbreaking project with me? We’ll make millions off of Obama purchasing them to distribute to public schools!!!

      1. We could do that, it sounds fun. But what would really be fun would be to rebind a few copies of the KJV and release them with a NWO cover and a covernote that claims the whole project was a conspiracy; a Version Authorised by the New World Order under its arch-disciple King Jimmie. Cat- pigeons, pigeons – cat.

        1. It’s so daring it might actually work… We’ll go with your idea 🙂

  2. “…the other titles on offer include conspiracies on flouride and contrails.”

    That pretty much says it all – there is nothing more to add.

  3. Sweet! I didn’t realize this thing was going to be feature-length. Thank God–I was wondering what to show the kids for our next family movie nite.

    1. Some people wonder how to encourage their grown children to leave the nest and move out on their own.
      I think you’ve just solved that problem, Nico.

  4. I’m not ordinarily a fan of the term “cringeworthy”, but in this case I think it’s pretty accurate.

  5. This is nothing more than an attempt to attain celebrity status by a very small- minded nobody(seemingly with napoleon syndrlome) .

  6. I think we hit this pretty well when the intro was out.

    I don’t think I care to watch this…

  7. It’s the same old arguments. Circular reasoning with no attempts to properly interpret the passages. 99% of KJVO arguments are “KJV says ‘x’, New Version says ‘y’; therefore New Version is wrong because ‘y’ is less doctrinally sound than ‘x'” Instead the argument should be “KJV says ‘x’, New Version says ‘y’; the Greek word is ‘z’ which is best translated as ‘x/y'”

    1. Basically.

      I was also taken by surprise years ago, when I did some research on supposed contradictions in the Bible. Newer versions have translated things more accurately/clearly and don’t have said contradictions…web sites that maintain lists of them all seem to quote the KJV.

    2. Nathan, you are right. Take for example at 19 minutes, when they begin to attack the fact that the NIV (never a translation that I liked) doesn’t use the term Lucifer, like the KJV states. The fact that these guys do not study their Hebrew and Greek, leads to these mass fallacies. The Hebrew never mentions Lucifer. Lucifer was a term that was entered into the Latin Vulgate as a translation of the Hebrew word. If anything the KJVO guys should get upset that the KJV uses a term only found in the Latin Vulgate, a Bible created by the Popes :). Instead every other translation translates it correctly. But they don’t argue that. They just argue it is in the KJV.

    3. Also, some (including Sam Gipp) claim that verses have been omitted from other versions, because the other versions don’t divide all the verses exactly the same way (not surprising; no readable translation corresponds word-by-word to the original), or claim that a word has been omitted when in fact it is in the verse before, or the verse after, where it occurs in the KJV.

      1. Or that a certain passage eliminates something that’s “essential to Jesus’ deity” or some other claim, when it appears clearly elsewhere, just not that particular passage.

        I never understood that one even when I was very young – if it’s in the Bible, it’s in the Bible. Who cares where?

        1. It’s a little Bible-text shell game. At least temporarily, they can hide that word or phrase from you to make you think somebody has messed with your Bible.

  8. So I’m going to have a viewing party at my house. All of you are invited! Fair warning though, we are going to watch it in the style of MST3k.

    (Strong) drinks and popcorn will be on the house!

      1. That’s right Dr. We only fly Boeing planes here at SFL Airlines. None of those liberal socialist made euro-trash Airbuses for us.

    1. Would it be a MST3K party without the robot Gypsy there? I think not. I’ll bring some candy.

      1. …”if you’re wondering why he rants and raves, and misconstrues the facts;
        You should say to yourself “it’s just Steve-o”, you should really just relax…”

  9. I wonder how much Anderson paid the people to sit in his “church” and get yelled at?

    He probably put out an ad looking for extras for a feature length movie.

    1. I don’t know if anybody has the absolute numbers, but it isn’t trivial.


      Not vaccinating your kid works pretty well if you’re the only parent who doesn’t. Your child avoids the very slight risk of vaccine mishaps (plus imaginary ones, like the nonexistent vaccine-caused autism), and “herd immunity” will probably protect the kid from getting the relevant disease. But when a substantial number don’t get vaccines, deadly epidemics come back.

      1. It’s my stock answer to anti-vaccers: “It’s only safe for your child if the majority still does it. You’re welcome.”

    2. The vaccine thing is actually a risk-management strategy from game theory (or more properly, can be modeled as such, since it probably didn’t begin with serious philosophical introspection). Vaccines cause a small amount of harm to everyone, while no vaccines cause catastrophic harm (e.g. death) to a segment of the population. BG nailed the gambit in the “no-vaccine” crowd; unfortunately (and I am not an epidemiologist, so I am going off of what I’ve read), people tend to self-select into homogeneous population groups. As a result, those who practice this gambit often end up in a community pool with no resistance, and the gambit fails.

  10. My former fundy CEO would surely enjoy this presentation.

    He’s not from the same hyper-KJVO camp, but he does believe in his American rights and privileges and preaches them from the pulpit in his typical topical manner.

    I did the quick click through as well. I can’t stomach this stuff in large doses.


        1. Still, he got a tidy payout for that. Not so much that he doesn’t have a virtual begging bowl out on his wife’s blog though.

  11. My earliest European-American ancestor that I know of came to America in 1621 on board the Fortune. Listed among his possessions was a Bible. He wasn’t a Pilgrim but became a part of their community. I wonder what translation that was….keeping in mind that the Pilgrims and King James had…ahem…issues.

    1. If he was Puritan, he would have had the Geneva Bible. If his background were Anglican, maybe the Great Bible, though I’m not sure if they published smaller copies of this Bible besides the large ones chained in the church.

      1. As far as we know he wasn’t a Puritan either….he was just a guy who wanted to come to the New World and make his way. I always thought it was a bit unusual for him to have a ‘personal’ Bible.

        1. It was unusual; there are many lists of passengers and their possessions extant from the period. However, it was probably an object of considerable value, and provided hours of entertaining reading.

    2. Elfdream, sorry to be off- topic but my first ancestor came to America aboard the Fortune as well. I don’t know what was among his possessions when he came over but I do know that in the colony he was fined for “failing to mend guns in due season”.

      1. That might have had to do with the defense of the colony or something….They had rules that look really odd to us today. Stephen Hopkins was fined for sitting down to eat with his servants. Another one of my ancestors was fined for selling liquor without a license. He could sell the liquor…he just had to have a license! And he was a Deacon in the church btw.

      2. I read somewhere that during the Colonial period, the British government issued firearms to the colonists (to fend off the the French, the Spanish, and the Dutch), but every time British officers inspected the guns at the settlements, they found most of them were rusted or otherwise unusable. The colonists had more pressing concerns than playing soldier. This was a source of great consternation to the British government.

        Make of that what you will, Second Amendment fanatics.

  12. I’ve only made it through about 45 minutes, and am only halfway paying attention. (It’s playing in the background while I am at work.) But I have to admit, I’m actually kind of amazed that Anderson bothered to seek out James White and interview him. (I’m also kind of amazed that White agreed to it.)

    1. White replied to this on his website a while back. He says that he was somewhat deceived by Anderson, in that part of the agreement was that Anderson would play the whole, uncensored interview. Obviously that didn’t happen, and White feels he was misrepresented. If I am remembering correctly.

    2. I was wondering if this was the movie that Anderson edited to try to make it look like White quit or got beat by him. Apparently is. James White has posted the entire audio of the whole interview and discussed the movie. I personally feel like that’s counter productive as Anderson & KJVO’s already have access to all the information they need, and choose to ignore it, James White rehashing truth that they are afraid of isn’t going to accomplish anything for anyone.

      1. I don’t think the info is out there to convince those who just want to hear what they already believe. If it were me, it would be important for my reputation and peace of mind to get the truth out there. It would be also helpful for those who are looking into the issue for the first time. If they don’t know a lot about the issue yet, and they’ve got someone telling him to watch this video, and they’re smart enough to google it and find out that the other person was deliberately misrepresented, then they may be protected from deception before they’re caught.

  13. Only $90 to send this crap to the 19 IFB churches in Vermont. There are only 19 Bible Believing churches ? Now I know where I can go to start a new church. Who would like to be a supporter?

    1. I will support you Strangely Warmed. I can give you $50 a month if you are willing to visit my house, give a presentation on the work you plan to do, preach an hour long message on your standards, show off your singing/violin-playing/well-dressed family of 8, and talk with every member of my own family about how those liberals up in Vermont threaten to promote same sex marriages and corrupt the youth.

        1. If 120 volunteers from SFL land can join in at $50.00 a piece per month that would pretty much inable the eight of us to survive in the Vermontian financial landscape rather comfortably. I can then start a small fundy church of, oh, say 30 persons to be a testimony of what it really means to be separated.

          I’ll write letters to the editors of the state papers, speak at Fundy U Bible conferences, and be a fine testimony.

          I’ll sport anti-Obama and Vermont Gun Owners Association bumper stickers so everyone knows how godly and fine I am.

          I’ll be a vigorous topical preacher and brow-beat my people to be certain who are genuine believers. Those who leave will be branded as “chaff,” because if they’d been of us there no doubt would have continued with us.

          What do you say, PEOPLE?!

        2. If my math is correct, 120 people * $50/mo = $72,000/year for both your living expenses of that family of 8, and all your ministry funds.

          Good news though, Vermont is moving to a single payer health care system so you’ll both be able to eliminate insurance as a line item cost, and also have more socialism to preach against.

        3. Oh yea, the tithe. that would be $7,200 a year, or $600 a month.

          Actually, the sacrifice of submitting to the life in ministry should offset the tithe…

          We could use the $600 a month to buy Chick tracts.

    2. Vermont has whole towns where public nudity is not illegal. In the summer, the artsy teens often go nude in the parks. It sounds like the kind of mission field that really needs my expertise. It will be quite a sacrifice to move to the godless liberal northeast, but if that is where God calls me…

        1. I have heard of Christian Nudists, who only wish to express themselves after our parents in Eden, with or without fig leaves, not like those eeee-vul Secular Humanist Nudists who completely scorn fig leaves, even when barbecuing.

    1. Since gawd told Adam that the fruit on the tree was evil and told him “HE. WOULD. DIE-AH!” [sarcasm]

  14. Listened/saw just a few minutes of this at random spots…..Anderson has done as much damage against the church as Westboro. He shows NO grace or kindness,,, just stands and arrogantly yells at people, (oh yeah, forgot, in Fundyland if it is louder, it is truer-my bad)……this guy would have been a great Nazi……,.

      1. I think capital G Greg is different than lower case g greg, right? Or same person? That post doesn’t read like lower case greg except for the extraneous Hitler reference.

  15. Just from the preview we saw previously (no way I can sit through this atrocity), I would rather sign up to watch Sheffy (or is it Sheffey?) monthly for the next 2 years than to make time for this “movie”.

  16. After watching part of it, I am speechless. Where they are reading that the NIV takes away Christ’s deity and that Christ was expelled from the Heavens, I don’t get it.
    I have attended churches which used the NIV and ESV and NLT…and they all hold to the Doctrine of the Trinity, the full deity of Jesus, and do not get the morning star reference to Lucifer mixed up with the bright and morning star reference to Jesus.

    1. To the IFB Cult members it’s only right doctrine when it’s in the King Jimmy voice.
      King Jimmy Only idolators compare all other translations to Jimmy’s and if it doesn’t match word-for- word then the other translation is declared “Unclean” and must be avoided and sent to reside outside the camp …which is really not such a bad place to be. 🙂

  17. KJVO people make my head hurt. I used to be one, but when I actually cracked open my hard head to allow a little bit of common sense in, I began to discover that the KJVO argument lacks just that. Real argument and reason.

    1. “Every dissipation of youth is payed for by a draft on old age.”
      ~Bob Jones, Sr.

      He also wrote the pamphlet “Three College Shipwrecks” detailing the spiritual dangers of getting a secular education. You’re probably getting too smarty-pants for your own good.

      1. Well, you know us women, you start letting us read, then vote, next thing you know we start doing our own thinking and asking questions.

        Didn’t Stevie preach lately about women not being allowed to speak at church?

        (Psst…. *looks around and whispers*… I do that, too) 😉

        1. Actually, that may have been Steven’s wife.
          She seems to be the M in that S & M arrangement.

          She has her own blog, though. I don’t know how that fits with her ideas about submissiveness. Maybe only other women are supposed to read it?
          It’s safe from me reading it, because the last few times I tried to look at it, it crashed my computer. (Hmmmmm, did the blog know I’m not a woman?)

        2. Kind of think most of the stuff she writes in her blog would appeal mostly to women. Writes mostly about kids and pregnancy.

      2. Now that I’m approaching old age, I mostly regret the “dissipations” I didn’t try in my youth, not the ones I experienced.

        1. This song fits the bill here: They never told you the price that you’d pay for things that you might have done … I’d rather laugh with the sinners than cry with the saints, the sinners are much more fun. — Only The Good Die Young, by Billy Joel.

  18. I am afraid that the New World Order is coming from the United nations in the form of agenda 21, it is a totalitarian state coming and the churches messages are often taken as conspiracy theory but this is not correct.

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