155 thoughts on “More Self-Published Fun!”

  1. A true Jack Hyles cult follower. I’ve been reading the book by Linda Murphry. I never realized the blatant worship of the pastor that went on in that movement. A true cult, resembling Christianity to those brainwashed within the church, but anyone else should recognize right away that this stuff is sick and twisted.

  2. I like Gerald. I think he makes some great points. He loves his people and wants to lead them well. It is very kind of him to warn them about the importance of Sunday night worship attendance. Just consider how many of us would have benefited from someone telling us that a simple regimen of 52 Sunday nights a year could have prevented the following conditions:

    1) whoremongering boys
    2) booze sucking boys
    3) dope smoking boys
    4) girls who wind up being sluts
    5) children who turn into overall trash

    If I had only known!

    If only Gerald could have warned me!

    I must pass along this important message.

      1. Beth,

        I’m being completely real. The Bible clearly teaches in 1 Assumptions 1:7 that Sunday night worship attendance is critically important for maintaining optimal spiritual health.

        Plus it really makes the pastor mad when you miss. When the pastor is mad, God is mad.

  3. Check out the unmarked gem on page 118..fifth sentence..what deep theological insight..there is no picture of Jesus anywhere in the world….no wonder there, Gerald, since cameras did not exist then

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