214 thoughts on “Twisting Scripture Better Than Those Other Guys Twist Scripture”

  1. Many folk understandably, have misinformed opinions about scripture and alcohol. Some folk have no interest in really studying scripture on the matter of alcohol. those wont listen to their own Bible, much less me, El diablo. to those who consider themselves true students of scripture, I give you http://www.reformedpresbytery.org/books/alcoholb/alcoholb.htm now, I should warn you the above link is short on finagling and word play, so if you generally require 300 pages of gobblygock and 2 pages of relevent scripture study it wont be useful.

    The second link i would share, is http://www2.potsdam.edu/hansondj/FunFacts/PuritansToProhibition.html

    Thats not really a scriptural argument, but a look at one of the stricter religious groups perhaps- the Puritans….

    its your choice i suppose, you can grow in the knowledge of christ/scripture and read over the first link perhaps.. or you can remain as a child, sipping milk. 👿

  2. I would not call Jesus a bartender – but I also would never call Hamblin a preacher of the gospel. Nor would I call him “Dr.”

  3. “There’s a verse in the Old Testament…”
    Notice he doesn’t give the reference. I’m fairly positive that Habakkuk 2:15 is about ruffies (more or less…)

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