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    1. If it helps, having Twitter doesn’t mean you have to make inane statuses (statii?) about the burrito you had for lunch. I personally just use it for following other people.

  1. I don’t have a Facebook or Twitter. I tend to get so involved with things that I choose to participate in that I’ve resisted these social networks… Maybe I should reconsider???

    Sometimes I feel like I’m missing out and then other times I’m glad to feel free of some of the effects that interactions do tend to bring.

    If I do decide to open a Facebook… Will you be my friend? πŸ˜‰
    Or wait… Is the question rather… Will you “like” me? lol

    It’s a small world after all!

    ~~~Heart aka ~~~Marlene

    1. I don’t have Facebook or Twitter accounts, either.

      One reason is that I’m lonely & tend to use online interaction as a (poor) substitute for real life relationships, which is not healthy for me! Another reason is that I prefer to be anonymous on-line, which pretty much defeats the purpose of social networking. πŸ˜†

      I feel Twitter calling me with its siren song, though… :mrgreen:

  2. Have you ever noticed that the “f” and the “t” have the same characteristics? Just flip one!

    Is that subliminal marketing? Hhmmmmm….

    C R A Z Y


  3. I don’t follow you personally, just the SFL tweets. I try not to stalk celebrities.

  4. I wish there were a way to follow something on facebook without everyone else seeing it. Still a little nervous about officially “coming out,” haha. πŸ™‚

    1. Yes, that is the main reason why I don’t follow SFL on either facebook or twitter; everyone can see what you’re following, and I don’t want the exposure at this point in time. (I still have friends enmeshed in cult-like churches that would completely cut me off if they knew I was following the “hate-filled blog knows as SFL”

      1. I’m not sure if I have people who would cut me off (most of them already did before because of my husband and our church), but I have people who would be bothered, disturbed, and hurt by what they’d read on SFL, and I don’t want to hurt them.

        They’d also probably figure out who I am. If I truly wanted to be anonymous, I should have picked a more vague screen name.

      2. I have “liked” the SFL FB page, and since the privacy on my liked pages is set to “only me”, no one can see that I like it. However, I never I comment on the FB posts because since it is a public page, I’m afraid my comments will show up in my friends’ news feeds. 😳

        1. Nevermind, I got it! I also figured out how to see your profile through various friends’ eyes. That helped.

  5. Escaped the Facebook religion too as a new year’s resolution. Don’t miss it a bit. But hey, if you like it, knock yourself out.

  6. Facebook is EE-VULL! I log in for five minutes, and two hours go by.

    I wouldn’t know about Twitterβ€”I’m not a Twit.

    1. Don’t forget the other EVUL that is YouTube. Amazing how many hours watching those dancing kittens can consume. 😳

  7. But you’re a Face? πŸ˜‰

    I gave up Facebook for Lent this year. I found the initial withdrawals painful, but then didn’t miss it so much by the end. Was a lot easier not to get sucked in for more time than I wanted to spend when I went back to it. I also had the strength to set some harder boundaries when I went back. Lost a few “friends” over it, but it was good overall.

    As to being seen as someone who follows/comments on SFL – that takes some courage and distance to do, I agree. I was only able to do it myself recently, and I’m now 2 years and 2000 miles out from FundyLand. It’s hard.

  8. I follow your site which is only now a few (Slactivist/Hidden City Philadelphia/daily New York Times. I read many more in the past and have stopped.

    Instead, I am re-discovering the joys of reading and am presently working through a list of “100 great books” and then some. I have less stress; less anxiety about politics and have traded the internet time to reading all manner of books, as just mentioned. In the last months, I have read Moby Dick, Ulysses (Joyce), Sons and Lovers, and currently the Red and the Black by Stendahl.

    I have less clutter in my mind, sleep better, work out better and have a better overall disposition.

  9. I’m not sure what your post title “PSA” is supposed to stand for, but to me it represents prostate specific antigen – a lab test for prostate problems.

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