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  1. Dear SFL Reader:

    Another observer comments on John Hamblin …

    Let me make a blanket statement that you could back me up on if you read the book: John Hamblin preaches more about himself, Tom Malone Sr, and Billy Sunday than he does about Christ.


    Christian Socialist

    1. According to his website, he is “A BIBLE PREACHER OF NOTE”, “A POWERFUL REVIVALIST” AND “A PASTOR’S FRIEND!”

      He’s mostly a poster-boy for narcissism.

    2. He’s an evangelist; he makes a living by being paid to go to churches and preach to the members.

      I had never heard him preach until last year; he is rather unforgettable; never have I seen any preacher so addicted to alliteration (sorry, that was accidental alliteration, not purposeful prose) as John Hamblin.

      At the end of the meeting, I was thinking that he would probably be a great preacher if he put as much time into studying the Bible as he does into coming up with his alliterations.

    3. He looks like a dude that would be a guest speaker in chapel at a fundy school. I saw too many of those in my time at NVBS.

    1. Did he “Go int he cheese business with Larry Smith and go bankrupt” and did he say “Hey sir quit your talking.”

    1. I see things like this and wonder if it’s even real. How can someone be so narcissistic?

    2. Those gallery pics say it all….name dropper, man-centered, hero worship!! The ‘good ol’boys’ of Fundamentalism are idols, and the Bibles and pulpits of these preachers of the past are ‘holy relics’. The love and worship of a movement, and the men identified with it, to the point of obvious extremism, is What Fundies Like! It makes sense he would tweet such an idolatrous remark!

  2. I picked him up last year for our Camp Meeting at the air port in Atlanta. We had a 2 1/2 hour drive back to the Chattanooga area, he had never met me before. We had a great talk all the way to the hotel. He was very nice and respectful. He did not say a negative word about anyone or any religion. He talked about the Bible and the things of God and never seemed arrogant. He was in the company of no one but me and he was still humble.

  3. I heard of him for the first time last summer when he preached a revival tent meeting for our church. One night we arrived late, just as they were finishing up the song service. We had just parked but hadn’t gotten out of our car yet when Dr. Hamblin tore into the parking lot, spewing gravel as he flew in. Since we were late, we parked in the back where the tent was all the way down so we would not be seen. He parked near us, and we watched as he ever so slowly got out of his car and kept smoothing down his trench coat. He was looking all around, maybe ckecking if anyone was watching? I don’t know, but he sneaked into the back of the tent and managed to make it look like he’d been there, sitting in the back, just seconds before he was introduced to preach.

    It was strange. I also felt like it was very rude of him to be so late. He was being paid to be there! And I don’t remember a single thing he preached about, but I did read on here a few weeks later that he had been at someone else’s church and preached the exact same alliterated sermons.

  4. I just saw another tweet from the good “Dr”…about “people arguing whether Charles H. Spurgeon was a Calvinist”…This is so typical..just for the record “There is no arguing…he WAS a Calvinist and ANYBODY who has ever read his works know that. Only an IFB could be so stupid as to argue over this FACT…reprinted in HUNDREDS of sermons…just download a book of his sermons, do a word search for “Calvinsim” or “Calvinist” then READ and there won’t be any argument

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