Back Later

Hey, folks. No new post today.

There is no new post for one of two reasons. Either…

A: I’m just tired and badly managed my time this week


B: You’re being punished for that bad thing you did that you thought nobody knew about.

SFL will be back next week with a whole new heaping bowl full of crazy. Or possibly some posts on an unrelated topic. How would you all like to spend a week hearing helpful tips on laundry? I do a lot of laundry these days. Maybe I should write about it.

See ya.

79 thoughts on “Back Later”

  1. People around here are quick! I’ll settle for second. Closest I’ve ever been…

    1. Don’t overload either the washer or dryer!

      Also, fold or hang your clothes immediately after the dryer finishes, you won’t need an iron!

  2. Laundry tip. If you get something on your clothes, get it wet and keep it wet until you find something that will get it out. Never just put it in the wash to be washed and dried! (Seems intuitive, but some people can’t figure that out)

  3. I’m worried. Usually when Darrell announces his absences, two things happen:

    1) The trolls come out in full force
    2) When D gets back, he is going to punish us all with major fundy twitch material.

    Brace yourselves.

  4. Laundry Tip: Make your own laundry soap. In an empty 1-gallon container add 3 Tablespoons borax, 3 tablespoons washing soda (found in the laundry aisle at Wal-Mart), 2 Tablespoons Dawn dish soap. Add 4 cups boiling water, mix solution, then enough cold water to fill bottle. Use 1 cup per load. The borax, washing soda and Dawn together cost less than a big bottle of All Free and is safe for sensitive skin. I’ve been making this for months, and my clothes are as clean as ever. You’re Welcome. 😛

      1. Everything I’ve seen on the internet says that it will be ok in a front loader because it’s low suds.

        1. I make my own laundry detergent, but I’ve stopped using borax, because apparently it can cause some male, ahem, issues. 😯

  5. Laundry tip for the guys: Your dirty clothes on the floor will magically end up clean and folded in the dresser. :mrgreen:

    1. It doesn’t work at my house. I guess I need to drop my clothes on Scorpio’s Mom’s floor.

    2. I am a guy. I am also the official laundry person of our household so I won’t be following your advice.

      1. My hubby’s usually the laundry person here too. He gets on my case if I drop the dirty clothes on the floor! :mrgreen:

  6. Laundry tip: If you don’t have to chase it down and beat it into submission before you put it on… it’s clean!

    The exception to this rule is tidy-whities. The military teaches you the four week rule. 1 week normal, 1 week turned inside-out, 1 week worn in reverse, and finally 1 week turned rightside-out again in reverse. After that you should change underwear… with your bunkmate. (all underwear is biodegradable and will be composte at the end of week 8) :mrgreen:

    1. So what you’re saying, Don, is that smell I’ve noticed is your rancid underwear? Ew.

    2. Dear Don,

      A polecat just told you that you stink. This is not a good sign.

        1. On a related note, why is there no skunk smiley? Is Darrell biased against skunks? I protest.

    3. This is EXACTLY the laundry advice I could’ve used in college. Spent way too much time (and non-beer $) washing my undies for no good reason!

    1. Just passed a sign in a yard that had that very quote on it!!! Caused me to grind my teeth the entire way home! Ugh!!! 👿

  7. I’m sure all the flooding in IL is because we legalized medical maijiana and looks like we will have marriage equality. With all of the weather stuff, some fundys will be saying its because God is punishing us.

  8. God is punishing me because, well, because I totally deserve it.

    Also, always put vinegar in your fabric softener cup. It’s just awesome like that.

      1. It acts as a natural fabric softener, it strips away detergent buildup and it cuts through organic stains.

    1. I love using vinegar for fabric softener. It’s like a magic trick when the smell disappears. 😮

  9. Darn, I missed the tips. I just folded and put away the laundry.

    There sure is a lot less now that we are back to just the two of us.

    Don, Scorpio, and Semp reminded me of something I said a couple of weeks ago that I will now repeat for my own amusement. Now that my son has “moved” to Ft. Benning, I bet he picks up his clothes and makes his bed!

    1. I knew a guy in college who had a three-week supply of clothing. Every three weeks he would go home and mommy did his laundry.

      Mommy was a fool.

      1. My Mom would have told me how to get change for the laundromat. But then,I’d been washing, ironing, and folding my own clothes for a while before college.

  10. Laundry tip: don’t put balled up socks in the hamper. The person who does the laundry will thank you.

    1. So I’m not the only one who gets annoyed at having to pull out wadded up dirty socks?

      1. I hate having to unwad a crusty stinking sock. If you take them off like a civilized person they won’t end up like that.
        I generally do our laundry and this is one of my pet peeves.

        1. I tried that. She retaliated by threatening to stop doing something I like.

        2. I’ve got told about my propensity to leave socks in the legs of my jeans more than a few times… :mrgreen:

    2. I told my husband once that all of the balled up socks would be thrown in a pile and remain unwashed!

      He finally learned how to take off his socks the “right” way.

      If Mommycat ain’t happy, ain’t NOBODY happy. 😀

  11. Darrell, we’re having so much fun here. Can you post a pic of a dog and throw out another topic at random, like, say, how to get the kitchen squeaky clean next week? :mrgreen:

  12. But how did you know about that thing that I did but nobody knew so it was ok but 🙁

    J/K have a good rest 🙂

  13. Darrell’s out of it for a little while and you all get delusions of grandeur.

    I still can’t believe you know about me and that stuck up princess in the South passage. gonna have to watch my back more closely.

  14. I think it’s his My Obama Year blog that is wearing him out!

    J/k Darrell.

    Enjoy the break. We’re entertaining ourselves here. 😆

    1. There is some truth to that. Trying to write two blogs at once (and curating a third) is definitely insane.

        1. My Pentefundy church hosted an evangelist whose wife played two trumpets at once. Wow. what a set of lips she had ! 👿

  15. I can’t be on this thread, I’m allergic to cats and my eyes are itching already.

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