31 thoughts on “MOY: Is Jesus a Republican?”

  1. Darrell… Your post was amazing! The words flow from you so eloquently triggering remarkable considerations! Well-done! We just can’t possibly imagine a leader such as Jesus Christ in place, administering such grace and generosity! The mere thought of it and its rippling effects has my mind swimming! … I wonder…

    ~~~Heart ❓

  2. Natalie… Butt cushion time? May I request a purple one with gold fringed tassels? I wanna feel as though I’m seated on my throne, humbly seated, of course!!! LOL

    AAaaawwww……at last! Thank you! 😀

    ~~~Heart 😉

      1. J Heller… No… Just thinking about a royal throne since this will be the closest I’ll ever get to one! LOL

        Psychodelic was my other choice! LOL

        I’ve never been first… Guess I got a bit excited! I should have been humble and asked for burlap???? LOL

        ~~~Heart 😮

  3. Jesus is campaigning for your vote!
    Look at all he will do “for you” if You elect him to be your personal saviour.

    Everyone know Jesus is a Charter member of the Baptist party. All he really needs is another great campaign manager the likes Jack Hyles. Who will be this generation’s greatest Campaign manager? 🙄

    1. Right on, dude. Obama will save us. By the way, DOW broke 14,250 today, courtesy of Obama-appointed Ben Bernanke’s quantitative easing program. Feeling any richer yet?

      1. Did you know the Blaberus giganteus can grow to four inches long? …and that the number one regret of those who are dying is: “I wish I’d had the courage to live a life true to myself, not the life others expected of me.” according to an article by the AARP?

  4. Friend,

    The “fundies” you so despise have a simple faith in the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ. They’re saved, they know they’re saved, and they’re happy to share it with the world.

    You have foolishly placed your faith in the hands of a puppet politician. Trust me when I say that he’s not batting for your team; when America goes under–a difficult concept for liberals, but bear with me–you won’t be a blip on his radar.

    Drop the politician worship and put your trust in Jesus Christ.

      1. It’s astounding, really, the level of cognitive dissonance you must have to maintain to continue to praise Hussein Obama. The drones swarming overhead, millions on food stamps, the shredding of the constitution. But I guess as long as he continuesto work against those nasty fundies, he’s, like, the Messiah, right?

        1. psssst! You’re singing from the wrong hymnal… we’re using the Blue cover Satirical Hymns of the SFL. Page 316. 😕

        2. Slave of Christ,

          Veering from your words, I bring to your attention the name of which you have chosen to represent yourself and must say that Christ already paid for your freedom by His own suffering, death and resurrection for you!

          Accept that grace and gift and stop trying to take His glory with a name that claims a martyr status! It’s not your trophy to lift for praise!

          Christ, the Son of God, merciful, gracious and loving, does not want SLAVES!!! That’s a Fundy thing… More apropos would be… “Slave of Fundamentalism” or “Enslaved Fundy” or “Slaved not Saved”…

          Now, go back and reread the original post and “un-confuse your enslaved mind!” Go ahead, give it a try! We will wait to hear back from you… what… tomorrow or the next day? Sure, read and reread! Then come back and contribute!

          ~~~Heart 💡

  5. I’ll throw you a curveball–I’m not Baptist, I’m not a “Fundamentalist”, and I’m only quoting the apostle Paul when I call myself a slave of Christ.

    I’ll leave you to your Obama-worship now. Send me a postcard from the food stamp line.

      1. J Heller… WOW! Amazing, Insightful and Depressing! WWJD? What should WE do? Ggggrrrrtt……

        ~~~Heart 😕

        1. I don’t care much about politics, but when a Christian thinks that caring for the poor can be dismissed as leftist, I’m going to say that Christ has nothing to do with that attitude. If necessary, I can show that I back my words up with my actions.

      1. Don…

        (Quote)…”They seem to have a genetic mutation,”… “They are bigger now and look different. These are changes that normally take millions of years of evolution.”… (Unquote)


        ~~~Heart 😯

    1. Do you know who you’ll find in those “food stamp lines”?

      Families of Christian “universities” who fail to pay their professors a living wage because, after all, they’re supposed to be “slaves of Christ”.

    2. Ahh the food stamp line, a good place to make human connections and find common ground with others. You might even bump up against a christian brother or have the chance to share your faith. Oh wait!!….!!! I forgot christians should not take from the ebil goberment. God will provide, and we know he would never use the goberment to do that, no sir. blah blah blah I could go on but SOC can take it from here.

    1. You didn’t expect me to have a progressive friend who would let me do a guest post while he was on vacation?

      That’s an odd thing to catch somebody off guard.

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