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  1. Wow, the Right Honourable Dr. Hyles had such nice Pastor-y type things to say about Mr. Nischik.

  2. Perhaps Maury Povich could administer a DNA test to see who’s telling the truth.

    1. And cut to some scumbag guy hopping around like a chicken with his head off. ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. Our former church held Jack Hyles in high esteem; I am so thankful to God for delivering me from that mess. I think Jack Hyles has a lot to answer for. Yes, he is dead, but his influence and unScriptural methods live on today.

  4. So, Nischik is a cheater and a wimp. Keep it classy, Hyles.

    “It is tragic for an innocent (man) to be scandalized by a womanizer.” So that much is true.

    1. When he called Nischik a wimp I read it as: “Any real man would have prevented me from having an affair with his wife. It’s his fault that he didn’t stop me. He failed the test.”

      1. Just when you thought they couldn’t get any more despicable in the blame game… ๐Ÿ˜ก

      2. That’s exactly the way I read it.
        “He’s a wimp, he doesn’t deserve Jennie. I’m a man! Look what I can do. (And get away with.)”

    2. So you cuckold the man, and then you call him a wimp for letting you do it?

      Yeah, real classy, Jack.

      1. Former Congressman Mark Souder of Indiana did the same thing: cuckolded a guy and then commented on his flaws as a Christian. Even made a pro-abstinence video with his mistress before being caught by police doing something else with said mistress.

        1. “Even made a pro-abstinence video with his mistress …”

          Now THAT deserves some kind of award.

  5. Mr Nischik is obviously lying. Dr Hyles was a fine man of God. You people keep throwing around accusations with no proof. You wicked people mock good men of God, you will get yours, go read Romans 1 and get right with God.

    1. Jacky HHyles’ family speaks very different of him than do the sheeple that worhip him…as HE regularly worshipped his mommy

      1. Wow! You really have to get up early to fool this crowd ๐Ÿ˜›

        1. I could smell the poe on this one. It would have worked if you would have waited until later in the day. Posting on a thread that is only an hour old makes it seem like you’ve been following the blog for a while. Otherwise, very good form.

    1. Holy bananas, is he trying to claim a mental illness defense? What’s with the “blood lithium levels”?

      1. I’m no doctor, but the only times I’ve heard of a person’s blood lithium levels even being monitored were when someone was being medicated with lithium salts for bipolar disorder. The right amount of lithium can medicate bipolar disorder, but too much can poison a person, so people taking lithium pills are supposed to have regular blood tests.

        1. Which is precisely why I’m wondering if he’s trying to claim mental illness.

          He’s so FOS.

        2. He has already entered a guilty plea, so there’s no insanity defense as to his guilt, but his lawyers seem to be introducing the medical stuff to imply mitigating circumstances.

          It’s really all sort of moot, because Schaap’s legal team is asking for a 10-year sentence (the federal minimum), and the prosecution agreed to also ask for the minimum sentence as part of the plea bargain. So unless the judge gets really, really mad at Schaap, 10 years is what he’ll get.

          I have to say 10 years in the penitentiary strikes me as a stiff sentence for what Schaap has pleaded guilty to. Of course, I strongly suspect he has committed a wide variety of other offenses, but he has not been charged with or convicted of any others, so my suspicions are irrelevant, as is my opinion of Schaap’s character.

        3. “I have to say 10 years in the penitentiary strikes me as a stiff sentence…”

          You had to go there. Let’s keep it clean OK? :mrgreen:

        4. Given his role and responsibilities as the girl’s counselor — particularly since she was already struggling with serious problems — I don’t know that I agree. I think once you use your position as an authority figure and a counselor to get people into your bed, you’ve pretty much lost all your right to my sympathy, and you deserve to have the book thrown at you.

          And the fact that he all but told her “God wants us to do this” puts him in blasphemous territory as far as I’m concerned. Taking God’s name in vain indeed.

        5. Persnickety, I agree with all your points, but 10 years is a long, long time. After that, he’ll probably be on probation for another 10 years, and on the sex offender registry for the rest of his life.

        6. A decade is nothing compared to how long this will haunt her dreams and shadow her life.

        7. idk, BG. I guess I have such strong feelings because so many of us received no justice whatsoever. I don’t feel bad for him. He got what he deserved, afaic, and I think if anyone deserves to be on the registry, it’s him and those of his ilk. They are most certainly predators, and the public has a right to know what they’re dealing with.

    2. What is probably terribly said is the following mind-set, which was so strongly engendered in the members there (and in all churches that follow JH & JS teachings):

      The girl’s father: The rule in our house was that the pastor was God’s representative on earth. Always do what the pastor says. We taught our children to have implicit faith and trust in pastors.

      Later, the mother says: We devoted our lives to First Baptist Church and now they have abandoned us.

      Not sure how people can deny the cult-like environment there.

      I’m thankful that one may devote one’s life to Jesus Christ and never have to worry about Him abandoning one.

      1. My eye was drawn to the same passages. I have come to the undeniable conclusion that ALL (not just part) of the problems in fundydom stem from MOG-worship. If they were ever to truly follow Christ as the head of the church (which they give lip-service to, but in reality follow a fundy popette) I believe that all of these heresies and abhorrant behaviors would fade away. The chances of that happening? ZERO

    3. What kills me guys is the letters jack schaap wrote to this teenaged girl that he was counseling! I mean, he was “off the charts” infatuatingly in lust with this girl! His words talk about how no female had ever had such an effect on him! —What about his own wife Cindy? What a slap in her face!

      And jack having this girl in his office for sexual play really brings us back to Ol’ Jackie Boy and his antics!

      I hope jack schaap gets the 10 years and more! He was in a position where his preached disciplines and trust in his values gave him the success and perks that he attained! He blatantly deceived and lied, using God as a means to satiate the lust of his flesh, all the while continuing to live and preach as the immoral hypocrit that he is!

      All these years, he’s thought he was the smartest one so far (my assumption) but it looks like he has proven to be the stupidest of the lineage of the house of hyles! Well, unless his own son decides to commit some heinous act or God forbid dave rears his ugly head!

      Sentencing is next week! Let justice prevail!

      ~~~Heart โ—

      1. I suspect he used his communion-is-sex-with-Jesus theology as justification for whatever sexual contact he had with the girl. Perhaps as the MOG he was some kind of representative of Christ? It seems from the letters he tried to spiritualize whatever physical contact took place. I just can’t believe she’s his only victim.

        1. There may be more truth in that statement than any of us will ever know. The fact that he admitted his guilt prior to arraignment indicates that he was coached by a lawyer. This is a “mea culpa” tactic designed to keep prosecutors from digging any deeper. Furthermore, the prosecution has described his behavior as “grooming”, behaviors which take practice to master. It could be his first victim, but I highly doubt it.

        2. A guilty plea is often part of a bargain that the prosecution will not cahrge the defendant with other suspected offenses.

          So yes, we may never know what else they may have had on him.

        3. I don’t remember the name of the woman who wrote a letter about her own experience as Schaap’s counselee, but she sought his help with her marriage & found him coming onto her and talking about sex in detail. Her story seems quite similar to what Schaap’s letters imply. I believe that woman said she realized she was being groomed.

          I think if he’d never done anything like this before, he’d have been a lot more careful. Seriosuly, over 600 texts exchanged, letters, photos! Overconfidence led to sloppiness?

        4. I have always assumed that the communion-as-sex teaching was designed for this purpose.

    4. The classic moment in the prosecutor’s report is quoting MLK to refer to the letter writers supporting Schaap: “Nothing in this world is more dangerous than sincere ignorance and conscientious stupidity.”

      1. J Heller,

        I agree! The prosecution very eloquently ripped his defense to shreds exposing the absurdity of his pleas of woe!

        Stupid indeed! The jack schaap may fool some of the people some of the time but in all reality most people are smarter than the followers who succumbed to his lies all those years!

        Thank God!

        ~~~Heart ๐Ÿ˜‰

  6. Is it just me….
    or does the expresions on “Daddy Hyles” face and the sound of his voice ALWAYS make you want to punch him? :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

      1. “Defendant was suffering from ‘complications with is prostrate (sic)…'”

        sooooo, he was just looking for some one to help him “postrate” more better? (if only he could have practiced Yoga instead)

  7. There is a too sly, self-satisfied grin that he lets slip when he says, “I’m not God…”

  8. I was a very young Hoosier at the time this affair was becoming publicized, so I (obviously) didn’t grasp the seriousness of the situation.

    I do remember my parents and grandparents discussing the future of FBCH and saying the members they knew personally were filled with hero worship toward Hyles.

    To this day, my mom still rolls her eyes whenever fellow Fundies begin to speak glowingly of ol’ Jackie-Boy. She even told a pastor she has no use for Hyles and his teachings, shocking him into silence. ๐Ÿ˜€

    On a completely unrelated note: Maury Povich – what a silver fox! ๐Ÿ˜‰

    1. “On a completely unrelated note: Maury Povich โ€“ what a silver fox! ”

      That’ll preach.

  9. Long time listener, first time caller.

    I have a comment and a question – Notice how quiet and subdued Jackie-boy was during the interview. Why didn’t he ever preach that way?

    Thanks. I’ll hang up and listen.

      1. I’m not sure it was a hairpiece. I think it was one of the worst comb-overs known to man. Hair care products and vanity make strange bed-fellows.

        Back in Fundy High, he used to claim that he had only two hairs, both 18 feet long that he would weave to cover his head. We used to wonder why we failed hair check when we tucked our hair over our ears, and then he would brag about his long hair. We were smart enough not to question the GREAT ONE out loud, though.

  10. I feel so dirty after seeing that video …

    I’ve said it before, but Jack Hyles gave off such a strong Jim Jones vibe, there’s just no denying it. What is it about Indiana preachers?

  11. See, the trick is to get you a good bottle of glue. Good gooey stuff like rubber cement (you can sniff it while you work with it). Then, paint it on the hair. Don’t worry about getting it on the forehead, because you want the glue to fuse with the hair on the forehead. Then, comb the 6 inch piece of top hair over and place. Then apply another coat of rubber cement using the brush and applying it in the direction of the style. You shouldn’t have any rubber cement left in the bottle upon completion.

    Allow to dry.

      1. Okay, now you say to not do it. Guess what I was doing in the 25 minutes between your posts? Please provide me with your name and address so my attorney can contact you.

  12. And the winner of the Maury Povich look-alike contests is………….Mr. John Kerry!

  13. Mr. Nischik: If I had had someone to run off with I would have.

    Not the best argument in your favor Mr. N!

  14. When viewing this vid, I kept thinking, Jackie Boy looks like…? looks like…? …Um… like… Oh My Gosh… Yeah… Like Darth Vader when he was DYING and had removed his mask!

    Do you see it too? LOL

    ~~~Heart(less) ๐Ÿ˜ˆ

  15. Did y’all notice that the brief says Schaap had the girl on hand during his big Youth Conference, and found time for sex with her several times during the conference?

    Which, of course, poses the question: Before the “Polished Shaft” demonstration, after it, or before & after?

    1. Yeah and did you notice that she said she felt so special because he would text her from the pulpit????? Read it! I can’t recall verbatim.

      Did jack actually think that he was above any law, be it of the land or of God?

      Who said it?….”Power corrupts; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

      Oh and all his right-hand men closed a blind eye, turned the other way, call it what you will but they are ALL guilty of enabling him to becoming corrupt and thusly abusing this child!


      ~~~Heart ๐Ÿ˜ฅ

    2. I’m a month shy of 37. I don’t think I could preach with that kind of energy after just having my Schaft polished unless I was on testosterone supplements or something. I mean really, dude is in his 50’s. That’d be some kinda sex drive…

  16. This story actually makes Hyles look better. I’ve never heard the “banished to the basement” part of the affair. It certainly makes Hyles side of the story more believable. Seriously, how can someone be banished to their basement? That’s absurd.

    I’ve always assumed Hyles had the affair but this video is making me question that. Vik Nischik looks like a liar when he says such ludicrous things.

    1. Are you familiar with the situation?

      Supposedly, Mr Nischik came home one day, and his wife was very upset, demanded that he leave and did not want him to touch her. They sent for their pastor, Jack Hyles. In a long counseling session (disputed as to the details of what happened), Mr Nischik did not want to leave his family. It was arranged that he could stay, but he could not sleep with his wife, so a bed was made up in the basement. It was the only way Mrs Nischik would allow him to remain in the house, supposedly.

      His statement of being “banished” to the basement is using emotionally charged words (“banished”), but in practice, that is how he lived for many years.

      1. Well I’m just going by the video in which Nichik claims that hyles banished him to the basement. If it was his wife that makes sense but it also makes Nischik look like a liar for saying hyles did it.

        1. According to Mr Nischik (but disputed by Jack Hyles), it was Jack Hyles who came up with this arrangement – he (Jack Hyles) arranged their schedule so that Mr & Mrs Nischik could each spend time with their children, but would have very minimal contact.

          Mr Nischik said he was hoping for a reconciliation and feared the effect on his kids, so he put up with it.

          Jack Hyles tells a different story; personally, I don’t believe Jack Hyles, mostly because his story has so many holes in it.

        2. I don’t believe Hyles’ version, mostly because Jack Hyles’ record of truth telling was practically nonexistent.

        3. Big Gary; I don’t have enough experience with Jack Hyles.

          The entire Jack Hyles story from the link you posted is well worth getting, keeping, and saving. I re-read it every now and then.

    2. Every story I’ve ever read about the affair describes quite clearly about how he was only allowed to stay in their family home if he slept in a separate room in the basement. As GR says, “banished” may be emotionally charged, but it does not make his story less true.

    3. Cult leaders count on the things that they do or require being so bizarre and out of the norm that when the story is told it sounds unbelievable. In fact, the more bizarre the better for them. That way they can counter with,”Do you hear what you are saying? Why that’s just crazy.” It becomes doubly manipulative at that point.

      Believe me, I have seen firsthand how things can get really, really out of control. In order to stay in character and keep their narritave going it is not beyond the realm of possibility for someone to do something as crazy as shooting themselves in order to garner sympathy and build their legend.

      1. Many manipulative people do this, not only cult leaders. Causing chaos and confusion is how they create their environment. It can be part of what’s known as “gaslighting”– something bizarre is done and then denied, causing frustration and confusion in the victim. Anyone who sees it assumes the confused person is at fault because the perpetrator seems to have it all together.

        1. Originally, Gaslight referred to Patrick Hamilton’s play of 1938, before the movie came out. Hamilton is British, and in Britain the film was called Angel Street. The film adaptation with Bergman is fantastic.

        2. Dr. F:
          OK, fair enough. I knew it was a play before it was a movie, but I thought the play was called “Angel Street.” Doing a little Googling on it, I find that it was first called “Gas Light” (two words), then it was changed to “Angel Street,” then it was changed again to “Gaslight” (one word).

  17. Apparently Mr. Nischik’s children back him up on the ‘banished to the basement’ part of the story. You do what the cult leader says…no questions asked. To anyone on the outside looking in it would look ludicrous. For those of us who have been on the inside its completely believable.

    This whole chain of events makes me ill.

    1. I was wondering the whole time what the kids had to say. Otherwise, it’s just one weirdos story against the others. Was it reported that they concurred w/ their father? If so, then I’d consider the matter settled.

      The story left a ton of questions and gave no answers. It was bad reporting in my book.

      1. They both whole-hearted agreed with their father – for what it’s worth… children of a divorced couple are not the most unbiased of witnesses.

  18. Read the book “Fundemtal Seduction”

    It is very insightful!

    Mr. Nischik’s own daughter, in her adulthood wrote to Jack Hyles, denouncing him and his deceitful ways and proclaimed her freedom from his stronghold for good! (This was not in the book.)

    ~~~Heart ๐Ÿ˜ฏ

    1. That letter has linked to somewhere here on SFL in the past.

      I could be wrong but I think that letter was submitted as part of the Nischik’s divorce proceedings.

  19. it is to bad you people spend all your time talking trash again the church and stirring up scandal remember gossip is a sin in the eyes of God you will be held accountable for all of this when you stand before the judgment throne

    also Pastor Schaap will be set free. stay tune for the appeal based on the proud sinning girl recanting

    1. Pretty sure blasphemy is a bigger sin, and what Schaap did in claiming God had given him this girl to violate … well, I’m glad I’m not in his shoes.

      And yeah, pretty sure that his plea bargain isn’t the same as a “get out of jail free” card.

      “Proud sinning girl” my ass. His own words betray his evil. Read his letters! Handwritten, no less.

    2. LOL. In my own life someone recently asked someone if they would forgive my abuser when he was ‘found innocent’. He pleaded guilty a couple of weeks later. People are delusional.

      There is photographic evidence of Schaap with the girl acting as lovers. Even if the girl was manipulated into pretending she had lied, there is enough evidence to convict and jail Schaap.

    3. Jim!

      Do some reading and when you’ve read and faced the truth, just as the courts are reading unbiased in order to seek justice for all… at that point come back and stop your stupidity!

      We’d love to chat with ya!

      ~~~Heart ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

    4. Jim,
      If you’re not a POE then I do hope you realize idolatry is a sin. Also you do realize Justice is a major biblical precept don’t you?
      Finally you do realize that whatever sin the girl may be guilty of it has nothing to do with the sin and crime Jack is guilty of. I find it amazing that folks who claim we have “Free-will” to stand up to and reject God are so eager to find an excuse as to why someone didn’t have any “choice” when it comes to sin. That means that sin is more powerful than God… and yeah, that reasoning didn’t work for Adam either.

    5. I don’t know if you’re serious, Jim, but Jack Schaap is not going to be set free until his sentence is served. He pled guilty. Once there’s a guilty plea, it doesn’t matter if the victim recants. Unless the guilty plea can be shown to have been made under duress, but that just isn’t going to happen here. To summarize: Legally speaking, he’s guilty.

  20. Has anyone ever said that the “college” ought to change its name, that Hyles was unworthy to have his name on a college? What would happen if that were tried now?

    1. The whole college is built around Hyles worship, so if you changed the name and got rid of all the other traces of Hyles, the college would pretty much disappear.

      Try suggesting that Brigham Young University change its name. That suggestion will go about as far.

  21. Apologies to everybody here because it if off topic as this from an piece in this mornings New York Times how the Brotherhood view women in Egypt. This is so much parallel to much of what I hear the fundies embrace. There is not much difference between the two it seems.

    โ€œA woman needs to be confined within a framework that is controlled by the man of the house,โ€ Osama Yehia Abu Salama, a Brotherhood family expert, said of the groupโ€™s general approach, speaking in a recent seminar for women training to become marriage counselors. Even if a wife were beaten by her husband, he advised, โ€œShow her how she had a role in what happened to her.โ€

    โ€œIf he is to blame,โ€ Mr. Abu Salama added, โ€œshe shares 30 percent or 40 percent of the fault.โ€

    1. Yes, Schaap or any of his IFB preacher brethren might have given the same speech.

      In what sense is this Osama Yehia Abu Salama a family expert? Maybe he saw a family once?

  22. Study the body language and facial expressions and Jack Hyles is an obvious liar. Who’d u thunk?

  23. This stuff is just the tip of the iceberg. Check Jacks son’s story.The apple doesn’t fall fa from rhe tree.

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