Being A Laughingstock

For the record, I do not wish for Jack Schaap to be raped in prison. I don’t wish that on anybody. I do hope that justice is served and that it drives this arrogant, selfish man to repentance.

And let us all take heed to ourselves lest we likewise be tempted to lust and avarice.

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  1. I’ve learned a number of things by volunteering in prisons. One of them is that I don’t joke about prison rape … because it is, indeed, rape.

    1. Horay! I always feel like I’m the only one that doesn’t think prison rape jokes are funny at all.

  2. Interestingly, for all the effort fundies go through to differentiate themselves from evangelicals and Pentecostals, he’s just called “the pastor of a megachurch in Indiana.” All their knee-length skirts and closed-toed shoes and careful avoidance of movies and it’s nothing to the world, not even mentioned, not even noticed. He’s just another Ted Haggard to them.

    1. Well said! Their adherence to standards are done because they love to compare themselves among themselves.

    2. You are correct pw. But he actually said “one of these Indiana mega-churches”.

      To me that makes it even less of a differentiation. He makes it sound like there is one on every corner.

      And how about the fact that he mis-pronounced his name.

    3. Good one PW! I remember how shocked people in the IFB got when I told them I’d never heard of Hyles or any of his sermons. The isolationism has forced the FBCH people to be so far away from reality that they have no idea how unconcerned and unimpressed people are with their church which is “just another megachurch.” An apt description no doubt.

      1. I remember when I was in a Hyles-clone church, who thought that JH was the best Christian that ever lived (with maybe the exception of Paul)… I mentioned Jack Hyles’ name to a friend who goes to an fundamental Baptist church, and he had no idea of who Jack Hyles was. I was taken aback, which just shows how much I’d bought into the mythos JH and his followers had built around him.

        1. I was aware of Hyles because my parents had a couple of his books, but I’d never even heard of Schaap until he was featured on SFL for slapping grandmas.

          I ought to go back and reread that thread if it’s still up. To think of where Schaap is today — wow.

  3. Team Coco.

    I still refuse to watch Jay Leno after what happened.

    However, Jenna-Louis Coleman on Craig Ferguson last night was pretty awesome…

  4. jack schaap arrogantly boasted to the world of his “righteousness” and now that he has succumbed and worse, manipulated and abuse his power, well, the world, including those he condemned for their evil ways, are surely going to “judge” him in earnest!

    It’s a shamefully sad reality that jack schaap is an utterly monumental disappointment to Christianity and a laughingstock to the world!

    Presently, my heart goes out to the innocent hearts who have been fooled and hurt! While I know that forgiveness should be my course, well, I place him with joseph and evangeline coombs in a dark and designated state of being, only to be given up to God and His understanding because its beyond my discernments!

    And yes, Darrell, may we all tread with clear deliberation!

    ~~~Heart 😐

  5. Maybe Larry Brown will visit Schaap in jail. I bet once Jack gets out, he’ll be a regular guest on TBN’s Praise The Lord program and turn on to CCM music.

  6. Well good thing IFB’s don’t watch TV or else Jay Leno would be a target to pick on. I remember a Hyles sermon where he said watching Johnny Carson was a sin. Leno replaced Carson so I guess its the same difference.

  7. Somebody should send Leno the video of Schaap giving his infamous “Polished Shaft” sermon!!!

    He’d get more mileage out of than he got from Clinton-Lewinsky ❗ 😯 😯

    1. Oh my…fantabulous idea.

      I wonder if there is a fb account for Leno or his show…

  8. Humiliating scaap on national television did nothing mire than tarnish Christianity. Unbelievers use that as a continuence to reject Christ and anything resembling church. Sad. Imo.

    1. When you make yourself into a buffoon, there’s not much point in getting mad at the public for laughing at you.

      1. See, now this is the reason I come back to SFL. Somebody somewhere always distills the nonsense down to the essence of the problem. Clarity ensues. And often, hilarity.

    2. 1. If you insist on speaking English, please learn it. “Continuence” is not a word. “Continuance” is a legal term that doesn’t work in the sentence you used.

      2. If Christianity means believing that preying on children is nothing more than a peccadillo that “unbelievers” blow up into a “continuence” (did you mean “excuse?”) to reject Christ, then they are absolutely right to do so. Me, I believe in the Christ Who gave very pointed warnings about millstones and snakes.

      3. Schaap was a mutton-eating shepherd and we are well rid of his so-called pastoral care.

    3. That assumes most people associate Jack Schaap with Christianity. I think that’s an unwarranted assumption.

    4. How is it that so many Christians get upset about relatively minor things others do while they ignore so many un-Christlike things that many of their own seem to do.

      Christian TV has way too many prosperity preachers that promote God as some kind of can’t miss slot machine and have lifestyles that make Paris Hilton jealous. It is no problem finding political Christian leaders have have a hatred for certain groups that rivals the type of hatred that the Phelps clan spews.

      Where is the outrage?

    5. If the fundamentalists that exalted Jack Schaap (such as Clarence Sexton) want to have any credibility, they need to not merely be silent, but denounce him, as the Scripture commands (I Tim 5:20, if I have the reference right). FBCH staff and leaders should make this public. I didn’t like when the new pastor said how much he respected the previous pastors.

    6. No Ellen…Schaap tarnished Christianity all by himself. Exposing this crap can only strengthen true Christianity…that is if we even know what it is anymore. And BTW, I would LOVE to see Leno get a hold of the polished shaft video…all those white suited clones on the stage together with the brainwashed congregation watching Schaap and not a single person stands up and says WTF??!!

  9. About the kind of cheap, easy joke we’ve come to expect from Jay Leno.

    People on Stuff Fundies Like say funnier things about Schaap almost every day.

    Shoot, all you have to do is play any random 20-second clip of Schaap to get more laughter (albeit unintentional on Jack’s part).

    1. This guy (the “Angry Aussie”) is much funnier than Leno (but then, so’s my cat).

      But don’t watch this video at work, unless you work at the kind of place where nobody will mind several hundred shouted swear words coming from your work station.

    2. I think I Amen’d the Angry Aussie more than I’ve ever Amen’d an IFB pastor. 😈

      His statement re: the “Polished Shaft” ‘sermon:’ “It never starts making sense.” <——- Yeah, that about sums it up. 🙄

      1. The Angry Aussie is 100 times funnier than Leno and even IFB comedians Larry Brown (The Gallagher of IFB’s) and Tony Hutson (The Jesse Duplantis of IFB’s).

  10. Really? I hope Bubba and his crew tear this Schaap guy a new asshole while in the clank. If you think this is the first and only time Brother Schaap has done this, think again.

    1. No, I can’t be in favor of rape of prisoners. If nothing else, accepting prison rape means that there’s a lot of convicts that may eventually be released who use rape against those they don’t like.

      So no matter how much you hate Schaap, this can’t be condoned. It’s bad for society and bad for prisoners.

      Also, rape jokes just plain aren’t funny. Jay Leno went for a cheap offensive joke.

        1. Agreed. Rape is not funny and Schaap is not funny. 😕
          Two wrongs do not make a right.
          Still, two Wrights make an airplane.

        2. The christian part of me does not wish the horror of rape upon Jack Schaap. But there is a fallen part of me that clings to a belief in Poetic Justice…

  11. On SFL we have discussed what it means exactly to “lose one’s testimony”. I think Leno making fun of how skeezy you are means it has happened.

    1. Anyone giving up the high moral ground has to have a difficult time looking in the mirror.

      1. He will.
        Mark my words, he’s going to have some kind of Road to Damascus experience in prison, and go on a tent-revival and religious broadcasting tour retailing it.
        Old dogs keep repeating the same tricks.

  12. the turning point of Leno’s crude jest isn’t the similarity between a minister’s sexual predations and prison rape, but the sharp contrast between his position of power, and authority, and influence,

  13. the turning point of Leno’s crude jest isn’t the similarity between a minister’s sexual predations and prison rape, but the sharp contrast between his erstwhile position of power, and authority, and influence, all of which he misused to exploit and sexually harm that poor girl – and a jail cell. No preacher-worship there, no adoring masses or copycat ministers

  14. Dangit, cell phone keyboard!

    … no copycat ministerial students aping his every gesture. No one to exploit in the name of god, only criminals like himself, sexual predators, some of whom are inclined toward sexual violence toward him. I don’t wish rape on anyone, but the difference between my pity toward new Jack and my pity for his victim(s) is broad enough for me to enjoy Leno’s humor.

    And also it was funny.

  15. – I don’t condone rape in prison. I want justice, not revenge.

    – I think Leno was pointing out just how evil what Schaap was saying to the girl was. He wouldn’t like to hear that from his cellmate, it is terrible that he used that line on his victim.

    – I think Leno isn’t going to be the pinnacle of moral standards.

  16. It has been 5 months since there has been an update on everyone’s favorite IFB pastor.

    Does anyone have information on the number of souls Jack Schapp has saved in prison?
    How large of a prison ministry he has?
    Whether or not he can still walk with God without having the benefit of pine thickets to walk through while praying?
    Has he been able to write any tell all books where he shows how he is just misunderstood and simply suffering for Jesus in prison, just like Paul did???? etc etc. etc.

    And of course, more important questions:

    Did Cindy divorce him?
    Does Cindy still wear toe less shoes out of defiance to her MOG?
    Does mother in law (Beverly) ever visit her son in law in prison?
    Does Jack’s brother law, David visit and trade notes and pictures on the best way to get into a minor’s pants once he gets out of prison?
    And how many Kool Aid drinker think that Jack Schaap is the greatest man of God alive and will “defend him to the death”?

    And the most important question:
    Does he have a mailing address?

    1. To the first eight, beats me. To number nine, far too many. To the last one, yes, but I don’t know it and I don’t need it.

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