9 thoughts on “Interview: Chatting With Robb and Vanessa Ryerse”

  1. I tried listening last night, and what I heard was great. I kept getting interrupted. I’ll have to try to finish it later.

  2. That program is good.
    I like Vanessa’s remark that “I’m bilingual; I can speak Christianese, but I can also have conversations with the rest of the planet.”

    I’ve often had that feeling too. I think I’m one of the relatively few people who have spent a lot of time both inside and outside church circles (including Catholic as well as several Protestant denominations, and nonconformists like Quakers and Mennonites). I’ve also had the extraordinary good luck to have had a lot of conversations with members of other religions about their faiths. Listening can be a wonderful experience for the listener.

    1. Big Gary – I would just like to thank you for sharing your vast experience here with us. Your insights are invaluable, we are so lucky to have you as a regualar contributor to SFL, in fact,it wouldn’t be SFL without your copious commentary.

      Thanks from your SFL family!

  3. Well, I’m a sucker for any interview with you Darrell, because you are very articulate and intelligent in your delivery. Looking forward to listening!


    Jim K.

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