120 thoughts on “GOH: That I Can Still Go Free”

    1. I can scoff at Phil’s Dr. now* that I have my nobility title… of course the fundies will all be wanting one now.

      *of course I didn’t really need my title in order to scoff at his. 😎

      1. I am SO freaking jealous! I implore you, Lord Don, to confer a title upon me as well…I feel so inferior without one!

      2. When did you die on the cross for everyones sins? God is not mocked Don. You have the ability to communicate the True gospel but instead, you choose to treat this matter as a joke. I doubt you will still be laughing when you come face to face with God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. Also, I guarentee God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit will not be calling you HIS name.

        1. You’re the one who bestowed with the title. πŸ˜†

          No, He will not call me Lord but I can guarantee you he will call me his beloved.

          And just where have I remotely suggested that I died for anyone’s sin? Many men hold the title lord and are addresses as lord. Not so much in America but then again the America Political experiment is from from the Biblical model of King and Kingdom.

          Lighten up a bit. Have a drink, read with us and hang out for a while. You may find to your surprise that many of us are passionately in Love with Jesus our Lord and Savior. And we defend him against all enemies foreign, domestic or Independent Fundamental Baptist.

        2. I did not bestow a title on you. What I did was made a punctuation error which I acknowledged in a follow-up comment, if you had read it. What is sad is, with as intelligent as you are, you treat anything of God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit as a joke. The false prophets and hirelings are not of God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit, and they will be punished by God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit gives us the ability to pick ourselves up and continue on for Him, serving Him, praising Him, glorifying Him in everything we think, say, and do every nano-second of our life.

          “I can do all things through Christ which strentheneth me.”

          ———————Philippians 4:13

          So no Don, I will not “lighten up a bit”, nor “have a drink”, nor “hang out” because Don, the Lord God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit expects better of me. As it states in the Holy Bible:

          “I BESEECH you therefore, brethren, by the mercies of God, that ye present your bodies a living sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, which is your reasonable service.

          “And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God.

          —————–Romans 12:1-2

          So no Don, paraphrasing Matilda C. Edwards in her poem “The Church Walking With The World”:

          My path may be thorny, rough and rude while yours is pleasant. My way is paved with tears and pain while yours is flowers and dews. The sky above me is always dark while yours is always blue. My lot is a lot of woe while toil you do not know.

          So no Don, there is not enough room for the church to travel side by side with the world.

          Don, you do not have to be a pawn of the world. You are better than that. If you are truly saved, then you are a child of the KING. If we all are truly saved, then we are His sons and daughters……………..

          If this is the case, then why wallow in the gutter as swine? Let’s all stop being “prodigal children” and leave the pigpen, and go back to our Father who has been looking everyday for our return. He wants every single person on SFL to come to their senses and return back to Him.

          WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!

          So no Don! As God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit states in His Word:

          “I know thy works, that thou art neither cold nor hot: I would thou wert cold or hot.

          So then because thou art lukewarm, and neither cold nor hot, I will spue thee out of my mouth.

          Because thou sayest, I am rich, and increased with goods, and have need of nothing; and knowest not that thou art wretched, and miserable, and poor, and blind, and naked:

          I counsel thee to buy of me gold tried in the fire, that thou mayest be rich; and white raiment, that thou mayest be clothed, and that the shame of thy nakedness do not appear; and anoint thine eyes with eyesalve, that thou mayest see.

          As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.

          Behold, I stand at the door, and knock: if any man hear my voice, and open the door, I will come into him, and will sup with him, and he with me.

          To him that overcometh will I grant to sit with me in my throne, even as I also overcame, and am set down with my Father in his throne.

          He that hath an ear, let him hear what the Spirit saith unto the churches.”

          ———————–Revelation 3: 15-22

          So churches………..WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?!?!?!?!

        3. george you have been a great help today (not)
          The first line should read:
          “You’re the one who bestowed me with the title.” πŸ™„

        4. Actally, I am rejoicing because I am saved. You can have that same rejoicing in your heart, your soul, and your life if you make God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit your Lord and Saviour, and serve Him faithfully every second of your life.

          RobM, If you are truly saved, serving Him will not be like putting you in the dentist chair to pull teeth. You will be willing and zealous to serve Him in every possible way you are able.

          If you truly want it, you can have that same rejoicing.

    2. For people who say that IFB are overlly judgmental. you people sure offer a heaping of personal jusdment on those who you do not agree with.

      1. Talk about “out of the mouth of babes” and “the stones cry out”……………..

        Welcome fellow “stone”…….

        They do not listen to anyone who gives them sound Biblical advice, but then, why should they when they do not even listen to God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit. They refuse to separate the wolves in sheeps clothing who hurt them from God Jesus Christ Holy Spirit who blesses them every second of their life and wants only good for them. Their pain is so great it actually blinds them to the truth.

        Can you imagine if Jesus Christ, after He received the scourging, spitting, mocking, other forms of torture and disrespect, and as He is hanging on the cross, says “my pain is too great, these people aren’t worth it!” He suffered because of us, and He did not let His pain blind Him to the Truth!!!!!

        AND NEITHER SHOULD WE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

        1. A couple of stoners who can’t get no Satisfaction… They see our red door and want to leave a tract… The want us to get up off our Beast of Burden and go to the world’s Emotional Rescue… They want us to go to Heaven but believe we have a Heart of Stone

          *see what I did there?

        1. Actually, it’s THE Lord Don as in “Serve the Lord Don” which a commentor exhorted us to do.

          I do hope the Lord Don is having a blessed day and not letting power corrupt him.

        2. I do hope the Lord Don is having a blessed day and not letting power corrupt him

          So…. what is the point of that statement pastors wife?

        3. Just sort of an inside joke. Don, er, the Lord Don, often quotes Lord Acton’s axiom, and I was wondering if the power had gone to his head now that he’d been promoted to the ranks of the nobility.

        4. Mark him well and avoid him like the plague. He will stand in the pulpit and say anything in order to manipulate and guilt people down to the altar to bow before him.

          Really…….. And what makes you so almightly lord don to bring condemnation on this person. everything you said is of a personal nature. you gave no Biblical base for your statement. And if one is guilty due to sin in thier life are you making a mock of one getting forgiveness from God. I’m not really sure what you are trying to say here

        5. What can I say? If his manipulative guilt filled emotional hyperble and browbeating is good preaching… then I’ll be content to not ever have to listen to it myself.
          He is a bully in the pulpit and he lies about himself as well. One series of sermons he kept braggin about how he had body guards throughout the congregation there in order to keep him save because of all the threats he recieves. At the end of the secon or theird night the pastor wanted to thank these men in the congregation who were there to keep Phil safe so he asked them to stand up and be recognized. After the crickets quit chirpping the pastor turned to Phil and told him to leave and not come back.
          Now if you want preachertainment and emotional manipulation then Phil here is your boy. He has the legalsim regarding the Churchain life down pat and can preach an altar full. He gets off on singling out someone in the audience and making an example of them over their appearance or just because he doesn’t like the way they looked at him.
          He is the master of the altar call and manipulative decisional salvation. And it is not uncommon for the same people to get saved again and again year in and year out in a Kidd Crusade.

          Sorry, have no use for him or his religious act.

        6. Lord Don says “He is the master of the altar call and manipulative decisional salvation.”

          2Cr 5:11 Knowing therefore the terror of the Lord, we persuade men; but we are made manifest unto God; and I trust also are made manifest in your consciences.

          Lord Don, what is your point? It sounds like you are making light of preaching and the purpose of it. You claim that right wing Christians are overly judmental ( and I know some are), but you are worse than anyone I’ve ever met. You make light of sin and the guilt that remains. Guilt can be brought on ones conscience as a result of the Word of God. It forces one to make them a better person. Not so that they cna look down on others, but so that they please the God that saved them.

        7. It forces one to make them a better person. Not so that they cna look down on others, but so that they please the God that saved them.(sic)

          So you agree that manipulative preaching producing guilt is merely religious moralism.
          And you further believe that guilt is used to make a beter person and a better person is more pleasing to God?

      1. I can’t believe that there are still churches that invite this lying sack of… to stand behind the pulpit and spew his manipulative crap and call it godly preaching.

        1. “I can’t believe that there are still churches that invite this lying sack of… to stand behind the pulpit and spew his manipulative crap and call it godly preaching.”

          Real humble Lord Don. I’m sure glad I can feel the Lord’s presence in your manner of conversation πŸ˜†

        2. Yea cause Phil is such a humble man as well. His manipulation tactics and guilt laden sermons are so much like… like… yeah a sack of it.

          I know the Lord allows Ahabs, Jezebels and Phil Kidds but that doesn’t make what they do right. People need to be warned of Phil Kidd’s herecies, errors and lies. Mark him well and avoid him like the plague. He will stand in the pulpit and say anything in order to manipulate and guilt people down to the altar to bow before him.

        3. Phil Kidd was the one I heard approvingly quote another pastor who would get so mad he’d “call the men bastards and the women bitches.” Sounds like God might not be honored by his conversation, either.

  1. Hey, at least they mention Jesus by name in the song. I mean all that screaming and yelling isn’t really for him as much as it is for the preacher-man doing the singing but at least his name comes up.

  2. Come, now, Darrell — that does NOT deserve to be labeled “GOH”.

    Wow, that was truly awful.

    I’ve never heard the song before.

  3. “Unworthy to live, and not fit to kill.”

    Wow, there is a lot of autobiographical information in there!

  4. That was so bad, my computer stopped it at the 2:41 mark and went to other YouTube options. I don’t know how I lasted that long, but my Asus said “ENOUGH!”

  5. Heard this many many times in my fundy church.We had pretty much the same reaction from the congregation with all the whooping and hollering. The kicker was when the men would do a “victory ” lap around the church aisles. They would run in cicles around the church in celebration of the victory over sin. Wish I had a video to share of that.

      1. YES!! Very similiar to that. WOW! What a flash back. Imagine how unbelievers and guests must have felt if they were visiting that day. So glad to be gone from that.

      2. That was… odd. If their children did that they’d probably be hauled out and spanked, but when grown men do that it’s… spiritual?? And why don’t any of the women “run the aisle?”

        1. cause wimmen cain’t self baptize in a denim skirt they mite show a nekked calf or iffn she don’t clear the glass winder you may be able ta see plumb ta her bloomers!
          And we cain’t have wimmen runnin any where cause when theyz run theyz mommy parts get ta bouncin and floppin all over the place and we cain’t have naw wimmen drawin ‘tention to theyz bouncy buzzoms! That ain’t modest like.

        2. Mommy parts don’t go flappin’ when wimmin run iffen wimmin wear them there sports bras! (But a ladylike blouse MUST be worn over them!) :mrgreen:

        3. Unlike the IFB I do not feel the need to flaunt my titles. It is enough that you, my SFL friends, know. That is good enough for me. πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

          *that, and it depends on which computer I am using. 😎

  6. If you think Kidd sounds bad, you should hear the tape his kids made a few years ago. 😑

  7. Dear SFL Reader:

    There’s something missing here … I can’t quite put my finger on it … Oh wait! I know!

    This needs a hound and a beagle, howling and baying in the background.

    Christian Socialist

    1. I think it could use someone or a family playing the jugs ala the hill billy family on the Andy Griffth show!

  8. “Lock me up in prison, and throw away the key.”

    Sure, I’d be glad to. Just remember that you asked.

    “Deprive me of the food I eat”

    Sure, it won’t hurt you for quite a while.

    1. Dear leaving:

      Sign like that and you ought to be locked up in a keyless cage!

      Christian Socialist

  9. Ha! Wanna get threatened with a lawsuit? Ask Phil Kidd about the girls he beat on, asked to give intimate details of their own sexual abuse, and his knowledge of the sexual abuse at the New Bethany Home for Girls when he WORKED THERE!

    1. Unfortunately, all evidence points to Kidd as another IFB pervert. It is really sad, but sorrow won’t fix the problem. We need to see structural change. Unfortunately, most of the IFBs I’ve met got all their political education from Rush Limbaugh, and don’t have a construct for understanding systemic evil or distributive justice. So, as a result, they can’t understand how the way they do things empowers abuse and coverup.

      1. Dear Dr. Fundystan, Proctologist:

        Writing for the St. Louis Dispatch, Tim Townsend did a piece covering the Pastor Travis Smith case [First Baptist, Stover Missouri]. See http://tinyurl.com/bj4ae5k .

        While First Church is a convention congregation, Townsend rightly notes the ‘hiding behind governing structure to avoid taking responsibility’ problem.

        I mention this because the Jan 9, 2013 Christian Century [current issue] carries Townsend’s article.

        Good to see that the believing community is starting to put this together.

        Further to this, the Townsend article contains a link to a website SFL readers may want to visit.


        Christian Socialist

        1. The final quote of that article is both terrifying and telling. “Salvation is conditional”, quoting the accused pastor. He is effectively threatening their salvation if they don’t immediately forgive him, and, of course, forgiveness means no consequences for what was done. The ultimate in works salvation – maybe he should be removed for heresy, if not for the accusations against him. (That does count as heresy, right? Don’t want to use the word if it’s not called for.)

          This is a seriously messed up church – they don’t even see suspending the pastor pending the result of the investigation as an option. It is a difficult situation, but allowing him to authoritatively plead and twist his case every week… 😯

      1. I am tempted to dress in drag and attend one of his church services…and “hay-men” louder than anyone and see what he does. Would the site of a six-foot 270lb woman with a goatee raise any suspicions in that neck of the woods?

        1. That was too funny. I’d pay money to see that. On a more serious note I can’t believe I ever listened to that psycho’s preaching. Thank God for grace and it rocks.

      2. He certainly enjoy alphabetic alliteration always, eh? πŸ™‚

        I do believe we would be better off if we followed the Scriptures, and the beginning wasn’t bad (when he was quoting Scripture).

        But using Eve as an example to imply that no woman can ever quote Scripture correctly is just stupid: in the first place, how does he know that Adam didn’t tell her the wrong thing? In the second place, using examples to prove points is stupid: one could just as well say that Eve had a son first, and that marriages of which God approves produce a son first, or any other item one cares to make up. He’s just being outrageous here.

        As far as choir direction; I don’t know that I would be as condemning as he is on the subject. He would be better served to “shut up” about areas in which the Bible is silent.

        Where does it end? Can a woman not ever give instruction to a man? Can a man not take piano lessons from a woman? Can a man not ask a woman for directions? It just gets silly.

        Pulpit committees: Women are members of the church as well – there are things about a pastor that are just as important as his doctrine.

        It was funny to read his rant… I started wondering if he would allow a woman in modest apparel with short hair to teach – most fundamental churches only care that (a) men teachers have short hair, and (b) women teachers wear a dress or skirt.

        1. “Pulpit committees: Women are members of the church as well … ”

          Only because inflating the attendance numbers is too important to leave them out of that, too.

    1. The URL is offensive enough! From reading replies, it sounds like his comprehension of genetics is severely lacking. The links/info I’ve gotten from posts/comments make me thank my lucky stars to have never encountered this SOB.

    2. I just read that on my home computer. That puke faced, ungodly, misogynic sorry excuse for a man! Brain bleach please!

      1. I believe with all his macho “fighting” schtick he is overcompensating for something. Especially if there is anything to his participating in rendering punishment at New Bethany when he was on campus.

        By all the guidelines given in the Bible for Pastors and leaders in the church he fails miserably on almost all counts.

    3. The emperor has no clothes. Articles like this one lift the curtain just enough to see the reality of fundy churches. The fact is that in many circumstances, women DO run their churches in spite of them paying lip service to the idea that only the men matter. So you end up with a church that is not only misogynistic but also hypocritical about its own misogyny. So women grow up thinking they really do matter but only if they pretend like they don’t. That is indeed sick and twisted.

      We’ve discussed on sfl before about the matriarchal underbelly of fundy churches (namely, women who propup the whole twisted system). I saw it in my own mother (who recently played a major role in hiring the new pastor of her fundy church) and my fundy sister who works for a bible “college.”

    4. What a vile and disgusting man! How did he become a Dr. with such poor writing abilities?

      Also, can someone tell me what he means by Eve “could not even quote on verse correct?” Is he saying that she couldn’t quote one verse correctly? And if so, does he realize that the Pentateuch was passed down orally for many generations? Most people think Moses wrote it down, but even if it was someone else…it was long after Eve was dead, so how could she quote it?

      Wow. Just…wow.

      1. I somehow doubt the doctorate was earned.
        Yep, I noticed the illogical statement about Eve also. Not the brightest, is he?

        1. He certainly is not. I’d call it willfully ignorant. I could go on and critique the logic of the rest of his “arguments” but the grammar abuse makes me want to gouge out my eyes with a red ink pen πŸ˜‰

    5. Dear Don:

      What I want to know is …

      ‘…there must be no silly talk’ [Eph 5:4].

      ‘… some men have turned aside to fruitless discussion’ [1Ti 1:6]

      ‘… avoiding worldly and empty chatter’ [1Ti 6:20].

      ‘… avoid worldly and empty chatter, for it will lead to further ungodliness, and their talk will spread like gangrene. Among them are Hymenaeus and Philetus, men who have gone astray’ [2Ti 2:16-18].

      ‘… there are many rebellious men, empty talkers and deceivers … who must be silenced because they are upsetting whole families, teaching things they should not teach for the sake of sordid gain’ [Tit 1:10-11].

      … will he [and men] abide by the same standard?

      1. The Fundie M-O-g is the final authority on all of these issues. He makes the executive decision on whatsoever things are true, whatsoever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report, he and he alone is the sole determiner for the entire congregation.
        Just ask one of them, they’ll tell you.

        1. Dear Lord Don:

          That’s the thing I can’t overcome. It is so excruciatingly apparent tome that those words belong need to be saddled on those who abuse spiritual power and office. But then, I’m not a follower.

          Christian Socialist

  10. That is a 12 string guitar. Is it OK? Is there some numerological significance to using a 12 string guitar? Do I need to burn my 6 string guitar?

    1. No, but, “thou shalt not play a six string with two other like strung instruments or verily a twelve string instrument lest the man of distruction be loosed in your church.
      – The Blessed, Everlasting, Trail of Blood, Book of Musical Instructions Chapter 3/4.

    2. Mr. Fife, please don’t tell me you’ve never heard the fundy pre-special “joke” that goes “this is a twelve-string guitar by nature but I broke one so now it’s an eleven-string.”

      This is frequently used by missionary “singers” to show how poor and humbleful they are. (I.e., to beg for money to get a new guitar.)

  11. I haven’t listened yet but the word ‘free’ is in the title. They don’t know anything about being in Christ’s freedom.

  12. Free? Nothing involving Kidd is free. People pay big bucks to go to his marriage retreats and send their kids to his “martial arts” camps.

    1. Martial arts camps? Yeah, that’ll end well. What “Martial Arts” does the camp “teach?”

  13. I’m still learning the ropes, in fact only recently figured out MOG. What does GOH mean?

      1. Many of the GOHs featured here are truly grand or have meaning – I guess, since I never heard this one, that there was not one thing “Grand” about this — and is it old?

        1. True!

          Sometimes GOH is used sincerely; sometimes sarcastically. It’s up to us to figure out which is which.

  14. Thinking of music, while not this ear-scorching twaddle, I put a PCC cd on the player today and I didn’t wince inside, feel ill or want to microwave the cd. I actually enjoyed the music. I did not think of the false perfection of automated smiles and movements.

    It has only taken 22 years. There may be hope of recovery after all.

    1. Now, “Beverly Hyles 90210” is just the damn funniest thing I’ve read in a long time!

  15. I wrote this limerick a couple of years ago in honor of the good doctor:

    There once was a preacher named Kidd
    who hates the homos, or so he’s said
    spends all his days
    ranting about gays
    Makes me wonder if he’s got something hid.

  16. I can tell you exactly why he feels the need to conduct his orchestra of one – CONTROL. Theses guys cannot exist without the control they have over those who listen to them. They have the need to control every aspect of the lives of their “flock” – why? I think it is because if they have an iron grip on their congregation, then that congregation will not be scrutinizing the preacher’s life at all. Look at Schapp – perfect example. ❗

    1. I thought it might be because it’s the only type of “dancing” that fundy baptists can get away with… except dancing around Jesus’ miracle at Cana…

  17. Y’know, at my old church down South when the “special” music sounded like that, we’d hear shouts of “Bless ’em, Lord!” 😯

  18. CONFESSION: While I cannot stand Kidd, and have taken many swipes at him on Twitter… I DID enjoy this song and even the way they sang it.

  19. In all brevity, in the case of Phil Kidd, the last thing that pops to my mind on the list of red flags is his honorary doctorate. From his racism, lack of humility, complete absence of exegetical veracity, and his over-bearing fleecing of the church – he is a travesty to the cause of Christ.

    I’m not normally one to blast out at people, but I don’t mind throwing rocks at a snake in the grass. Why this post, then? Well, because out of the list I just gave (which is by no means comprehensive), the last thing I’d care about is an honorary doctorate. Yeah, it’s worthless, and he shouldn’t tout it – but at least it actually happened (uneventful thing, that it was).

    I have a “degree” from a Bible college that, yeah, I earned, and used to count it totally worthless. Worthless because the level of education was pathetic, worthless because the institution was unaccredited, worthless because I could have taught my courses better than most of the “professors”, and worthless because it was based out of a cult. But it’s not worthless, completely, I suppose. I have learned truth from lies, God over man, and that my family is my ministry. Period. They didn’t teach me that – hence it is not completely worthless, as it made me search for the truth that they never gave.

    Back to Phil Kidd: he can’t sing…at all. :mrgreen:

    1. Wow pixel! I sometimes feel that way about my unaccredited degree. But i got to ask, doesnt your “pastor” love and defend your alma matter that you are calling a cult? I have heard it. 😯

      1. He may have, I mean, he was on the board of directors (whatever that is) there at one time. He has since removed himself and wants nothing to do with it.

        So, to answer your question, “No.” I won’t, however, say that he never did. I’m just glad that God allows and REALLY WANTS everyone to continue growing spiritually, even pastors.

        Besides, my hope, faith, and beliefs are not in what any pastor says. Ever.

        1. “May have”??? Oh come on. I guess i am at a place where i just cannot accept the judgement or scriptural interpretations from men who propigated fundamentalism without extraordinary levels of scrutiny. No matter if they have “grown” or “Gods given them grace”. They claimed they were “Gods man”, they “preached Gods word”, told people what to do with their lives sending them to the “cult” institutions. I mean we are not talking about one bad sermon or something here. We are talking about men who from a pulpit bully people telling them absurd things like women shouldnt wear pants because the bible says so. 😯
          (I am speaking in generalities here).
          People who for so long displayed poor judgement and defended the personality cult of hyles are still ok to preach and teach you is your call. Never again for me. It took me too long to shed the indoctrination. But now i see clearly. 😐

        2. I totally get the extraordinary levels of scrutiny.

          All I’m merely saying is that you grew up attending and, I daresay at least half-believing the lies, cover-ups, and cult-building propaganda from those churches.

          You don’t believe any of that anymore. God for you! However, I won’t hold your past beliefs against you. What gives you the scriptural right to hold anyone’s past beliefs against them (yes, assuming they are past beliefs)?

          By the way, that is not rhetoric, but an actual (might I add, viable) question.

        3. Your reply is mired in so much error here my friend that I don’t know where to start. I suppose I will start by telling you that you unfairly compare me to a false teacher. Regardless of what I was indoctrinated with as a child or what I may have believed as a child growing up to a young adult or to what degree I believed something; I never stood in front of crowds of people as an adult condemning them based on a subjective personal preference and interpretation whilst at the same time claiming I was speaking God’s words.
          Moving on to your so-called “viable question”; there are a plethora of verses warning of false teachers. Here is a list from the scriptures you claim to know and study: http://www.kingjamesbibleonline.org/Bible-Verses-About-False-Teachers/
          I see scripture that speaks of restoring one whom has erred back to fellowship but not restoring false teachers back into leadership or back into teaching congregations.
          Its not just a matter of changing a personal preference here, we are talking about men who projected onto others saying it was from an omnipotent deity. Teaching something utterly false and now backtracking because it has become apparent that every one knows its false or you have come to a realization it is false does not immune you to the judgement that you may continue to erroneously teach presently or in the future. Just to be clear; we are not talking about making a mistake here or there in a “sermon” or “lesson”. We are talking about a fundy orthodoxy and orthopraxy.
          I mean the way you speak it sounds as if there has been some shift in paradigm, yet this very day on your pastors facebook page it showed that he “liked” this article that in my opinion is utter rubbish: http://richielewis.com/harry-the-serial-church-hopper
          In my opinion this is nothing but a propaganda piece about church attendance meant to induce guilt. I mean, the article was 100% fundamentalist interpretation of scripture on “church attendance”. Scripture says nothing of when to attend a congregation, where, etc. They are twisting and shoe-horning proof texts to fit their 21st century American church-building empire making agenda. A tactic learned no doubt at HAC.
          Here is my question to you: would you go to listen to Harold Camping preach 3 times a week? πŸ˜•

  20. The more I read this site, the sadder I get. When professing people saved by Gods amazing grace doesn’t have anything more productive than make fun of a man singing to the Lord? My voice stinks as well, but does that not mean I can’t make a joyful noise unto the Lord? When my heart rejoices and desires to sing praises to him should I hold back because I can’t sing well? when we get to were making fun of others becomes our joy then we have left the first love altogether. Why not use this site to tell others about the Lord. When people confronted the Lord with lies and evil plots did he exploit there works and make a big funny joke out of it? Or did he correct them with the word in love? what did Paul say about love? If he did anything without the right kind of love it was a tinkling cymbal and sounding brass. Brothers I really hope the person bashing and making fun of will be dropped, and if some needs guidance then in the right spirit point them with the word to the truth that they might be set free as well.

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