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  1. Too bad you’re not in Orlando. There you could attend the church my husband calls Catholic Disneyland: Our Lady Queen of the Universe. The name alone should send your fundy friends into a tailspin. (It’s actually a lovely church.)

      1. Oh my gosh, yes, that’s the one. Hilarious. But I missed the quote about covered dishes — that must have come from another one of her YouTubes.

  2. Visited the website for Bell Shoals.

    a) Website looks like it was designed in the past 2 years.
    b) No animated gif of a baptist flag waving in the breeze
    c) No page of screeds condemning rock music, pornography, President Obama, the superiority of KJV.
    d) While we’re talking about the KJV, where is the KJV?

    This church is definitely run by a bunch of seeker-sensitive backsliders.

      1. I thought he was trying to be funny.

        A lot of IFB websites are not designed well and use layouts that are not up to date. They also tend to immediately declare certain things like KJV-only, etc.

        The fact that this one looks “hip” and didn’t do those things made Troy jokingly accuse them of being “backsliders” since “obviously” only someone out God’s will would 1) use current web-designing technique or 2) fail to publicly testify to the most foundational doctrines of Christianity – rock music and the KJV.

        That’s how I read it.

        1. OK – I get it now – sort’of (Yea, I know this is a tongue in cheek site, somewhat)

          I’d like to say now – that you can’t judge a church by it’s website completely.

          Bell Shoals Baptist Church is one of the largest Southern Baptist Churches in Hillsborough County. It was planted in the early 1960’s. MANY Bible translations are used by the pastors, members and Sunday School teachers.

  3. Darrell, I lloked at the first one, and it appears to be a genuinely good church. The guy has had numerous books published by real publishers and his preaching is good.

  4. Dear Darrell:

    You could always contact a number of these churches, tell them who you are, point them to this website, and ask them if you are ALLOWED to come …

    Christian Socialist

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