17 thoughts on “Sri Lanka Sunday: Elephants”

  1. I love elephants too, but I’ve never been able to eat a whole one at one sitting….

  2. I wonder how much the overweight charge would be to bring back on in your suitcase for her?

    It couldn’t be too much. That’s only the weight of 7 Golden Corral diners.

  3. Hmm. Your daughter and I might have to work out some kind of a deal–I’ve always wanted to go somewhere where elephants live too! Maybe you’ll get to ride on one, and then your daughter and I can seethe with even more jealousy. πŸ™‚

  4. I’m with your daughter. Always my favorite stop at the zoo. They are amazing and beautiful creatures. May your trip be blessed.

  5. Oooohhhh, elephants! I understand why your daughter would be tempted to sneak into your luggage. Me, too, except that I’d get caught.

  6. I have never been so happy to be reminded of elephants and happy children who have nice dads than after your last post. This just may have been the necessary brain bleach. Looking forward to your blogging in Sri Lanka.

    As an aside: that has to be some long haul flight times!

  7. I would much rather have one of these elephants in the cyber room with us than the one who has been taking up so much cyberspace here lately.

    Look forward to reading about your trip.

  8. I didn’t know there were elephants in Sri Lanka, but I actually don’t know much about Sri Lanka. I’ll look forward to learning more as you post.

  9. I agree with your daughter – elephants are awesome! Have a great time and please blog lots of photos.

  10. You have to ride an elephant. Everyone should ride them at least once in their lives.

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