Isolated Incidents (Completely Unrelated To All The Others Just Like It)

While the folks over at Hammond are still feigning shock that one of their own would be guilty of a “sexual indiscretion,” I though it might be a good time to look back at the last few years and observe some of the other infamous offenders from this church and school. This is not an exhaustive list and do keep in mind that these are only representative of the ones who have been caught…

March 1993, AV Ballenger, Former FBCH Deacon, convicted for molesting a child. Jack Hyles had the church give him a standing ovation and kept him in the bus ministry.

July 1995 Russell K Overla, Hyles-Anderson graduate, pleads guilty to molesting two underage girls at various locations over a period of months and years.

July 1999 Kerry Martin, former Hyles Anderson student, is sentenced to 205 years in prison for raping a teenage girl in his church office.

March 2001 Joe and Evangeline Combs, former Hyles-Anderson staff members who took a girl from the orphanage in 1978 but never adopted her. Joe used her for sex. Evangeline repeatedly tortured her in a jealous rage. Both of these monsters were convicted and are now in prison.

May 2001 William Beith, Hyles-Anderson graduate, kidnaps an 11-year old girl and takes her across state lines stopping at various motels to have sex with her. He had previously managed to get into a counseling program instead of facing charges of exposing himself in public but was allowed to become principal of Liberty Baptist Academy anyway where he met his victim. He was released from prison in 2009

May 2003, David Joseph Jorgensen, Hyles-Anderson graduate, pleads no contest to two felony counts of committing lewd acts upon a child, according to online court records. After he completed probation, he sought to have the crimes reduced to misdemeanors and had his record expunged in September 2006, but is still part of a civil lawsuit for allegedly “committing lewd acts” on a female when she was 14. He then reportedly went on staff at the First Baptist of Hammond.

April 2006, Craig Sisson, Hyles-Anderson graduate, convicted of first degree child molestation of an 11 year old girl.

May 2011, Chris Settlemoir, Hyles-Anderson graduate, convicted for Criminal Sexual Conduct wth underage males.

May 2011 Matt Jarrell, former Hyles-Anderson student, was arrested on suspicion of rape and sodomy after picking a woman up in a West Virginia bar. He then committed suicide in his jail cell before he could be made to face the charges against him.

October 2011 Greg Neal, Hyles-Anderson graduate, escapes charges of sexual misconduct by hiding evidence of his video voyeurism util the statute of limitations had run out. The church refuses to cooperate with the investigation.

January 2012 Tedd Butler, Hyles-Anderson graduate, is sentenced to twelve months in the county jail for Criminal Sexual Misconduct (in two separate counties) for his molestation of a five-year old boy.

Special dishonorable mention goes out to Dave Hyles, Hyles-Anderson graduate, former FBCH staff member, former heir to the Hyles throne, who has never been convicted but was attached to numerous scandals, and bravely pleaded the fifth amendment when questioned about the death of Brent Stevens.

For a college of just over 1000 people Hyles-Anderson College certainly does seem to have quite the stable of perverts, criminals, and twisted minds.

A big Thank You goes out to Jeri Massi who has worked tirelessly to document abuses cases not only from Hyles Anderson but also from fundamentalist institutions around the world. Her passion for helping victims and seeking justice for predators is unwavering.

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  1. I don’t think David was a Hyles Anderson Graduate. Just saying, maybe irrelevant. ๐Ÿ˜

    1. And here is one I misses. Just got info on it today. This guy is a registered sex offender now, but it was for abusing his office with a vulnerable adult woman who came to him for counseling:

      April 1999 (but more likely October 1998) – Sheldon Stotmeister, Hyles Anderson graduate and pastor (now former) of Calvary Baptist Church Dubuque Iowa –

  2. Paul’s comments to Timothy in 2 Timothy 3 seem to scream fundamentalism.

    But realize this, that in the last days difficult times will come. 2 For men will be lovers of self, lovers of money, boastful, arrogant, revilers, disobedient to parents, ungrateful, unholy, 3 unloving, irreconcilable, malicious gossips, without self-control, brutal, [a] haters of good, 4 treacherous, reckless, conceited, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, 5 holding to a form of [b] godliness, although they have denied its power; Avoid such men as these. 6 For among them are those who [c] enter into households and captivate [d] weak women weighed down with sins, led on by various impulses, 7 always learning and never able to come to the [e]knowledge of the truth.

    1. Makes one think doesn’t it?

      -lovers of pleasure…
      -holding to a form of godliness…
      -denying the power of God.
      -lover of self

      Something in that list for all us, and it hits me multiple times.

      1. Those ones all stuck out to me, but the one that really caught my eye was the statement, “For among them are those who enter into households and captivate weak women weighed down with sins…”

        If that doesn’t describe this scandal, nothing does.

    2. sadly enough, when we left IFB a year ago these verses were used in an accusing way toward US. They are so blind.

      1. I wonder if the mistreatment of those who leave a church has anything to do with the fear that those who โ€œwake upโ€ are right. Are there secrets that if I knew, I would also leave?
        A few churches have an official shunning policy, JWs in particular. If disfellowshipped there can be no contact with members even if they are in your immediate family. And since this faith considers all but themselves to be โ€œworldlyโ€ all of your friends are JWs too. You are not allowed to belong to a Service club, play sports, anything that would involve worldly types.
        In the 14th or 15th century Roman Catholic officials determined that if you can control the members sex lives, you control the members. Itโ€™s certainly true

    3. That solves everything now we need do nothing else, simply repeating a scripture that someone wrote 1000s of years back is the entire solution. We ignore the context the audience it was intended for, the culture of the times and the fact that people have spoken of the last days for 3500+ years, and will for 1000s of years in the future.
      Sexually repressed people do terrible things when ones mind and body can no longer place a lid and locks on thoughts, touch, conversation, time spend with members of the opposite sex. We need love at the record of Catholinc priests and their 10s of 1000s of victims.
      We are sexual beings you cannot stop that fact and not expect people to break down and not act in dangerous ways. Forget the it’s Satan stupidity,

  3. Had a thought this afternoon: In the Revised Common Lectionary that Lutheran, Episcopal, and other “liturgical” churches follow, the Old Testament Readings for last Sunday and this are from 2nd Samuel Chapters 11-12: The Story of David and Bathsheba; his sin(s), and the consequences…

    Coincidence? Who Knows… ๐Ÿ˜

    1. Back in Fundy High (School Administrator/Pastor of the host church grew up in FBC) we used to hear that real men didn’t cross their legs at the knee, women style. They crossed with the ankle on the knee. Unless they were limp-wristed panty-waists. Only sissy men would cross their legs like they were covering up something. Both the pastor and Hyles have said this from the pulpit in chapel. I watched very little of this video. I was afraid if I finished it, it would bring back enough memories to cause illness.

    2. That video is disgusting. So make fun of gay people, wonder of the other guys were in line for Chick-Fill-A?

      1. Strangely Warmed, weren’t you the guy who gets all excited about young boys getting nude and taking showers on mission trips? I don’t think we should make fun of people, but it’s not surprising that you actually think supporting traditional marriage is somehow “anti-gay.”

      1. Michael, no one is stopping you from writing homosexual blogs, engaging in golden showers, and doing all sorts of weird sexual things. It’s a free country! The only thing is this little thing called irony. It’s odd to make fun of a pastor who tries to hide his peccadillos while at the same time you don’t only not try to hide it, you shove it in our faces and do all you can to broadcast your abnormal sexuality. Again, no one is saying you shouldn’t do it. It’s just very odd to have the audacity to make fun of a pastor for doing things in secret while you do all you can to broadcast your detailed sexual fantasies to the world.

      2. Michael, please spare us the drama queen antics. Simply stating that you actually think normal sexuality and marriage is a good thing is NOT engaging in “homophobia” or “ostracizing.” You are the one who wants to shove your odd sexual fantasies in our faces and seems to be obsessed with gay sex. Just because all the males on here don’t want to get on our knees and service you and your dad and your brothers and any other males does not make us people who “ostracize.” I would suggest that there are other areas of life to learn about and explore other than gay sex. If you could stop thinking about sex for awhile you just might discover a whole new world out there that you had no clue even existed.

        1. Um, Sheila. You must have some sort of learning disability involving reading. Micheal is a friend of mine. He’s straight with children. Talk about making assumptions.

        2. Sheila, Jesus Himself couldn’t have worded that oh-so Biblical, logical, and informed reply any better! I’m so glad you feel the need to flame with righteous anger Michael, who was ridiculously explicit and nasty in his comment affirming the ostracized– the downtrodden whom of course Jesus would never champion or defend. And I love how you completely avoid making fun of people, as you posted right above that no one should do so. And of course you are right — Michael is obsessed with gay sex (although I’ve never heard the metaphors he must have so cleverly used to promote gay sex, as sex is not mentioned in his comment at all, and obviously you did not read his actual blog post, to avoid the appearance of evil I’m sure) as you so vigorously describe in detail.
          Keep at it sister! I also love how you completely ignored the point of the original post also, keeps us right on track with this discussion! ๐Ÿ™„ Methinks this particular troll is so far in the wardrobe she’s munching Turkish Delight with the Witch …

        3. I am stunned at the depth of you cognitive skills. Might I try suggesting that you actually read what you are criticizing before launching into an attack? Your assumptions and logical fallacies defy description.

          With the extent of the sexual content of your posts, I would suggest that you are the one obsessed with gay sex. To make a generalized statement like you did about gay sexual activity is the same as generalizing all straights as engaging in S&M.

          I’m a straight, married man. I happen to have several gay friends, and I have a gay MIL who is marrying her partner next year. I don’t ask about what any of them do in private any more than I ask my straight friends what they do in private. I don’t want to know what they do, and it’s none of my business anyway.

          Perhaps you should be the one to stop obsessing about gay sex. Clean you mind up, drop the homophobia, and you just might discover that the LGBTI are people JUST LIKE YOU.

        4. Sheila, thank you for highlighting the poison that is religion, the evil that is Jesus Christ, the hate that is Christianity, and the putrid disgust that is IFBH. It affirms in me that God is a lie, that Jesus Christ is someone fabricated to cover up for being bullies, and for raping, sodomizing, brutalizing, and treating with disdain, the very Christians you tout to love. keep on slinging that evil you sling. Keep on preaching that Jesus is a hater, and God is disgusted at the humanity that he created. Keep feeding the lie, Sheila, let all of humanity witness the lie that is religion. Bring the apostates forward, and bring victory to the Atheist movement. It is YOU that sustain us. It is YOU that drive people away from god and toward the liberation of the truth that God does no exist, and that the bible is a fairy tale designed to allow you and IFBH to bully and hate. Please do respond, and further the apostasy. May the True Discipline of Covenant With Humanity sustain us all as we depart the bonds of religion that enslaved us.

        5. @Erroll

          As an atheist, you have no consistent basis for calling anything “evil” at all.

        6. I’m not an atheist, but that statement is ridiculous. Atheists have every right & consistent basis that anyone else does to name evil.

        7. Good and evil are real because there is a Divine Lawgiver. For an atheist to call anything “good” or “evil” is inconsistent with their own worldview. When pushed, they are forced to admit that for them, things are only evil in their opinion.

        8. That is completely ridiculous. Atheists have every right & consistent basis to name evil.

        9. @RobM

          If you read Errol’s comment, you’ll see that he called God and Jesus Christ “evil,” which is what I was responding to. If you are a Christian, then you can see that he is not correctly identifying what is evil. He is wrong.

        10. @RobM

          You’ve just repeated yourself.

          How do we know what is good and what is evil? Was Errol correct to identify Jesus Christ as “evil?”

        11. I repeated myself on purposed. You repeated that Atheists have no consistent basis to name something evil. I don’t have to agree with what they are calling evil, but being an atheist doesn’t deprive someone of the consistent basis to name something evil. A person of any religious position/”aposition” may be incorrect in what they call evil, but that doesn’t mean they don’t have a consistent basis to name evil.

          You should address the issue, not try to punch a straw man.

      3. Wow, Sheila. Compared to the wild fantasies you are apparently obsessed with, my gay sex life seems rather boring! Thanks for the suggestions for some new things to try. ๐Ÿ˜€

  4. “For a college of just over 1000 people Hyles-Anderson College certainly does seem to have quite the stable of perverts, criminals, and twisted minds.”

    Evidence that repressive religion promotes, rather than curbs, depravity and perversity.

  5. Does anyone know if David Jorgensen is related to the Dr. Jim Jorgensen who is the Executive Vice President of Commonwealth Baptist College in Lexington, KY? This is Jeff Fugate’s college who has his honorary Doctorate of Humanities from Hyles-Anderson College.

    1. I believe he is and for the record he didn’t return to FBC/HAC after this incident.

      1. David Jorgensen is one of Dr. Jim Jorgensen’s son. And yes, I know now that David did return to staff at HAC. They took David in to ‘protect’ him. Dr. Jim Jorgensen is actually a very kind man. Too bad he is linked up with Jeff Fugate of Clays Mill Road Baptist Church and Commonwealth Bible College.

        1. Why do you feel sorry that Jorgensen is linked up to Jeff Fugate at Clays Mill Road Baptist Church? Fugate is building an 80 acre compound in my back yard. He is planning on 140,000 square feet of buildings and I heard Russell Anderson is backing him. What is the scoop?

  6. I wonder how many IFB churches will separate from the Hammond crowd after this. It seems like they separate over Bible versions and styles of music, but not the bad stuff. Churches still associate with Ron Williams and give money to Hephzibah House, even though there have been countless allegations against him. But since he’s never been charged with anything, they still support him. It seems like a ministry can have a bad testimony and still get support and admiration as long as they’re sticking to “the old paths”. But since with Schaap’s issue the police are actually involved and he has admitted to the gross sin, I wonder if churches will disassociate with FBCH and HAC. My guess is they’ll say “Well that’s just one person, and it doesn’t mean the whole church is that way”.

    1. Most IFBers that I know throw down the INDEPENDENT card in situations like this. Growing up I didn’t hear much about this church… we were sort of in different circles, even though we were close geographically. Pretty sure most that I know will just write them off as crazy and claim their independence.

    2. I totally agree with notreallyfundy. I personally know several pastors that continued to support HAC even after the Hyles scandal, and had Jack Schaap to speak in their churches. They will not write the ministry off, even after this. They’ve already shown a lack of discernment in supporting the ministry to begin with…very few, if any, will sudddenly develop some discernment.

      1. I don’t know that the ministry needs separated from, but Schaap does. To suggest that the ministry is all bad, is a little much.

        The situation is all bad and all wicked and all evil, but I don’t know that separating from everything that First Baptist or Hyles Anderson does or every evil person doesn’t mean that they ministry is all bad.

        I treat it like all ministries, chew the meat, spit out the bones. And that goes for many non-IFB ministries as well as IFB ministries.

        1. …assuming there is is any meat to be had from a cult ministry like this.

          If the errors from the pulpit do not permeate the entire ministry then how do they allow such error to continue from the pulpit?

          Error and truth cannot peacefully co-exist.

  7. Everyone should always take direction and their theology from the bible, as has been documented clearly with this post and others.

    Don’t follow men and their theology, it will never end well for anyone!

  8. After reading about Hammond online, I then see this on the Wednesday local evening news:

    My brother and sister-in-law are members of Heritage Baptist Church in Kentwood, and apparently their pastor of twenty-five years, Bo Moore, is no longer their pastor. He’s been removed from the church’s website under the staff listing.

    While no updated news has made it through the media, my brother says that the dollar amount is in the six-figure range. I don’t know whether the pastor has been taken into custody or not.

    Bo Moore is also on the advisory board for Trinity Baptist College in Jacksonville, Florida.

    I know two churches that are going to have very awkward Sundays tomorrow.

      1. Wow…that’s surprising about Moore. He wasn’t a typical IFB and was widely criticized in the Southwide Baptist Fellowship for being “liberal”. That church just sent him and his wife on a big cruise in appreciation for many years of service there. He’s gone off Facebook now too. So glad I left the IFB and ain’t never going back….

    1. The news article you posted is no longer available. I can’t find any news about it–must have been hush hush. We went to Heritage from 1990 to 99. Bo Moore went off some deep end, and I demanded my husband (an unwaverering devotee to a minister), resign from the deacon board and get us out of there. I was not surprised to hear of the embezzlement. The investigators quit counting at half a million. We were so poor and had five little children, but I faithfully baked cookies each week and sold things so I could put in my faith promise offering each week. And he stole it. Makes me sick.

  9. So many missing folks on this list….

    Here’s a smattering:

    1. “Dr.” Kent Rabe who is in prison in the Northwest for molesting HIS OWN children. He promptly wrote a book while in prison on why the KJV Bible is the only reliable translation and self-published it.

    2. Back in the ’70’s, Jack Hyles hired F. Lee Bailey to defend a pastor by the name of Stuart from Georgia (might have been Stewart) who shot and killed a kid that was stealing gas from a church bus. Didn’t work and the guy went to prison. His son, Theron, an obnoxious jerk, went to HAC in the late 70’s/80’s and married Russell Anderson’s daughter, Tommie Sue, whom he treated like crap. A few years later he left her and their children and came out of the closet. Apparently had been living a dual life as a pastor and school principal. Now is the head of an association of gay pastors in the Atlanta area. (Tommie Sue was truly the victim here. She’s a nice person.)

    3. Brian Owens, a BMOC and graduate in the early 1980’s, got kicked to the curb by his wife for multiple gay affairs.

    And I’m just getting warmed up….

    The place has produced more perverts and inmates than they have missionaries — and I’m not exaggerating.

    1. On the blog where I document abuses of children in Fundamentalism, I follow certain rules for validation of stories. Credible documentation or evidence is one requirement. And I do restrict my work to child abuse. (If people hand me a documented case of other criminal activity, I do put that n a separate slot, which you can see on the front blog page.)

      As I wrote previously, if I documented all the adultery, adult porn, adult fornication, and gay flings among Fundamentalist preachers, I would ever be able to hold down a job.

      1. The fact that you are documenting these issues only within fundamentalism tells me where your heart really is and where you stand on the Bible and belief in Jesus Christ.

        1. The fact that I’m documenting these issues only within fundamentalism should tell you that this is a blog ABOUT FUNDAMENTALISM.

          Good grief.

        2. Vic C., The fact that you resent Biblical accountability and purity in Fundamentalism shows me your rebellion against God and His Word.

        3. May I direct your attention to the masthead of the site, where it reads “Stuff Fundies Like”? ๐Ÿ™„

          And if that is not enough, please remember that “Judgment must begin at the house of God”. . .

    2. Dr. Phil, you can’t win. You’ll be loved for pointing out the misguided acts of those related to Hyles. But on the other hand, you just mentioned several cases of homosexuality and called them perverts. With this crowd, YOU will be the evil monster and the closeted guys having numerous gay encounters will be the heroes and role models for having the courage to finally come out of the closet. LOL, the irony again is too funny.

      No one here is saying that homosexuals should be treated unkindly. It’s just that you people are so brainwashed by the homosexual propaganda that you think that even daring to say that homosexuality might be abnormal is somehow a crime worth being shot for. And I love how Johnathan and others get all “shy” and not want to talk about “the private lives” of others when the gay media blitz on society has been to promote all sorts of sexuality in our faces for quite some time. Johnathan, I’m sorry your MIL was abused by her father and her boyfriends, but I’m not sure that celebrating her rightful distrust of men is the answer. It’s funny how you guys want it both ways (no pun intended). You say this pastor guy and those like him are scoundrels and rotten for talking about sex, yet you don’t dare question the local gay festival for having men in leather jockstraps leading other men around on leashes. Somehow suggesting that trying to portray a more mainstream image by maybe being a business suit would just be awful and hateful.

      1. Who in the world was talking about homosexuality? We were talking about adults preying upon children. The list I have documented is made up of adults who have preyed on children of the opposite sex and adults who have preyed upon children of the same sex.

        Let me tell you something: preying upon children doesn’t have anything to do with being straight or being gay. It’s an abomination in its own right.

        1. Did I say anything about my MIL being abused? No, I didn’t. You assumed based on a false premise. And I’m not shy about my personal life. Some things are of nobody’s business. I don’t talk about my sex life, and I don’t listen to others talk about theirs.

    3. I want to know why Eddie Galyean isn’t on any of these blogs, posts, or lists of ifb sex offenders!? He is a HAC graduate, and was a assistant pastor, bus leader, school principal, and youth pastor at three rivers baptist church in Fort Wayne, IN from 1995-2000. This church was Pastored by another HAC graduated Doug Jackson. “Brother Eddie’s ” victims are many and varied, kids on his bus route (boys and girls) teen girls at the school and church (including jackson’s oldest daughter Teresa, by his first wife, whom he fathered a child with, and was subsequently put up for adoption. – galyean also traded unlimited phone privileges that she used to could call her biological mother, whom she was not allowed to contact, for sexual favors) and his own daughter Heidi. Doesn’t anyone know about all of this!?!

  10. I’m thinking that one thing that figures into this in a BIG way is the way this church looks at women and children. If you really think of a person as a person you will not abuse them.

    1. I’m guessing it was through a plea bargain.
      Few juries would ever be that lenient if the victim was a child.

  11. Sheila James, maybe you should actually read what I wrote before you start making baseless accusations and ad hominem attacks against me.

    1. I am straight. If you had even bothered to read the title, you might have figured that out. Even just a couple of paragraphs in, I made that clear. I guess I could overlook not seeing it in the title, but clearly you are spewing off without even bothering to read.
    3. I don’t write homosexual blogs.
    4. I don’t do all sorts of weird sexual things. Even if I did, it would be none of your business.
    3. Where exactly am I shoving any sexuality in your face? Care to cite an example? I didn’t talk about sex at all in my essay.

    Why don’t you actually try reading what I wrote and having a civil discussion about it. You could benefit from it. I think you owe me an apology.

    1. Don’t pay any attention Michael..I’m sure you have much better things to focus on! If you like debates or discussions, wait until there’s a legit, decent, real one on here..they are great and you always come away learning something.

  12. Sheila James, It is apparent that you did NOT read Michael’s blog. The point he is making is that we should be treating people with kindness and respect especially if we call ourselves Christians.

    From your posts, I see you have an obsession with sex and sexual fantasies. It is quite obvious since you named quite a lot of them. Half the stuff you sited never even crossed my mind from reading his posts, so it must be your problem you are talking about.

    As for me, I am sick and tired of the people who call themselves “Christians” and yet they feel entitled to stand in the throne of God and hand out their judgment upon people they decided were bad. Yet they refuse to look at their own evil behavor towards others which is more damaging and destructive.

    God did not ask me to judge and punish Gay people. I am NOT God and it is not my job so I am free to care about, uplift, and help those around me and leave the judging to God.

    1. Menette, God DID ask us to warn the world of sin and the coming judgement. It’s not our place to judge, but we do warn people of God’s judgement, which He has already made very clear in His word. We warn people because we care about them.

    2. If a friend or anyone else asks me if fornication or pornography is sin – I would tell them that the God in the Bible says that it is. Not too many people would disagree. However, if I am asked if homosexuality is sin and reply that the Bible says it is – I would be attacked for being non-Christ like and intolerant. That is all Sheila is saying!

      1. Vic, Sheila attacked me without even as much as reading my essay. For the record, that isn’t my blog either. I was simply asked to write a guest post. It seems a bit disinenuous to say that that all she was doing was calling homosexuality a sin. She entered the conversation with guns blazing. I think anyone who reads what I had written in that essay wouldn’t even know what my stand is on homosexuality. It wasn’t the point of me writing it. Sheila exactly represents the type of audience I had in mind for it though..

  13. Menette, Sheila, Michael, Dan….(I think I have those names right)….please, bash each other some place else. Enough.

    1. Sheila is out of line, and trolling to boot, as she had not commented at all in this thread. Michael posted a link relevant to discussion. I think the bashing is rather one-sided.

  14. Golden showers, really? Wow! You are even more dirty-minded than I am, and I went to a church affiliated with Hyles and Bob Gray. I need a shower after your post.

    BTW, count me as another person who can verify that Michael is, indeed, straight.

  15. At the risk of feeding the troll (sorry Big Gary!!), I find this comment from ‘Sheila’ interesting.

    ” Just because all the males on here donโ€™t want to get on OUR knees. . .”

    Sounds to me like ‘Sheila’ is a man. All this weird sexual stuff is possibly coming from his own experiences.

  16. That picture at the top —

    It’s a big-box Wal-Mart trying to disguise itself as a little Colonial-brick church! I mean, how else to explain all the quaint church-steeple and brick plant-ons over the tilt-up walls?

  17. Oh my gosh — I went to Jarrell’s church in PA when I was little. My family & I spent a lot of time with them for years. This is crazy.

  18. Ooooookay. Dear God you couldn’t create this video any better with creative editing. This is stomach turning. It’s almost too the “Farting Preacher” videos of Robert Tilton

  19. Writers failed to mention years of debauchary and adultery by the late Rev. Dr. Jack Hyles, father of David. That mess was super sorid.

    1. Again, I research criminal sexual conduct, usually against children (though in Matt Jarrell’s case I made an exception. Serial rapist seemed bad enough to make the list.) As I said before, if I made it my goal to document every case of adultery, secret gay affairs, fornication, pornography, etc., among Fundamentalist preachers, I would not even have time to hold down a job. The Hyles history is on my web site, but I don’t include it in the list of criminal behaviors, though it was certainly very bad and cruel of Jack to do what he did.

  20. I want to know why Eddie Galyean isn’t on any of these blogs, posts, or lists of ifb sex offenders!? He is a HAC graduate, and was a assistant pastor, bus leader, school principal, and youth pastor at three rivers baptist church in Fort Wayne, IN from 1995-2000. This church was Pastored by another HAC graduated Doug Jackson. “Brother Eddie’s ” victims are many and varied, kids on his bus route (boys and girls) teen girls at the school and church (including jackson’s oldest daughter Teresa, by his first wife, whom he fathered a child with, and was subsequently put up for adoption. – galyean also traded unlimited phone privileges that she used to could call her biological mother, whom she was not allowed to contact, for sexual favors) and his own daughter Heidi. Doesn’t anyone know about all of this!?!

    1. I have very close knowledge by family of a few of these events. It includes a member of my family (after being a part of his ministry). Because of some history (I am trying to be discreet to protect their identity) I gave the issue some relevance (and also having met E.G. myself, and finding him obnoxious). However, I have never heard it verified by anyone else, or that it included others (possibly many from your comments). You sound personally invested (perhaps a relative as I am?). I too am wondering why it seems to be a non-subject.

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