Ministry Promo Videos: Stand In The Gap Ministries

Yes, I know that the music has a soft back-beat but Tom Jones does claim to be a “a Bible believing, fundamental, independent Baptist evangelist.”

But whatever the music, It’s Not Unusual to see this kind of conflation of religion and patriotism. I mean just look at that woman taking those drugs. Maybe She’s A Lady but we can tell she’s a Delilah. I’m sure that what this country really needs is a Thunderball in the pulpit to stop all those people from being killed by the Sex Bomb.

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  1. What these people want is a state church. They would deny that, but the definition of a state church is that the Church gets to impose its specific definition of morality on the population as a whole, and the penalties for nonconformity are severe. There hasn’t been a state church that hasn’t persecuted people. Turn the clock back to the 1950s and these same people were telling frightening stories of how the Catholics burned people. The 1960s presidental election where Kennedy became president was about the epicenter of anti-Catholic hysteria because the Catholic Church would be a state church. I suppose that things don’t matter when the shoe is on the other foot. People in this movement want a society where their values are enforced by the laws and the courts. Maybe these folks would really be happy if they did get school prayer, and it turned out to be the recitation of the Rosary.

    1. What these people want is an Old Testament style THEOCRACY, with them in charge dictating the nation’s morality. I don’t recall the Early New Testament Church trying to do that, though…..

      1. Or, for that matter, Christ ever mentioning such a system.

        But of course the MoGs know best, right?

  2. I like the patriotic video (First 4 mins)…I really am not a fan of the People Need the Lord song though. It’s one of those songs that just irritates me.

    1. I don’t have time to watch this now, I’ll watch it later. But if that song “People Need the Lord” is part of it, I will feel like I’m back in the old church and lately I’ve been having dreams where I was back there and woke up in a cold sweat. I kid you not. Don’t want to go back there even in my mind.

      That’s not a bad song but it was done ad nauseum in the old church. I don’t want to hear it! πŸ˜₯

      1. Agreed, the song is not bad, but it was way over done. That at the “Thank You for Giving to the Lord” by Ray Boltz.

        The other song I detest is El Shaddai….I could start a whole other topic.

        1. Four words: “Love in Any Language”. I can’t stand that one.
          This probably could be a topic.

        2. I used to LOVE that song 😯 I studied sign language in both high school and college, so this one was so cool 😎

        3. Some IFB churches are still using that song (since Boltz has been “out of the closet” for a while now).

          I guess news of this sort travels slower in IFB circles that even I would have guessed.

      2. @Macushlalondra: Yes, I have serious issues with the “People Need the Lord” – the song was just used “ad nauseam” to guilt people into doing more, so that I have had my fill for the next 20 years of the song.

      3. dear macushlalondra , i appreciate your comments but am wondering what you mean by ” old church “? i’m sorry you did not like the song people need the lord but to me the title says it all . jesus said i am the way , the truth and the life , no man cometh unto the father but by me . i truly hope you have trusted the lord as your savior . i hope you have a wonderful day tomorrow !

        1. “Old church” would be my former church, which we left last September. We have since joined a much better church.

          I did not say I didn’t like this song, it’s a Steve Green song and he’s always been a favourite artist of mine. It’s just that it was done over and over and over in the former church I was in. Any song no matter how good if it’s done over and over and over is going to become a bore.

          Yes I have trusted the Lord, 37 years ago this past February 16. Thanks for wishing me a good day tomorrow, I hope you have the same. πŸ˜€

    2. to admiral911 – i’m sorry that people need the lord irritates you . to me the title says it all . i do appreciate your comments about the video . i am not a professional movie maker , i am a preacher who has a heart for peoples souls. i realize that the video was not perfect but that is the whole point – none of us are including me . i hope you have trusted jesus christ as savior . god bless and have a wonderful day !

  3. It’s (probably)Not Unusual to find an IFB pastor named Tom Jones, but you certainly have made the most of the opportunity it presents. Well done, Darrell!

      1. Wait…was that a white piano to the left of stage? Oh, no just an optical illusion.

  4. John-John? A Kennedy portrayed positively in a Fundy video? Everyone knows his mother coached him to do that. I was beginning to think this guy wasn’t a true Fundy after all. But then I saw his spelling of “Ezekial.” So reassuring to know Brother Jones is a true-blue Fundy!

    1. dear used to be – you got me with the misspelling of ezekiel – sorry . as i’ve told others i’m not a professional movie maker – i’m a preacher and that one just slipped by . this video simply was my way of showing where the united states came from and what i see today . i hope you have trusted jesus christ as savior . if you have not just remember that he died for the sins of the whole world – including my lack of spelling prowess . god bless and i hope you have a wonderful day !

  5. I googled “stand in the gap ministries” and the first hit was a Christian non-profit organization that helped the homeless in Texas. Then I found this guy’s website. It seems to me that the the non-profit has a Christ-like ministry of reaching those in need. While Tom Jones’s ministry is more railing against those in need.

  6. First black face shown is an angry father with a clenched fist. And we seemed to have skipped a few wars that don’t have such awe-inspiring scenes.

  7. I wish you had put this up yesterday; I was having some intestinal issues and Pepto just wasn’t cutting it.

  8. It would not occur to me to make an almost-ten-minute video promoting my church that said absolutely nothing about my church, except for a picture of the pastor with some quotes implying he’s the Lord’s Annointed. But then, this isn’t my church.

    You can see what the story conference was like: George Washington– yeah, we like him– Flags! We love them! And war! Yeah, war is great! Then there’s Lincoln … too bad he freed the slaves, but let’s put him in, too– after all, he’s on a $5 bill. And here’s a picture of JFK’s funeral. That should go in, because it’s always the 1960s in IFB Land. Now let’s see — here’s some pictures of drugs and drug users. Not sure what the message is there, but, hey, drugs are bad! We also don’t like abortion or gay people. Then here’s a chart showing that Baptists get divorced less often than Episcopalians, Presbyterians, Methodists, Catholics or Lutherans. Uh-oh, it doesn’t say that; it says we get divorced MORE often. Oops. Too late to take it out now, though. Wait, we’re almost out of time, and we didn’t put in anything about our church yet. Here, we can stick in this stock photo of an alter call. And, of course, the Mannagawd is the grand finale. Whew, that’s done. Is the all-you-can-eat buffet still open?

    1. You forgot the pie chart with out the title just for the fun of it. It must have something to do with conception we just aren’t sure what.

      1. You’re right it isn’t labeled, but I think it’s a chart showing the fetal age when abortions are done, by percentage. It shows that the vast majority of abortions happen in the first trimester of pregnancy. If you believe that all abortions are murders, I don’t see how it can make any difference. If you believe, as I do, that early abortions are better than late abortions, it’s good news that most are in the first trimester.

        (The chart’s at about the 6:51 marker, in case anyone wants to see what we’re talking about.)

        1. The discrepancy between the chart and what I take to be the intended message, for both that chart and the one about divorce, make me wonder if the Stand In The Gap people know how to read charts.

    2. mr.gary , i appreciate your comments on the video . this was my first try at something like this and i realize its not perfect . more to the point – i am not perfect . i am a sinner saved by the grace of god whom he has called to preach the truth . the video was meant only to show how and why the united states was so blessed , with the second half showing just where we are now as a nation . to read anything else into it is to over analyze it .my prayer is that you have trusted jesus christ as savior . god bless and have a great day tomorrow !

  9. I haven’t watched this yet;the quote of Psalm 33:12 out of context — a favorite verse of fundies and right-wing evangelicals — immediately made my blood pressure rise. I’ve gotta came down.

  10. My favorite was the sign about adoption, even though most of my fundy relatives never treat my adopted children the same as my bio ones. One a side note, my little brother used to sway and whisper sing “People need to fart” along with the preacher’s wife that sang People need the Lord every Sunday, so I honestly can’t hear that song without laughing out loud. πŸ˜€

    1. tifanni- i’m glad you liked the adoption part of the video – my wife and i tried for 15 yrs to have children . finally i went to church one night after learning she had a miscarriage . i was broken that night . but i prayed that god would give us children somehow . one week late i had my two children living in our home – fraternal twins – both adopted . god is miraculous and i praise his name . i hope you have trusted jesus christ as savior tifanni , god bless you and have a wonderful day !

  11. Darrel LOVE the new “share” options! They make a great addition to the blog! Now I can easily piss off the Fundys on my FB page by clicking on those links. :mrgreen:

  12. Nothing about this video made me want to attend that church at all. Mostly, I felt….judged. And I don’t even do any of the things listed at the end of that video…but I have friends that do, and they certainly wouldn’t feel welcome there. And I don’t know what all that patriotic nonsense was about. I saw lots of scripture but very little God.

    1. And another thing: I hate the focus so many Christians put on the “obvious” sins (i.e. drug use, abortion, etc.) and even some “made up” sins, while they blatantly ignore sins of the heart like pride and avarice. Those sins frighten me more and do just as much if not more damage. Grr. This video just annoyed me…but that might be because I’m kind of in a bad mood already.

      1. Right after the picture of the snorting swingers they need a picture of the buffet line at Golden Corral on Sunday afternoon.

        1. Exactly….as they all whisper things about their neighbors into another’s ear and cast judging stares about as they talk down to the wait staff.

    2. dear cheesecake – for whosoever shall call upon the name of the lord shall be saved . how then shall they call on him in whom they have not believed ? and how shall they believe in him , of whom they have not heard ?and how shall they hear w/o a preacher . i appreciate your comments about the video . a person cannot be found until they know they are lost and while you found it judgemental , i believe it generally portays the truth . i hope you have trusted jesus christ as savior . i’m sorry you had a bad day yesterday . i hope tomorrow is better for you ! god bless

  13. A+ for all the TJ songs. You missed putting in the Woah, Woah-aoah unto those who dont’s stand in the gap and make up the hedge against the roaring Pussycat who is seeking those whom he may devour. And not keeping to the old Paths that take us back to the Green Green Grass of Homecoming’s dinner on the grounds.

  14. Respect for the nation is one thing. Worship of the nation and the flag is another. Just sayin’, ya know?

  15. I can’t recall ever seeing the morality of a people being as low as America’s today. God has blessed this Country based on the founders putting him first, and it’s time for a return to those same values.

    This is from Jones’ ministry home page. My first suggestion would be to study history and travel. Beware of making absolute statements. They are always (almost) incorrect.

    Next, which America? An assumption would be that you mean the United States from the references, but I have friends in Canada, Central, and South America. Are they not Americans?

    1. You’re 100% right, Uncle W. People who make statements like the above have no memory and have never traveled. Unless, of course, they don’t really mean it, and they’re just shooting their mouths off. A definite possibility.

    2. I just realized the first three lines were not in the italics I commanded. The quote was supposed to be set apart, in proper IFB fashion.

    3. Rabbit trail here but as a Canadian I prefer being refer to as a North American not American. When traveling around the world being American is associated with being from the USA.

      1. I know that the term “American” is associated with U.S. citizens. I’ll admit to taking a somewhat guilty pleasure in watching a Canadian associate try to explain to the Chinese we were working with that he was North American, but not from the U.S. Some understood, but some never quite got it.

    4. Oh yes, the “Golden Age of Christianity” that so many fundies moan about. They don’t always agree whether that age of perfection happened at the founding of USA, during the 50s in the USA, or possibly both, but they all agree that it happened and that it happened IN THE USA. πŸ™„ The wars, injustices, and corruption that went on (like any other time in history) were made up and later added to the history books by liberal revisionists.

      1. I’ve noted three general periods in American history Fundies always refer to… 1) the founding of the country when all the founding fathers were Baptists who had subscriptions to the Sword of the Lord; 2) the early 1900s with the likes of Billy Sunday; and 3) the 1950s and early 1960s

  16. Backbeats are completely fine as long as they begin, suggest, or resolve in a militaryesque snare drum accent. Also as long as it’s in a special song. You just aren’t allowed to listen to it on your own without church/mannagawd approval. If the pastor picks it, it negates whatever remaining negative influence hasn’t been negated by the militaryesque snare drum.

    I’m most frustrated and confused by the completely different sections of this video. Why one video? Why not make one “AMERICA IS THE BEST COUNTRY IN THE HISTORY OF THE UNIVERSE AMEN” video, and one “People are wallowing awfulness and our church/pastor to set them straight…I mean, the Lord” video. The combination makes no sense….

    1. dear renee – i appreciate your comments about the video . i’m sorry it so confusing to you . the video was simply trying to show where we came from as a nation , we were blessed because the people put god first . the second half was showing where i believe we are now in general .forgive me for not being clearer . this was my first try at this and i’m afraid i’m not perfect . i hope this clears it up at least a little. god bless you and have a great day !

  17. Actually, Tom Jones is a Welsh Presbyterian. Here’s what he says about that:

    β€˜I’ve always been into all kinds of music. Growing up, gospel music was as important to me as rock β€˜n’ roll. Religion was important in those days in terms of the local community. Every Sunday I’d go to the Presbyterian chapel.

    I can still hear the heavy organ sound that greeted me when I walked in. It used to put the fear of God in me.

    . . . I’ve always been a Christian and I’m not going to apologise for that. It’s not all I’m about but it’s a part of me.’

  18. 24th!!! I wonder how shocked they’d be at a patriotic athiest. why do they always assume “christian” and “patiriotic” go hand in hand?

    1. that should be “patriotic”, thanks, george (it’s ’cause I put 24th, isn’t it?)

  19. Looked at his website out of curiosity (I hadn’t heard of him before) and there seems to be very little to his ministry, and therefore very little to the website.

    He’s KJVO, and so instead of talking about how the Bible isn’t being read or followed more and more, he ranted about people reading modern versions instead of the KJV. This seems to be another brow-beating-Christians-I-don’t-agree-with “ministry”.

    His gallery seems to be a bunch of office-related stock photos completely unrelated to any ministry, so I’m not sure what to make of that… maybe he uploaded the wrong photos?

    The video… typical fundy video. Conglomeration of issues presented in a judgmental way. Oh, and Ezekiel 22:30, one of the most misused Bible verses in the world. Ugh.

  20. You know what Doctor Johnson said. “Patriotism is the last resort of the scoundrel.”

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