14 thoughts on “IFB Missionaries Killed In Mexico”

  1. The kind comments here show that SFL followers are not the evil people IFB’s would make us out to be. Unlike many of them, we have mercy and compassion. May the Lord bless their families as they grieve and may He greet these people with open arms.

  2. More victims of “the war on drugs”. While Americans are transfixed on Europe and the Middle East we lose sight of what is going on in our own hemisphere. Mexico is falling apart, because the drug cartels have been chased out of Colombia and now are operating in Mexico. Americans are close to having a failed state on its southern border.
    Prohibition has never worked. It was Billy Sunday and other members of the religious right who pushed for the prohibition of alcohol in America. They promised paradise on earth. What happened was an increased on crime, political corruption and alcohol related deaths.
    Fundies often to first to push to make vices and “sin” into criminal offensives. Instead of treating addiction as a health problem, they want to lock up non-violent addicts in prisons.
    Why would their “intelligent designer” created certain plants just so they could be banned and destroyed?
    My heart goes out to the slain couple’s friends and family.
    But in order to keep middle class white kids from getting high, we have turned whole urban neighborhoods and counties into war zones. It is time to stop this “war”!

  3. May their memory be blessed. I know of another missionary couple who was killed in an automobile accident on their way to church several years ago, and there was speculation as to whether or not it was truly an accident. I never heard any further updates. 🙁

  4. Seeing this reported on TV made me sad and angry at the same time. Love and prayers go out to their family and anyone that knew them. I have the utmost respect for Christians who know how dangerous it is, and yet they stayed trying to spread the good news of God’s Gift to the world.

    It is frustrating to see what the “War on Drugs” is doing to Mexico and America. It is absolutely true that legalizing “bad” drugs would fix a plethora of problems immediately. It blows my mind that people can ascribe moraliy to drugs. Coke is bad, but caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol are acceptable. The countries in Europe that have legalized heroin, have found that they spend about 10% on treatment and counseling of what they used to spend playing Whack-A-Mole chasing and imprisoning non-violent users. They ALSO see a drastic drop in usage once a drug is legalized. They should let Pfizer manufacture the drugs, and spend money on treatment and counseling. That would get rid of the profit and the violence overnight.

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