Gail Riplinger Nuttiness

Apparently changing the exact Hebrew words of the Bible literally removes your name from the hidden “Lambs Book Of Life” code. Or something like that.

I’d really like to see the names and citations on those “Yale scholars” by the way.

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    1. WOW, this thing gets worse as it goes along! “Some of the emotionally unstable women were using the modern translations. And I wonder if that’s why psychology has entered the church…” No words for this… 🙄

      1. Oh believe me, if it wasn’t 3 in the morning and I had to get up early tomorrow to go to class so I can earn my bachelor’s in clinical psychology, there are PLENTY of words I have for this. 😡

  1. Haha – I remember taking an entire semester of classes based on Gail’s book. Yep – I believed that foolishness. If you tinker with one itty bitty section of the KJV, you were condemned to hell…but what about God’s saving grace? Quite a conundrum.

    1. That must have been pretty traumatic. And all you learned by the end of it is that Gail Riplinger has crazy ideas. She’s also a liar, I personally checked every Westcott quote in that book, and most of them are manipulated or manufactured out of sentence fragments taken from various books and strung together to create things Westcott never said. So I call her a liar based on my own reseach.

    1. I believe her college degree is in “Interior design.”
      Her training in Greek, Hebrew, Biblical History and Textural criticism are all Acts 4:13b Fundie Special Ed.

  2. When I was at HAC they had a Pastor’s School where the theme was the KJV Bible. Gail came to speak. As a college student I was required to attend the sessions and I am not embarrassed to say I slept through Gail”s session:mrgreen:

  3. I’m long past the actual subject matter of Gail’s “ministry;” rather it breaks my heart to think of a lifetime spent on a single obsession. If only all this passion and fervor were being applied to something that would equip people to be living expressions of Jesus Christ in their workplaces, neighborhoods and extended families.

    1. If all this passion and fervor were applied to anything else, she would be better off.

      1. No joke! She & the universe would be better off if she were dedicated to MLB SABR statistics research.

    2. I don’t have a broken heart about this. (Is that bad?) They have received their reward on earth. Popularity, wealth, influence over others, praise. The list of this type of person is long.

    3. Perhaps if she had been that obsessed about being a good wife to either of her first two husbands, she wouldn’t have married a third time.

      A “professor” of Home Ec!?!!? Wow!

  4. I love how she omits the original text and compares all other translations to the KJV. I guess God’s Word became available to English speakers alone after 1611. I’m going to read some of Thomas Paines “The Age of Reason” to cleanse my brain after that nonsense.

    1. I love that “age of reason” That was the one thing I’ve read that made sense to me after all my years of brain washing.

  5. So, 1 minute in. The first bit seems to be cut off, but what I’m getting is the ancient writers of the Old Testament, using only papyrus and stylus and ink made from plants, somehow encoded EVERY SINGLE PERSON’S

    1. personal information in such a way that only now, with our supercomputers, can we figure it out and read it. I say we resurrect those guys and let them run the Social Security Administration. Or Interpol.

      1. It’s really not this complicated.

        OT: seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly with your God.

        NT: Love God with all your heart, mind, and strength and love your neighbor as yourself

  6. It’s her fault I even have to deal with this in my church. I cannot believe how she has been used to shake the faith of so many people.

      1. It’s seems to get more interesting every time it’s mentioned lol Maybe I should just bring her along with an actual scholar and have them debate. That would be a grand time!

  7. After seeing things like this, I actually feel better about my fundy upbringing. It makes it seem kinda normal

    1. I think of my first pastor, now in Heaven, and how this would have deeply troubled him. Yes, I agree with you. Fundy used to be more normal, I think. 🙁

  8. SFL: utter pragmatism

    In every IFB church I’ve ever known, women are not allowed to teach men or to preach. Some churches don’t want female missionaries speaking from the pulpit. BUT since they think Riplinger helps their KJV-only position, they allow her to speak. That’s pragmatic and hypocritical both: denying preaching to all women UNLESS they really, really, really like what YOU say. Then YOU can but no one else.

  9. If you throw a sink full of obscure facts and unprovable data out there and mention Yale and Harvard, perhaps people will think that you are smart and won’t question your faulty logic.

    1. If that tall tale about a study by scholars from “Harvard and Yale” turns out to be true, and the study says what she says it says, I’ll eat my socks.

    2. I’m really more interested in the plant to her right’s take on the Bible than I am in Ms. Riplingers views on the same.

  10. The Bible IS the Lamb’s book of Life?? that’s a new one on me. I don’t we should listen to her though, she’s a woman and she’s wearing shoulder pads- that pertaineth to a man.

  11. Imagine the cash she could rake in if she would sell the “supercomputer program” that combs the ancient text and tells you if your name is actually hidden in the secret codes… Maybe she’ll make it an iphone app.

  12. I was given a copy of her book by a well meaning friend many years ago. I must admit, I’ve never read it completely, and only get it out occasionally for amusement purposes. If her speaking is anything like her writing, I’m glad I haven’t listened to this. Maybe tomorrow.

    As a young skeptic in the early 70’s, I remember hearing guest speakers tell of many things they could do with computers. Things like find a missing day, to scientifically prove Joshua’s long day miracle. Judging from these comments, the Superfundy 1000 mainframe has been upgraded. Isn’t gullible ignorance fun?

  13. Made it 1 minute. If you have to find a computer brute force attack to find these coded names, then they aren’t really there. Moses had a lot of things going for him, but he didn’t have a 486 processor.

    1. You beat me to the 486 comment. I’m sure the Superfundy 1000 computer Uncle Wilver mentions above isn’t even running a 486. My thought is a room-size computer complete with the old tubes straight from the 1950’s.
      And of course it only recognizes juno accounts for remote access. 😆

  14. On the one hand, we’ve got the absolutely serious issue that false teachers like this have destroyed lives, and that makes me angry.

    On the other hand, the disgust that she’s absolutely wasted her entire life chasing nonsense – and one day she will find out.

  15. And I thought we Catholics had problems! At least we don’t try to turn the Bible into ‘a magic book.’ Sounds like Gail uses the Bible like a lucky charm. Just read it any ole way you want to, ‘rub it real hard’ with your brainless fingers,look at it with your blindered eyes, and VOILA! You’ve got MAIL from extra-terrestrial revelation of universal nonsense. Why doesn’t she start her own ‘First Church of Gobbledygook”, and she can be the religous leader COOOOK! I never read anything so ridiculous in all my life. and she TEACHES this stuff???? But she’s not just ignorant, confused, deceived,deluded! She’s CRAZY! Maybe they’ll have to build special facilities for all the religious crazies, when their predictions and formulas of religion, all self destruct, and people ‘want their money back.’Imagne all the frustrated, outraged seminar participants, who rebel against her teaching??? “We want our mooey back!” And then imgaine them all starting to sue the crazy places that atually ‘hired he’ to speak1 What a laugh that would be.For thos who t first fell for this, then later relented, they would not only want their money back, they would be crying, ‘give me back my brain!!!’ Why not mail Gail lots of nice, smiley, happy, jolly SANTA CLAUSE pictures in the ‘snail mail’ for Christmas. Why, everybody might even get ‘a new revelation’ from her next wierd teaching!Just think of the news media telling the nation: “A conservative christian woman has been coming under attack from her mail box. It seems that an evil presence has emenated from the many Santa Clause pictures that people have been harassing her with. This evil has rendered her mail box ‘untouchable.’ She says she is being harassed by christians who like Santa. But she knows she’s right, because she HATES him. And to think the commercial version, Santa, actually has a historic reality in a ‘real saint’ who lived in europe! SAINT NICHOLAS. My how people lose their moorings and common sense when they know nothing about history and culture! Thanks for posting this. KJV only fanatics are laughable enough as it is. But this Gail’s nonsense takes this laugh in to another level. This has really mae my day. 😆 javascript:grin(‘:lol:’)

    1. Having read two of Gail Riplinger’s books, I think I’m qualified to say that she does view the Bible as something of a magic book – certainly she doesn’t know how to interpret it. She takes verses in total isolation as though they were necessarily units of meaning, and uses them to mean whatever she wants them to.

    2. I would LOVE to hear Gail Riplinger’s revelation of the meanings of the secret codes in “The Night Before Christmas” or “How the Grinch Stole Christmas”!

  16. We have a couple of fundies in our church who believe every word this fool has to say. They are older and the husband has health issues, or I’d share some of Riplinger’s personal life. They would be completely appalled to know she’s been divorced twice, married 3 times and both times were because of HER infidelity. Oh, and the interior design degree would baffle them. 🙄

  17. Bible codes. I am not in the least bit surprised to hear Gail Riplinger saying this; even for a King James Onlyist, she’s crazy.

  18. There are plenty of videos on YouTube where muslims find secret messages in the Koran. This nonsence is nothing new. It just appears that plenty of religious people actually have paper gods.

  19. Oh my word! I have been out of the loop on this one. Crazy! I could only make it through about 2 minutes, then I start thinking about all the languages the bible has been translated into over time. Does the bible translation in lower slobovian cause my name to be edited out?? hummm 😯

  20. The breadth and depth of this woman’s ignorance are exceeded only by her presumption and her self-importance.

  21. Well this has caused me to waste my extra time today researching this nut case. There seems to be quite a problem about the fact that she was married three times and divorced twice and taught in IFB churches.

    Oh crud now I have that song stuck in my head. Our D I V O R C E became final today….

    1. D-I-V-O-R-C-E is the key to a divine revelation.
      Using standard number-letter conversion (A = 1, B = 2, and so on through Z = 26), the letters in “GAIL RIPLINGER DIVORCE” give us a total of 213. We multiply this by 3, for her trinity of marriages, giving us 639. To this we add the numeric value of “KJBO,” 28, minus 1 for the number of thumbs on her left hand (because the left hand is the Devil’s hand), giving us a total of … 666!

      The conclusion is inescapable: Gail Riplinger is Satanic.

  22. I am just curious if this is true about the names being in the KJV would it verify Calvinism and the question of the elect…?

  23. Wait, isn’t this the same crowd that claims that you don’t need to worry about the original languages (some even claiming that you shouldn’t ever study the Bible in the original languages) because God supposably “re-inspired” the KJV? 🙄

  24. What’s interesting is the major Bible Code book was written by an agnostic/atheist who tried to use the “Bible Codes” to predict the future…and Riplinger is CRAZY!

  25. I had not been aware that G.A.R. had fallen for the “Torah Codes” nonsense. I am pleased to say that I was among the first writers to debunk it when it was first publicized.

    The method by which these “messages” were squeezed out was, in terms of predictions, backward. A computer program had the Hebrew text of the Torah (or, perhaps, of the whole Hebrew Bible) and the user would type into its peculiar search engine the words he wanted to find. The program would then churn along, finding a first letter, then a second letter, then seeing if a third letter was equidistant – which it probably wasn’t – and going on to try again and again until it had come up with the found “words”. In some cases the distance between letters was so large that if the Hebrew had been printed on one continuous line, like tickertape, the letters would be half-a-mile apart. It is significant that even the most authoritative Hebrew manuscripts differ by one or two letters in the text of the Torah (and similarly in the other portions), which would throw off all the calculations made on the one version in the computer program. It is more significant – if more than one word was searched, each word had to be found separately, they would each have different spans between letters, and they might not be going in the same direction. In other words, you’d expect a bona fide prophecy to be found with the words all strung together, equally distant, but this never happened. The words were search AFTER the fact and were found, scattered and readable with different measures.

    Even the mathematicians who were quoted in the original book went to some pains to disassociate themselves from its conclusions.

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