Calling People By Name

(yes, the audio and video are out of sync)

Jack is so concerned about being right that when he gets to heaven all he wants to do is rub John MacArthur’s nose in the blood of Christ on the mercy seat?

This man was insane.

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      1. As to the video itself (I made myself watch it. Normally I hide, lol) all I could think of is that christians are to be known by their love.

        1. At least it was a short one. And I haven’t eaten yet. Otherwise it would’ve all come back up.

          To think this person is the hero of my former pastor. To him Jack could do no wrong. πŸ˜• πŸ™ 😑

  1. What’s with the jumping up and down. And all the people yelling at everything he says. Yeah, it’s not a cult.

    1. You would have been mortally offended,than, at what went on in daily chapel at HAC… (shudder) 😯

      1. This is one part of my life I DO NOT miss! Wow. I think maybe he got crazier after I left. How could that even be possible? Wow.

        1. He got crazier with the passing years, yes, for sure. Taking up the KJV-onlyism, (he did NOT espouse that when you and I were there!), becoming famous for being a protector of perverts, using less and less Scripture in his “sermons” and more and more philosophy… oh yeah. He went completely around the bend.

        2. Ohhhh, that was so familiar, that is some screaming tantrum throwing maniac, isn’t that some form of rebellion that they preach against?

        3. Seen Enough I was there during the abuse protector and very little Bible in sermons years. When he started preaching you can’t get saved from an NIV I disagreed. Someone found out and I might as well have been the anti-christ. The dorm supes needed watch me because I was on the edge. I had went 3 years under their radar. One opinion was all it took to get noticed.

    2. I’ve wondered about the jumping up and down too. I visited a church locally where the pastor did the same thing. (Never went back). It made him look more idiotic than anything…

    3. So whenever a preacher’s voice gets louder than a whisper and he shows a little emotion and life in him, he is cultish? To me a prescher that does not show emtion and does not get loud once in a while is dead. How can you preach the glories of heaven and not shout for joy? How can you preach about the evils of sin and the Devil and not not show a righteous anger and also not weep for all the lost souls going to an eternal hell? The Word of God is a logical and rational faith that also is intertwined with the God-given emotions all mankind posesses. I feel sorry for the people that sit under a cold, dead, lifeless presentation of the Gospel that you seem to want for them.

      1. Oh, if emotionalism were the only objection to Hyles, this post wouldn’t have been piblished today.

      2. I don’t think emotionalism is so bad if it is genuine. And in this clip I don’t doubt the emotion is genuine (since it seethes of hate and jealousy.) But in Hyles’ case the emotionalism is generated to create a response in the listener, NOT a genuine reflection of love for the Gospel or hate for sin. I know this because I sat in his Church Ed classes where he taught how to generate it.

        1. I know a Hyles-educated preacher who “weeps” over lost souls publicly (funny I’ve never seen an actual tear, but he does know how to sniff and put a convincing quaver in his voice), but who doesn’t speak to his ex-IFB brother when they are in the same room.

          I guess I know where he learned it.

      3. There is NO reason for anyone to yell, scream, foam at the mouth and jump around like this when their job is to shepard people. Not to mention the lack of any love or compassion demonstrated in this clip or most anything from Hyles or his clones.
        If this is your version of christianity and you think this is good preaching, I want no part of it.

        1. So you think there is no time or topic that ever warrents raising your voice? One thing I learned about speaking in public is a dry, monotone approach is not very effective. We are people of emotions and our speaking patterns normally follow the mood we are in presently and the mood we are trying to communicate. And I refuse to accept that a preacher should never show anger, even God showed anger at times.

        2. John – There is a difference between being passionate about something and having that show in your presentation style and being flat out nasty and mean. Hyles and his clones generally fit the latter category.
          And yes there are circumstances where raising your voice is appropriate. But when you are supposedly representing God is not one of them. And just because God got angry (as you say) does not justify any preacher from doing the same. And then equating himself with God.
          I will reference this quote from Dr. Fundystan a little further down this thread:

          Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Abusive speech betrays an abusive heart, which will find a way out in one’s actions. Caveat emptor.

        3. Yeah, like where 1 Corinthians says “We preach sin, and how to fight it.” Oh wait.

      4. I’m not done. I sat under a Hyles clone for years. I realized after a while that the topics that were yelled the loudest (KJV Only, tithing, End Times Stuffβ„’ etc) were the topics that are the easiest to dismantle. It’s like they think if they yell it loud enough and repeat it often enough, people will buy into it. Well I didn’t.
        This clip is a reminder of why I will not attend a church like this ever again. Any message, whether about heaven, hell or sin can be presented without the yelling and screaming. All that detracts from the message. Unless there is no message. Like this clip.
        You can get so much more with honey than with vinegar.

        1. We learned early on, “If you have a weak point in your sermon, YELL LOUDER!” Some of their sermons seem to be nothing but weak points.

        2. “If you tell a lie long enough and loud enough, people will believe it.”

          and (not implying a comparison btw, just similar content)

          “Empty trains make the most noise.”

      5. Oh puleeeez! What a load of dung, mr. smith. It’s a pre-planned way to preach, the louder they SCREAM it seems the more full of it they are. It’s an act and they are probably doing exactly what they are preaching so angry about or worse! (Ducking out of the way) πŸ™„ πŸ™„ πŸ‘Ώ

        1. I think so every time his cheesy name pops up. Which is why I refuse to respond. Bored trolls crawl back under their bridges.

        2. Seen enough, how is my name any cheesier than any other on this site? Your name is not all that orignial, just lay off this because it is a silly arguement. Peace

      6. No that’s throwing a fit, called rebellion. If you yell loud enough and long enoug, that has an affect on people, it makes you believe what they are saying so long as YOU subject yourself to it. Not so when you are made to be subjected, that’s involuntary and most rational kids would rebel if forced to listen to a nutcase like this.

      7. Question for you JS: You just went on and on about humans being people of emotion and if a preacher doesn’t show emotion he’s dead – I’d like to see you make the same arguments in defense of a normal, non-denominational bible church where they listen to contemporary worship music and people raise their hands and actually sing to Jesus like they love him or something. I’m betting their expressions of emotion would be “wishy-washy sentimentalism” in your eyes, but Hyles’ verbal abuse, threatening, and just downright meanness are glorifying to God. Explain that one to me.

        1. +

          The older I got I started wondering why it was OK for the preacher to get emotional, but no one was ever supposed to get emotional while singing.

          I am so happy that now the whole congregation can stand and exult in God together, passionately praising Him with a loud noise, not just the pastor.

        2. I so love this! No one has the right to emotionally respond to God in a fundy church except for a foaming at the mouth preacher. It seems the preacher gets to do a lot of things the congregation isn’t supposed to do.

        3. Jeremy, I am a Pentecostal so people raising their hands while singing is not exactly new to me. I fact that is almost like a Baptist just standing there. People running the isles and shouting and speaking in tounges is my background. We should show emotions when we are praising the Lord, weep when we are hurt and shed tears of happiness at God’s bountiful blessings.

        4. Then what you fail to understand is that Jack Hyles thinks you are loony (that’s putting it mildly). Only he can show strong emotions, the only emotion his followers were allowed to exhibit was “amen, preach it brother, glory that’s good”, but only the men now, women are to be silent and emotionless, unless she wanted to cry which gave the appearance that the Holy Ghost touched her, but in reality her feelings just got hurt by the MOG.

        5. JS: IMO, that just backs up my point. Neither jumping up and down screaming at people nor running up and down the aisles screaming jibberish is a healthy form of emotional expression. The few times I’ve been around extreme Pentacostal behavior it usually came off as pretty forced. Both behaviors are immature. I’m talking about someone who genuinely loves God letting that emotion show while maintaining conrol of themselves like every human being should.

      8. Emotional, okay….dramatic and manipulative, no. Many public speakera use emotional voice inflections to manipulate their audience…David Gibbs has this down to an art form, imho. Hyles did too.

        1. If what those two preachers you mentioned are displaying an art form, it is the ugliest art I have ever had the displeasure to experience. As someone once so wonderfully used the expression, they are “pious gasbags”. 😈 I know you weren’t complimenting them.

  2. With the little red dot in the middle of his forehead I kept waiting for the camera to pull back and for us to see a sniper aiming down on him. Just an overactive imagination I guess.

    I know I’ll be too busy praising God when the time comes, but in a way The Cage Match at The Mercy Seat sounds a wee bit entertaining. There will be more than a few people walking past it who Fundies will look at and say, “But, but, but ……????” And there will be many Fundies who will never make it to see the Mercy Seat though they believe they should.

    1. beat me to it. I was just about to make that observation about the dot. I wouldn’t be surprised if Hyles was one of those fundies who didn’t make it.

      1. and what’s the big deal about Sunday?! Why does he thing all of this is happening on a Sunday?

        1. I thought he was saying “Sunday” too, but it didn’t make sense so I think he’s actually saying “someday”. That makes more sense and then it also shows that he stole another part of a sermon from another preacher, a la “Payday Someday” by R.G. Lee.

        2. Pretty sure he is saying “some day.” He was so sinus-y and snotty all the time, that it was often like that. Ugh. Creeps me out to this day. πŸ‘Ώ

        3. I think he was saying Sunday. I assume he was doing a play on that Easter thing about how Friday seems so dark, but Sunday is coming. (Sunday being the Resurrection) But he is saying when Sunday comes, Mac Arthur and all the others who actually aren’t cult-y are going to be surprised that they didn’t get their with their versions of salvation. I hope this sermon gets played that day.

        4. Well, I cannot tell for sure, but either way, you and Eric are both suggesting he was playing off other famous sermons. Not our Jackie-Boy!!! 😯

        5. I just played it for Ray and he said he was there for that sermon. That he remembers it. He said that Mac Arthur was falsely accused of not believing in the blood, and that MacArthur’s answer was that it was such a ridiculous accusation he wouldn’t even dignify it with a response. They took that and ran with it and here you go.

        6. The sermon is “Sunday’s Coming.” It’s one of his famous/infamous sermons from the last 15 years before he died. He re-preached it at his last Pastors School. Resurrection Sunday was the day that the doubters of Jesus were proven wrong, so it gives him a chance to insert the name of all the doubters of the Saviour and Hyles (interchangeable, of course)

  3. I think he is comparing Sunday to the day of the Lord, as in “It’s Friday now, but Sunday’s coming!”

    Who knew Hyles read Bob Jones stuff. Bob Jones started the vicious rumor that MacArthur did not believe in the blood of Christ in the 80s. They quietly issued a press release apology a couple of years ago.

        1. I just sent it to my son. (Which is why I am pretty confident that I will be getting Mother of the Year this year.)

        2. Once again, I can’t tell if that video was made by Fundamentalists or by people mocking Fundamentalists.

          As someone once said, it’s hard to satirize something that can’t be taken seriously to begin with.

          Either way, though, I think I smell some major copyright violations.

        1. Then my former fundy pastor wrote a book about the blood atonement…and it turns out he is the one who deviates from orthodoxy – not MacArthur!

      1. Darren, the article says the accusation against MacArthur was “perhaps originally based on a thoughtless misunderstanding, but now clearly fueled by a deceitful malevolence.” Deceitful malevolence — that describes well the vitriol spewed from some pulpits when the pastors ought rather to “seek peace and pursue it.”

        1. PW: That says it well. “Deceitful malevolence”. Actually, there are two issues – the first is the misunderstanding you quote in which John McArthur was INCORRECTLY accused of saying that he didn’t believe that the blood was necessary for salvation. He believes, as far as I can tell, that Jesus Christ had to die and to shed His blood for our salvation, which is what orthodox Christianity believes.

          However, Mr McArthur does not believe that the blood is preserved fresh upon the mercy seat in heaven. He said that in his opinion, the blood of Christ ran down the cross and mingled with the dust/dirt/ground/soil. (The Bible is not completely clear about this rather abstruse point; personally, I think it indicates that Jesus presented His blood at the mercy seat in heaven; it may or may not be preserved fresh. However, I would not condemn another believer who disagrees with me on this point). However, some fundamentalists suddenly made this a major fundamental of the faith and went on attacking John McArthur. It is this second point that is referred to in the published rant.

  4. I can’t see the video in my work machine. πŸ™„ But I’m sure if it’s Jack Hyles I’m not missing anything. I remember standing in a long line of people just to meet that guy. 😐

    1. Consider yourself lucky. Just imagine Jackie boy yelling and jumping up and down (literally) and everyone is the audience giving out hearty hay-mens.

      Here’s a transcript:

      Audience: Hay-men!

      1. Lol love the trascript. Was he jumping in rythm with his voice? That would be even funnier to watch! :mrgreen:

      1. I try not to “call” who will or won’t be there, etc., but I will say, I will be mightily surprised if JH is. I could list the reasons why, but really, my only admission ticket is the Blood. Does not JH cheapen the Blood, in this very clip? I am grieved to my heart by this. How brainwashed was I, that I ever could have heard anything like this, and not felt how it had to have grieved the Savior of my soul? πŸ˜₯

    1. I remember as a kid hearing him telling his “how he got saved” story. He was sitting on a curb after church and looked up at the sky and said something along the line of, “God, if you’ll take a dirty, poor boy like me, I’ll take you.”

      In my young mind, I kept thinking, “I thought you had to accept Crist as your Saviour to get saved? Is he really saved?”


  5. Heaven is all about being right, you know. After all, you want to stand in front of the Lord with your chest pumped up as he pins your “attaboy” award on.

    1. And of course God will give Jackie-boy the opportunity to rub MacArthur’s nose in the blood of Christ. Yeah. He is special like that.

      1. Who does he think he is the fourth member of the Trinity? I know his followers think so! Does he really think God will let him come forward and rub McArthur’s nose in the blood? I guess he thinks he’s going to replace Jesus at the right hand of God the Father! Maybe his son in law will be sitting on the other side! πŸ‘Ώ

  6. I’ve not been away from the cult long enough to be able to watch without totally freaking out. After watching the first 15 seconds or so, it’s clear to me why abuse of all kinds is so rampant in the IFB: verbal abuse spews forth from behind their pulpits. Examples of physical abuse (under the guise of judgment via sermon illustrations) are given regularly. Abuse is so pervasive as to be normalized in this culture, so when individuals step forward decrying the abuse, they are mocked and dismissed. It’s so much easier for fundies to say, “No doubt the problem lies with thee.” than to honestly examine what their MOg is advocating.

    It’s sick.

    1. Kreine, I have been out for twenty-some years, and this still nauseates me to my very soul. You absolutely nailed fundies, with your post. Right to the point.

      1. Yes, I have been out for over 25 years and I literally got a stomach ache just from that few seconds of rant.

    2. It IS sick. I never attended a Hyles church, but I’d heard enough of the yellers that in college before I was married, I told my fiance that I never, ever wanted to attend a church with a preacher who yelled, berated, or belittled his flock. And we haven’t.

      Where is the discernment? How do they not see the arrogance and the meanness? How can the Spirit of God Who is gentle and kind and meek not speak to the spirits of the listeners and tell them, “THIS IS NOT OF GOD!”

      Proverbs 8:13 says, “To fear the LORD is to hate evil; I hate pride and arrogance, evil behavior and perverse speech.” I think Hyles knew the first part; he’s good at the hating (although the object of his hatred seems to be people). But look at what is evil to God — pride and arrogance!!!! Why were the people SOOOO blinded to this?

      1. “Why were the people SOOOO blinded to this?”
        And THAT is the million-dollar question. I have asked myself that same thing for years and years, now. I will say, there were those who woke up to it long before I did, who were in the admin, or on faculty or staff somewhere. They either quietly left (Max Helton, Mr. Taylor, and others) or they tried to question Hyles. One learned very quickly, never EVER question Hyles. πŸ‘Ώ

        1. Some of them are conditioned thoroughly that right is wrong, wrong is right, black is white etc. Even if it doesn’t seem to make sense, we are special, and somehow BETTER because we are US. Leaving is not an option. If we leave or somehow disappoint or try and think for ourselves we risk losing all our glory points that we have worked so hard for. Every base is covered for them which is why I have no trouble at all calling it a cult. I am constantly amazed that I was brought out of it and escaped with any brain cells. (hush, Seen Enough)

        2. I resemble that false accusation against my good name! i KNOW for sure you have plenty of good brain cells left. So do I. Who are you, again??

        3. I congratulate anyone who is brave enough to step away from that. It’s very hard to face disapproval and rejection. It just hurts my spirit, not only hearing prideful things being said but hearing people applauding and approving.

    3. Out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. Abusive speech betrays an abusive heart, which will find a way out in one’s actions. Caveat emptor.

  7. Reprise for the hell of it. You know you’ll sing it in the shower at the top of your lungs 😈

    The Man they call Hyles!

    Oh, He robbed from the rich
    and he robbed from the poor.
    Stood up on his platform
    and he gave all of them what for.
    He started to preach
    and he left steaming piles.
    The hero of Hammond
    the man they call Hyles.

    Our Hyles saw the people’s backs breakin’.
    He saw the congregant’s lament.
    And he saw a way of takin’
    every dollar and leavin’ five cents.
    So he said: “I can do that to my people.”
    said “I can crush them under my heel.”
    So Hyles strapped on his pride
    and soon reached his stride
    to send them all on a futile ordeal.

    Oh, He robbed from the rich
    and he robbed from the poor.
    Stood up on his platform
    and he gave all of them what for.
    He opened his mouth
    and he left steaming piles.
    The hero of Hammond
    the man they call Hyles.

    Now here is what separates MOGs
    from common folk like you and I.
    The man they call Hyles
    he went soulwinning for miles
    and took mistresses on the sly.

    The vile rank and file could not compile
    the stories of Hyles with so many styles
    The man they called Hyles
    he owned so many guiles
    he headed out for the stars!

    (Here we go!)

    Oh, He robbed from the rich
    and he robbed from the poor.
    Stood up on his platform
    and he gave all of them what for.
    He started to preach
    and he left steaming piles.
    The hero of Hammond
    the man they call Hyles…

    1. He certainly left steaming piles… not just the kind you mean, but the detritus of people’s very lives, their family structures, their reason… so so so AWFUL. πŸ˜₯

      1. Jayne would certainly be more entertaining to listen to, although I doubt he’s a very persuasive speaker (which we can only wish Hyles was less persuasive to so many…).\

        After all, Jayne did consider becoming a saint one time… :mrgreen:

  8. “We fundamentalists are taking over.”
    That is the scariest statement I believe I have ever heard a pulpitmaster make.

    That is the American Taliban.
    No love, no grace, only they are right with (their)god, they will show the rest of the Christian world how it should be done.

    Imam Hyles

    1. No love, no grace — how true. πŸ™

      There are Christians with whom I have disagreements. When I get to heaven and we find out the truth, if I find that I was right and they were wrong, I will embrace them in tears, rejoicing that we are at last truly able to be one, standing forgiven and accepted, clothed in the righteousness of Christ.

      1. I sincerely doubt that we will be able to circumscribe the Eternal with that kind of binary thinking, by and by. I suspect we will all kind of just say “oh”.

    2. This petty, self inflating religion that Grand (Honorary) Mufti, Imam Hyles is spewing is sll the more poisonious and deadly because he wraps it in the Christian garb and says “Here is your god, worship me… and do it in the name of Jesus.”

        1. ‘because he wraps it in the Christian garb and says β€œHere is your god, worship me… and do it in the name of Jesus.”’

          Yep. What Don said. πŸ˜₯

    3. “That is the American Taliban.”

      This is eerily truer than you may know, Don. In the eighties, when the scandal first broke about Dave Hyles and the articles first appeared in “The Biblical Evangelist,” people were leaving HAC and FBC in droves. When they were away from their houses, Hyles fanatics came and damaged their homes with bricks, stones, scrawled threats, etc. Terrorist behavior. πŸ‘Ώ

    4. “β€œWe fundamentalists are taking over.”
      That is the scariest statement I believe I have ever heard a pulpitmaster make.”

      What I find scarily funny about this is that there are factions in several different sects that think this way. There is an entire group looking to make the US a Catholic theocracy with the Pope as head. That guy is almost as scary as Hyles up there. What really scares me is if ONE group does get some power, and all the crazy infighting that will ensue. Or maybe that’s a good thing….where’s the popcorn?

  9. My eyes immediately went to the lady sitting behind him in the green dress with her hand on her chin. Her body language suggests she was not a fan. He was a wacko!!

  10. I think the thing I am most amazed by is how they condemn us for emotionalism in our music or for being immature and unlearned about Biblical doctrine when I see something like this. They condemn us for being “unorderly” and emotional in our worship and then they do this.

    God says, “He resists the proud, but gives grace to the humble” This guy seems pretty proud and puffed up to me, and God has a lot to say about that.

    I’m so glad my salvation is not dependant on me or my standing with fundies, but on God’s most amazing grace and mind-boggling mercy.

  11. I agree with Pastor’s Wife. It amazes me when preachers talk what THEY are going to do in Heaven. Really? Don’t they realize that we are going to be busy worshipping Jesus? I don’t imagine we’ll want to do much else for a really long time. Sounds pretty good to me.

    1. Whatever we do in Heaven, I seriously doubt that it will be settling old scores or smirking at people and saying “I told you so”. It seems odd to me that Hyles thinks that is what he is going to be doing in Heaven since, as Christians, we are supposed to avoid doing that down here.

    1. Qualify that, please, with the word “dangerous,” or something similar. After all, an idiot may be harmless! JH most definitely was not.

        1. What about an Insufferably Arrogant and Undeniably Ignorant Idiot? We just need to add one more point and we will have a Fundyesque sermon outline.

        2. cordovan – I was going for the alliteration. Not often can you use the letter “I” for an alliterated outline. πŸ˜†

        3. Using an “I” for alliteration only works for those who are Inspired, Insightful, Intelligent and Introspective.

          Of course those words don’t describe Hyles since he was an Insipid, Imbecilic, Ignominous Idiot.

  12. Nothing says “Fruit if the Spirit” like jumping up and down like a two-year-old mid-tantrum, and screaming about how you want to rub someone’s nose in something, all the while cheating on your wife!

  13. I was fortunate that I had little exposure to the Hyles cult. I did have a Sunday school teacher who would give his students a Hyles β€œbooks” as and birthday and Christmas presents. He once left his eight and a half month pregnant wife and his four young children alone so he could go one his hajj to see Cap’t Jack.

  14. MacArthur preaching a “bloodless” salvation? Not in the book by him I’m currently reading. He’s nearly has harsh at points as the rest of the Fundies …

  15. Too much preaching is story telling and working the crowd for a pop like a pro wrestler. What preachers think they are saying and what they are actually saying is very different. Very few preach the actual word and that is where the theatrics come in.

    1. And even better, they get applauded before the show when the preacher makes his grand entrance into the sanctuary, cause they just know that it’s gonna be good. πŸ˜†

  16. I kept hoping the guy with the laser sight would fire. He had plenty of sweet shots.

    (Lord, forgive me, and be with the starving pygmies in New Guinea. Amen.)

  17. The only problem with Jack’s plan for MacArthur is that, even if people in heaven actually went around attacking those who had different doctrinal views from them in life (and I’m certain they don’t), he would be getting jumped by so many people himself that he wouldn’t have time, even in eternity! πŸ˜‰

    1. That, Mandy is a wonderful thing to ponder! Loud obnoxious human being that he was, yuck how many traumatized people did he leave behind???

    2. I think I’m gonna stark using Eric’s phrase: “The Cage Match at The Mercy Seat” ^_^ Brilliant way to describe what so many fundies think they are going to do in heaven!

  18. I wonder if he is currently reconsidering this plan, as it seems that there may be a “great gulf fixed” between where Hyles is currently and where the mercy seat is.

  19. Did you see the other video clip (part of this same sermon)? We’re all gonna have King James Bibles when Sunday comes…lol. I wonder if he’ll actually preach out of it “when Sunday comes” instead of going on a rant of hate and uneducated opinion.

  20. It amazes me that he would criticize so many for supposedly being unbiblical while at the same time his own sermons were taken completely out of context in order to support his own agenda or get an emotional reaction. It saddens me that I followed this for too many years before realizing what was going on. I thank God for the truth, which is Jesus Christ alone.

  21. Here is a Bible verse in response to the video:

    “He that saith he abideth in him ought himself also so to walk, even as he walked.”

  22. A complete misrepresentation of what MacArthur believes. Fundies love to build “straw men” and shoot them down.

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