Ernie Willis Sentenced

Justice has finally found rapist Ernie Willis.

The AP story says in part:

A New Hampshire man convicted of raping and impregnating a 15-year-old church member more than a decade ago was sentenced Tuesday to 15 to 30 years in prison.

Ernest Willis of Gilford, 52, robbed the girl of her childhood, the judge said in sentencing Willis, who had admitted to having sex with the teenager in 1997, who also babysat his children, but he claimed it was consensual.

Tuesday, the now-29-year-old victim listened to the sentencing via telephone from her Arizona home. During the proceeding, he read a statement apologizing to her, his family and the church.

Unfortunately, it appears that justice for Chuck Phelps and others at Trinity Baptist may be delayed yet a little while longer.

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    1. Did… did I just get first comment? *fanfare plays*

      More on topic, I can only pray that justice comes for other victims as well.

  1. I also trust Him that those others that helped this monster get away with this all these years will also reap what they have sown. Those horrendous creeps who made this somehow HER fault. Good judge! And Great Judge of the Universe.

  2. Thank God. You know, there are so many unrepentant wicked people out there…but what gets me is when they claim the name of Christ. This infuriates me. We are called to imitate Christ, and somehow I just can’t see him harboring a rapist. As a matter of fact, I see millstones and oceans…

  3. I hope somebody is investigating Willis’ history, in Trinity and other places, to try to identify other victims. There just have to be more of his victims out there.

    1. I know there are at least other sexual harassment victims (yes, as you’d expect, rapists might have a history of inappropriate sexual conduct around minors/women) but I don’t know whether he sexually assaulted other people. I really, really hope not! But I wouldn’t be surprised. 😥

      1. Does anyone find strange that a person is criminally convicted for raping a child and the prison sentence is 15-30 years? Is it 15 years or 30 years, or will the manogawd serve 1/3 of a 15 year sentence?

        Any adult, who lays filthy paws on a child, whether in a whorehouse or a church-house, should be sentenced to prison for a minimum of 2 days for each day their Victim/s carried the burden of their hidden secrets.

        Pedophiles should serve the sentence day-for-day, without pardon or parole consideration until the 2-for-1 time is exhausted.

        1. Wow! Don at least names the voices in his head! I’m hoping LK is cool with the apparent onset of mental issues? 🙂

  4. Aside from his direct exploitation of this girl, the most obscene detail is that this creep, Willis, wallowed in his own filthy dishonor by sitting in the congregation while that poor girl was publicly, punitively humiliated. At the VERY least, he ought to have intervened with that other creep, Phelps, and pulled the plug on such a creepy exhibition.

  5. He claims that it was consensual. I guess the words “statutory rape” and “jailbait” mean nothing to him. 😕

  6. Darrell wrote on 9.6.2011 “Unfortunately, it appears that justice for Chuck Phelps and others at Trinity Baptist may be delayed yet a little while longer.”
    Does this tragedy support your theology of “justice for Chuck Phelps” or does it mitigate against it… or do the two have nothing to do with each other?
    Just asking.


    Darrell August 1, 2013 at 1:10 pm
    I would think that reading my post would make it clear that I do not think that this was some kind of Divine retribution.
    Once you start down that road then you put yourself in the place of having to give the reasons for every tragedy. I don’t want that responsibility.
    I have no patience for those who want to rejoice at somebody else’s pain. We can be better than that.


    Rightly Divided August 1, 2013 at 1:19 pm
    Thanks for the clarification.
    Help me understand what “Justice” for Chuck would entail (and from whom) and on what basis would this justice be served?
    Also, what should happen to the “others” at Trinity Baptist?

    1. There are any number of natural consequences to the evil things that we do.

      If a pastor refuses to protect his flock then he should find himself no longer a pastor. If a church doesn’t advocate for justice for its own members then it should find itself with Ichabod written over the door.

      Eventually, slowly but slowly, these things have a way of working themselves out. God sees the truth but waits. And for some who have hardened their hearts I still believe that ultimate justice will find them in the next life unless they repent. Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will find themselves in the kingdom.

      I’m happy to leave all the other details to God to decide and I don’t try to enforce my own agenda by interpreting every bad thing that happens as an obvious sign of divine retribution. I trust that the King of all the earth will do right. Do you?

  7. Your response was tempered and rational. Thank you.

    But I do believe that God chastens in wrath even those who are his Born Again children. (though obviously not all calamity is chastening).

    I believe that Believers can and do incur God’s wrath in this life. Romans 1 is always preached about the lost. But it says the wrath of God is revealed from heave against ALL ungodliness (not just the unsaved ungodliness).

    We cannot pass judgement on others calamity and discern if that was God’s wrath or simply laws of sowing and reaping. (such as the case with Chuck.)

    My only disagreement with you is your statement: “And for some who have hardened their hearts I still believe that ultimate justice will find them in the next life unless they repent. Not everyone who says “Lord, Lord” will find themselves in the kingdom.”.

    No one gets into the kingdom by saying Lord. All those who have believed on Christ for eternal life will get in the kingdom. Repenting of a hardened heart will not get anyone in the kingdom. And if the “ultimate justice” to which you refer to is a burning flame that never ends, then perhaps you have not left fundamentalism as much as you think you have.

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