16 thoughts on “Charles “Chipper” Snow IV Pleads Guilty”

  1. Don’t count on it. I’m waiting for the “he was set up by an evil world order that hates Christians!” flag to be run up the pole.

  2. They may have an out since they said they would revoke it if he was “convicted” not if he “plead guilty.”

    I guess we’ll see.

  3. I will say this, at least he plead guilty. Too often I’ve seen where these guys deny and fight it forever.

    1. I have absolutely no evidence to support this but if I were a betting man I would bet that he pleaded as part of a deal to avoid jail time. Hence the probation.

      Or maybe he really is sorry and wanted to own up to his actions. But I’m betting it was a deal.

      1. I’m sure, but as someone who has had to watch family members who were abused go through the hell of listening to their rapist deny that anything ever happened; a guilty plea is still better. At least the victim doesn’t have to go through trial and he is admitting that he did something wrong which should stick with him for life.

  4. I note that the church web site is currently unavailable. Surprise, surprise. It takes time to circle the wagons, maybe?

    1. Uh, perhaps slightly off-topic here, but can no one at that church use or even understand spell check? How about a good dictionary? “Allogations”? “Peoples,” when they’re not referring to nations, tribes, or ethnic groups? And, again, no surprise here, more thundering silence when asked for an answer. 🙄

  5. Something I learn in fundieland, whether one gets punished or is simply forgiven depends on one’s social status in the church or Fundie School. Since “Prince” Chipper comes from monarchist family of preachers, he will give some type of tearful apology (like Jimmy Swaggart), and will be instantly forgiven. Anyone who demands he be punished will be denounced as having an unforgiving spirit.
    I wonder if Chipper is now a register sex offender. If so, if he is prohibited from getting near a school, would that include any fundie school attached to a fundie church?

  6. This is unreal. I actually went to high school with “Chipper”. I had no idea he was so messed up. This is such a sad story, and I feel so bad for that innocent little girl.

  7. He’ll probably try to defend himself by saying “It was a calling of God!” “Women were made for man’s use!” lol

  8. I went to college with Chipper and worked on a few class projects with him. It’s just another way I am reminded that no-one is immune from sin. I’ll be praying both. for the family of the girl and for Chipper.

  9. This is really sad. I went to church with Chipper when he was in school. It is a good reminder to me that no one is free from the effects of temptation and sin. Let’s pray that God would work in his life.

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