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      1. Although I think he would be speechless if he ever finds out how many of his “friends” are true friends, not just guys lining up on his side to avoid attack or being called names or being labeled as apostate fools. What a sad man. One wonders if he has any real joy in his life, if he has ever experienced grace, let alone dispensed it. If anyone spends time with him because they love him rather than want to be his cronies and get a rep by association. This is ugly.

  1. 2 mins was more than I should’ve watched. It’s 2011, and I’m more than happy to still say that Ruckman is crazy & a liar.

  2. Ok, I know some of you can’t stand to watch the whole thing, but PLEASE do youself a favor and watch from 2:55 on or you’ll miss the joke.

    1. “Aren’t some of you right now finding it very, very difficult to sit through much more of this?”

      F$%& yeah!


  3. Ruckman has, at the very least, a personality disorder – if not a full blown certifiable mental illness. He is emotionally abusive, and that’s one of the ways he manipulates people into believing this stuff.

    Learning the fallacies of logic would go a long way to protecting people from this heresy. May God have mercy.

    1. Yes, Yes! and Amen! Of course that would be characterized as worldly knowledge and vain deceit. They would whip out Colossians 2:8 and attack you with it like Ninjas in a Chuck Norris flick.

    2. Definitely emotionally abusive, I feel sorry for people who choose to listen to him. Yuck.

    1. My iced tea just nearly shot out my nose. Sorry for the graphic, but that is hilarious. 😆

  4. It is my experience that all King James Only folk in Ruckman’s camp are guilty of peddling lies about those they do not agree with. Apparently in their opinion one cannot disagree with them without having “no moral character.” To which I reply – stuff and nonsense! A man may be both sincere and utterly mistaken at the same time.

  5. Wiki documents some of his other beliefs:

    “Ruckman does not believe that a fetus becomes a living soul until it is born and takes its first breath.[14] Ruckman also believes in UFOs and blue aliens with blue blood, black aliens with green blood, and gray aliens with clear blood.[15] Further, he believes the CIA has implanted brain transmitters in children, old people, and African-Americans and that the agency operates underground alien breeding facilities.[16] In 1997, Ruckman claimed that Attorney General Janet Reno had drawn up a list with his name on it and predicted that the “Government Mafia” would make a hit on him during “the next two or three years.”[17]”

      1. It’s like the old snake rhyme “Red on yellow, kill a fellow; “Red on black, friend of Jack”. However, I can’t keep it straight so they’re all poisonous to me.

    1. When I used to do street ministry working for a homeless shelter, I would encounter homeless people on the street with severe mental illnesses that believed in similar things. Just amazing how he got such a hearing among certain fundys!

    2. as far as ensoulment goes, i tend to lean toward ensoulment at birth as well – or at the earliest, around first heartbeat

  6. This is so cool! For starters, Ruckman is using the same “seduction by insulting” technique used by pick-up artists. And that may be part of the fundie appeal – the idea that you can meet these high standards while other people fail.

  7. At almost three minutes, he said some of us are “finding it very very difficult to sit through this……….”
    Not really. I like to watch a comedian who can make me laugh.

    Also, according to the Rev. Bigot, (I want in on the name-calling too.) I guess I have rocks for brains. I guess I really did take them for granite.

  8. Kudos on the alliterative post title, Darrell. But even so, you can’t make me listen to this!

  9. Is this guy still around?
    I can’t believe that people are just plain stupid enough to believe or spend any time listening to this crack pot.
    Listening to him is like driving by an auto accident, you slow down to look for the body parts.

  10. Well, let’s all just grab some of those hypocrite, backbiting apostates (i.e. people who don’t agree with us) and kick their asses out back. Woo-hoo!

    Geez Louise.

  11. I guess I was spared at least one moron because I know next to nothing about this man. Is he still alive?

  12. “Know what I mean, jelly bean?” Is he serious? I know very little about this man other than that there is a great deal of controversy about him, he has a strange stance on the KJB and has had many divorces or something like that. From this clip he just looks like an utter bore to me, and I couldn’t make heads or tails out of what he said. 😕

  13. I have trouble understanding what the attraction is for some people to crazy nut-jobs. We used to have to listen to him in chapel way back in the 60’s. The fact that people still listen to this guy (maybe out of “respect” because of his legacy or some other such thing) just amazes me. I guess there are some who like to be bullied and others who identify with the bully, or there are just a lot of crazy people out there.

  14. “Some of you who think you’re smart have rocks for brains”….

    Does he think he’s smart?

    “Some of you are finding it hard to sit through this…”

    Yes, that would be me.

  15. OK . . . I’ve read occasional references to this guy on SFL since I first tuned in, but not being an IFB I really don’t know who he is or much of anything about him. Someone please fill me in.

    1. He is KJVO. Graduated from Bob Jones University when SR was running the show. Lives in Pensacola. In his 90’s now. Divorced twice. Runs Pensacola Bible Institute (PBI). Actually used to live right next to PCC. That didn’t sit well with them…
      Has written dozens of books, all primarily KJV or doctrinal.
      His stance on abortion is weird and one screwed up thought process.
      He pretty much alienates anyone who disagrees with him.
      And…please do not ask me how I know all this…

      1. Ruckman has given his name to ‘Ruckmanism’, which is the most extreme version of King James Onlyism, where the KJV is regarded as inspired in and of itself, and as ‘correcting’ the Greek.

    1. I was going to post something about the resemblance between Ruckman and Phelps, and couldn’t remember his name. Thank you!

    1. Cloud is hardly moderate. He is a fundamentalist of the fundamentalists. If anything, in regards to modesty and the stuff IFBs usually rant on about, Ruckman is fairly moderate. His commentaries are pretty clear that noone in the OT wore pants, and that it is the pervert pastors that are constantly whining about what women wear. If I could be bothered, I would find some of his choice rants about pastors who talk about nothing but clothing and music.

      David Cloud is obsessed with modesty and what women do.

      Ruckman is more extreme because of his obsession with conspiracy theories.

  16. According to David Cloud, Ruckman believes that: “all women in the Church Age will receive thirty-three year old male bodies at the Rapture.”

      1. OH MY GOSH! That is the humor that helped me get through four miserable years of college!!! TOO FUNNY!

        1. Now, now, spare my blushes, she says with the false humility she LEARNED at that den of misery…

    1. To be fair, he has said that, as a side note in a commentary. David Cloud has one of those “watchdog” ministries. As such, he picks on nearly everything anyone says (except himself). For example, he takes a quote from “Mark of the Beast” where Ruckman describes what he believes is a possible scenario (which is absolutely ludicrious), but David Cloud takes it as Ruckman saying “this is going to happen”. Which is basically what all of the crazy quotes from David Cloud concerning Ruckman are about.

      Don’t get me wrong, I think he is a madman, but I think David Cloud is guilty of presenting his quotes out of context, and making it appear as though Ruckman believes them as fact, rather than possibility (his books are so poorly written, it is almost like a train of thought – he just seems to write what he is thinking).

    2. I know, it is funny. But seriously? That is what he thought? Seriously, we would be transformed into men?

    3. I know, it is funny. But seriously? That is what he thought? Seriously, we would be transformed into men? I mean it makes a sort of horrible sense since we will be made “perfect” and there is no such thing as a perfect woman. Still….

      1. Yes there is; I married her. And if heaven ain’t got womens, I’d rather go to hell. There’s a reason God declared it not good for man to be alone…

  17. Dilemma. I own about 20 of his books. They are “worth” money, which I could use. I want to sell them. But then I’d feel bad for enabling someone else to read the trash within those pages. But if I throw them out, I have wasted lots of money that could go towards food or mortgage.

    I own about 15 commentaries, and then some of the weird ones like “Black is Beautiful” and “The Mark of the Beast”.

    1. Wow. This is a toughie. An answer to prayer, in fact, and INCREDIBLE miracle, would be if some ex-fundy said, Hey, let me buy them, so I can demonstrate their absurdities…

    2. Sell them.

      What are the chances you would be doing more damage to the buyer, if they are so enthusiastic about buying his books?

  18. We separated from Bro. Ruckman many years ago because Pastor Backlow found out that women go out with the men who do street preaching. The women hold up signs or hold their Bibles and pray. Pastor was upset that those delicate flowers and blooms of Christ’s beauty, those symbols of the Holy Spirit in the home were being mocked from vehicles and were appearing in a less than lady-like manner since they were so sweaty and bedraggled. He did not understand what kind of panty-waisted ‘man’ would do that to a weaker vessel. He said, “I don’t care if you’ve been knocking on a thousand doors for Christ, there is no good witness to be found in a woman who does not appear fresh-faced and of a godly countenance when she is representing Christ!!!”
    I personally was glad to hear of his dislike for this practice. We don’t live in the coolest part of the world and it gets really hot here sometimes. I got heatstroke during Big Ball Volleyball one summer and I know that I would just pass out if I had to stand there and hold a posterboard with Proverbs 26:11 on it.

    1. Well especially since you would have to be wearing your most modest ankle length denim jumper, nylon stockings and sensible shoes while you serve.

  19. He should have been a shock comic, not an evangelist. I think it’s his voice and delivery that made me think that….he could start his set with bland jokes, then WHAM! hit people with nasty racial humor, or gay jokes, or whatever else his twisted mind could come up with. They could call him “The Baptist Don Rickles.”

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