Tedd Butler Update: Looking for Information

Normally here on SFL we’re more involved in simply commenting on what’s going on instead of getting directly involved in the cases themselves. However, today I spoke to the detective who is currently investigating Tedd Butler and I agreed to put out a call for information to the community at large here.

If anybody in the SFL community knew Tedd Butler back in the day or ran in the same circles and churches that he did, I’d ask that you consider giving the investigating detective a call and giving him whatever information you can about what kind of a person he was or anything else that you can remember about him. They’re in the process of trying to piece together the bigger story of what kind of man Tedd is and where he comes from and any help you can provide would be much appreciated whether that’s information that’s good, bad, or indifferent.

Here is the contact information:

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  1. I think it is pathetic how you immediately jump on the side of the false allegations. If you were truly trying to help find the truth (you are not, you are looking for another christian to make fun of) you would have tried to contact the [alleged victims name removed] family who is making these ridiculous charges and looking for a quick score for a civil suit from the church. You are a joke of a “helper”

    1. Ah, so that’s your spin on the situation. Well at least it’s out in the open now.

      Have you shared your views with Detective Tamminga? I’m sure he would love to hear your take. You’ve got nothing to hide, right?

    2. Wait, what? There’s nothing in this news post about siding with one side or the other. Darrell already spoke with the detective himself and published a call for information that’s “good, bad, or indifferent.” The detective’s involvement IS a way of reaching out to the family involved and providing relevant information.

    3. Jerry, how do you know the allegations are false? It looks like YOU immediately jumped on a side too. You are accusing the victims of lying and trying to profit off of the legal system at the expense of a man’s reputation. Those are pretty serious charges. Shouldn’t you be more graceous and give them the benefit of the doubt before you accuse them like that? Oh yeah, your mind was made up before you even HEARD any evidence. So sad.

    4. Abusers rely on the fact that they are given more credence, for whatever reason, than the abused. And adults are given more credence than children. And I for one, am sick of it. I cannot tell you how many times my mother should have been arrested for her “Biblical discipline”. And she would have been sitting in jail with our pastor, and multiple other parents he instructed. I was not sexually abused, but I cannot tell you how many times I prayed for someone to be my advocate. Several people have told me that they knew things were bad, but were afraid of my mother so they didn’t say anything. And they wouldn’t have dared to report her, because DCFS was the enemy. So when there is a report that a child reported abuse, I cheer for that child. You can stand by your friend, and until he is proven innocent, I’ll stand with the child. I don’t know anyone involved in the case, and it could turn out that the child/family has made false accusations.

      If he’s proven innocent, I’m sure you all will jump up and down for joy with “I told you so’s”, and the children involved (and/or manipulated) will be on the outside. And if he’s proven guilty, you all will brush it under the rug and continue on. And the abused children will still be on the outside. And in all these things, the children will not see Jesus in you. THAT is the shame of a situation like this.

  2. Jerry Kaiser, if this is the same Kaiser whose wife’s name starts with a G, I know you. I know you, and I think what you are doing is deplorable. You have no clue whether or not these allegations are true or false. I will say from experience that the police do not waste their time on allegations that have no merit. They are not going to squander taxpayers’ money following a case that cannot be prosecuted. They have some kind of evidence, whether you choose to bury your head in the sand or not.

    You can continue to stand behind an accused pedophile, or you can get out of the way and let the police do their job.

    If your pastor was really a “man of God,” he’d be counseling you to do the same.

  3. I stand behind him because I know him and know he is incapable of doing this. Unlike you, I refuse to swallow something just because the officers, who have been known to be very enthusiastic in following these claims of abuse toward children, say it is true. I know Pastor Butler and I know the family making the allegations and I will choose to believe Pastor. You have little idea of what a man of God really is if you think he would be counseling me to desert him in his greatest hour of need, so I put little stock in any commentary or advice you have when it comes to the ministry. If you think you know me, email me privately and we can explore this a little further.

    1. And of course you’ve called the detectives and given them this report of what you know of the pastor and encouraged everybody at your church to be open and honest and answer every question that’s asked, right?

      I mean if you’re so sure that he’s innocent then what do you have to hide, Jerry?

      1. According to the timeline, I knew the family of the youngster AFTER the alleged events happened. I do not know the 30 year old man from minnesota. According to the timeline, the alleged abuses to the young boys happened in 2006, the boys were still riding the busses and attending in 2010 when I came.

      2. I apologize, I arrived in 2009, not 2010. They were still attending for approximately a year after I arrived.

        1. So you’ve only known the people involved for two years? You’re putting your own reputation on the line — which is indeed what you are doing here — for people you barely even know.

  4. I don’t know your email, but I do know you attended Faith Baptist Church in Belleville, Il. for a number of years. Scott Baker was your pastor. Need any more proof? I could include family names, but that violates your privacy, and I won’t do that.

    I don’t say desert him, but I do say stand out of the way and let the police do their jobs.

    I see this from a different perspective. I was abused for years, and no one stood by me. No one protected me. And when the truth finally came out, I was called a liar. To add insult to injury, I lost many of those nearest and dearest to me. I suffered horrible consequences from that abuse, and I was treated like a festering, oozing sore. I was tossed out like so much garbage.

    Do you know what it does to a person, how it affects them for life, that kind of abuse, the subsequent emotional abuse? There’s no trust left, not even in God. Now, this man might indeed be a man of God, but abusers are powerful, and they can often put on a facade that deceives even their nearest and dearest.

    Did you know that most abusers are not strangers? No. They are those who are closest to your family and friends. They are those you trust with your children. They are the ones you trust with your life.

    And that is why we, the abused, cannot trust, because we know what happens when that trust is broken.

    I will pray for you and your family, Jerry, and I will pray for your church, but I will not pray for anyone in the position that man is in. I am not that big of a person.

  5. I am truly, and deeply, sorry for what happened to you. I cannot begin to imagine the horrors of dealing with something like that. I trust that justice was served, but I can imagine that type of thing lasting forever. I cannot, and will not, vouch for everyone and label everyone that screams “abuse” a liar. Just as I cannot, and will not, vouch for everyone that is accused. I can only speak for this situation. Since, obviously, you know me. Here is some info for you. I worked as an assistant for Pastor Butler and I know him quite well, just as i have ministered and worked with this family alleging the abuse. That is why I can, personally, vouch for Pastor Butler. My approval, one way or the other, will not tilt the scales, but I will support Pastor Butler and pray that truth is revealed for all party’s interested.

    1. So of course if you can vouch for him then you’ve contacted the investigating detective and offered to help as much as you can by answering any and all questions honestly, right? And of course you’ve encouraged the rest of the folks in your church to do likewise?

      I mean…why wouldn’t you?

      1. As a matter of fact, I finished it about an hour ago. Thanks to your info. I doubt he will read it. He is not inetersted in contacting any supporters of Pastor Butler, I heard his press conference. He is only interested in “more victims”. But we shall see. I welcome his inquiries.

        1. He specifically told me he’s just as interested in hearing from supporters of Todd as his detractors. I see no reason to disbelieve him.

        2. I am glad that he shared that with you. That probably sounds good to you. But he has not tried to contact his family, he has not tried to contact members of the church. He has not tried to contact former staff members. Maybe, just maybe, since I took the initiative and contacted him, maybe, he will contact me. But I will not hold my breath.
          BTW, Elijah, if he is really interested in the truth, he would contact anybody who would have info on the pastor. Not just the ones that prove there was a crime. Part of an investigation is to find the truth (or it should be) sadly, that is not the case many times.

        3. You are a sick, sick man, Jerry Kaiser. Defending a perv child sex offender takes a special kind of willful blindness.

        4. Why would he want to speak to “supporters” when his job is to find out if a crime happened. Does the FBI call up the local prison inmates for character references when they get ready to take down a Mafia boss?

    2. Sorry, but “I know him quite well” and “I can, personally, vouch for Pastor Butler” doesn’t hold up in our justice system as an alibi. Neither is it evidence for Pastor Butler’s guilt or innocence of the allegations.

  6. BTW, my email is kaiserklan@juno.com. For those who want to jam my inbox with irrelevant and ignorant email should be advised: I will not respond if I do not know you. The opinions of those who do not know me interest me about as much as knowing the latest dress size Oprah is trying to squeeze into. So your abusive, non-responsive, ignorant emails are easily mass deleted. 😛

        1. I choose that word, because everyone else, including yourself, have taken great joy in condemning him before he is even given the chance to provide a defense. It is with the same joy that I welcome the oppurtunity to speak for him.

        2. I really don’t see the joy that you say you see in everyone.

          This is horrifying and terrible. If the accusation is true, it is a horrible blot on the church and the name of Christ in the world. If the accusation is false, the pastor’s reputation and future livelihood and the future of the entire church could be adversely affected. It’s sad.

          But some of us are suspicious. We saw Red Rocks Baptist Church (South Sheridan) in CO support Brock and say the accuser was lying – and then gay porn was found on Brock’s computer. We saw Antioch Baptist of Warren, MI support their pastor and say the accusers were lying, but there were text messages and the pastor was heard telling his wife to throw out their computer.

          We want sin to be rebuked. We want the truth known. We want to “seek justice, encourage the oppressed. Defend the cause of the fatherless, plead the case of the widow” (Is. 1:17). We want followers of Christ to live righteous lives of love and compassion, not committing gross sins, then hiding and excusing or denying those sins which we’ve sadly seen happen again and again. There’s been too many cover-ups, too much lying.

        3. I agree that crimes against children are unacceptable by any person and should be dealt with harshly. But you also have to acknowledge that false accustaions have terrible effects on the accused. You want to be skeptical because you do not know the persons involved, that is fine. I would probably be skeptical if I did not know the people. But there is a rush to judgement (the joy to convict of which i speak) that is unfair to the person that is being accused. That is what I am trying to dispel.

    1. Why are you debating back and forth here if you’re not interested in “the opinions of those who do not know” you?

  7. Justice won’t be served, and I am at peace with that. But it’s not about me. It’s about this situation.

    I don’t know the truth. I can’t. I wasn’t there, and neither were you. You know him, and you know the family, but you don’t know, you can’t know, what happened. I am trying to help you understand that those who abuse manipulate situations to their advantage: They pick the most unreliable victims, those who won’t be believed, those who are easiest to abuse, the weakest of the pack, never the strongest. And then they brainwash them into being even weaker, more unreliable, easier to abuse. For example, an honest, upright preacher is always going to be believed over a poor child from the ghetto whose mom was a prostitute and dad was a druggie. (That’s an entirely fictional example: I know nothing about who was allegedly abused).

    Is that to say your pastor is guilty? No. I don’t know. I can’t. But neither can you. You say he would never do that, but you cannot know what’s in his heart. I can’t even know what’s in my own husband’s heart …

    That said, stand by him and be his friend, if you feel led to. But the truth, when it’s revealed, might not be what you want to hear.

    1. And, judging by all of the reports by the media, your supposition that the preacher is always believed does not hold true here, now does it?

      1. I think A means they won’t be believed by their church, sometimes even by their family members. Church is often a person’s complete social world especially if the church has a Christian school which they attend so being disbelieved can be devastating.

    1. I will pray for justice to be done and that he pays for his crimes. I will pray for the healing of those he abused and I will continue doing what I know I should be doing, holding the banner of the cross high for everyone to see so that they will place their trust in Christ for eternal salvation.

      1. Typical abdication of responsibility by fundies. Pray for someone else to handle accomplishing justice, and for someone else to deal with healing the victims. You’re too busy defending & supporting the perps.

        1. Fundy version of Micah 6:8: The LORD requires: defending the guilty to the uttermost, praying for the police to do justly (if they can overcome the wall of silence & resistance), and for someone else to give the victims mercy, and we’ll do all the that with a tremendous amount of arrogance before both God & man.

    2. Of course, my question for his accusers is this: What if he is proven innocent? His life will never be the same. The church he ministered at will never be the same. He can never have the ministry that God called him to. But that will be lost on all those that accuse him.

      1. If you believe that everything is in God’s hands, then wouldn’t it follow that God would use this to work in his life and his ministry?

        Incidentally, I don’t accuse him. I just don’t immediately assume he is being falsely accused.It’s not the same thing, you know.

        I’ve considered emailing you, but I’d prefer to keep my privacy. My past was difficult to overcome, and it haunts me today in the form of PTSD. Risking it haunting me more literally by having you sharing it with people I know would be painful in the extreme.

        Suffice it to say, I don’t condemn a family I don’t know by calling them false accusers or money grubbers, and I won’t condemn a man I don’t know by calling him a pedophile. I simply say that the truth will come out. Just let the police do their job without hurling accusations.

      2. Or, I think, will be a lesson to false accusers. His church will have a new-found respect for him, and so will the community. If he is open and cooperative and he is found innocent, it will prove to the world the integrity and character that you believe he has.

        1. “false accusers” meaning, in general, people who accuse. I don’t know the family and I don’t know anything about Tedd Butler, so I can’t say anything about who’s what.

        2. To A: being in the ministry helps me understand the delicate nature of information. If I were to find out who you really were, I would not share that info. But, I understand your hesitation and respect that. The info I gave on the family is from the times I have observed them. Just as I have gained my opinion of Pastor Butler.

          To Natalie: Your faith in human nature is admirable, although naive and misguided. I can give you examples of people who were falsely accused and never were the same. Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly: Would I send my kids or put my life and influence in a church where the pastor was accused of this, even if he was found innocent? The overwhelming answer from the study of human nature is a resounding NO!

        3. Jerry, why are you attacking me? Seriously, I was giving your pastor the benefit of the doubt. That is all. You chose to call my faith naive and misguided.


        4. Let me use a better word than “attacking”… insult was more like it. You turned a compliment into an insult.

          I am a police officer’s wife. I don’t have as much faith in human nature as you think I do, but I am also an optimist, and people have a tendency to create bad outcomes in their mind and believing them to be true before actually giving reality a chance.

        5. Natalie: I apologize if you viewed that as an insult. It was not an insult. If you read carefully, I said your faith was admirable. I just believe that you do not understand how human nature will rush to convict him and ruin his chances for future ministry. Ask your policeman husband if a false accusation, like this, that is proven false, “binds together” a peoples opinion or does it raise doubts about that person ability to work with people. By not understnading this, you are, by definition, naive. I’m sorry if it offends, but that is a statement of fact.

        6. People will be people, I know that, and don’t need to ask my husband whether that is true. I have learned that from experience, both mine and his. I don’t have the naivete that you’re still painting me to have (and yes, I still consider it an insult), because I am fully aware that people will have their judgments.

          But, not all of them will.

        7. You know, Jerry, you brought back a feeling that I haven’t had since I was in the IFB circles. A feeling I hoped to never have again. It’s a combination of inferiority and upset.

          By your statement above, you didn’t really apologize for anything you did, but really apologized on behalf of myself for not reading you right. You presumed to think that I had no clue what you were talking about, referring me to my husband for clarification, because I guess, as a woman, I need help. The thing is, cops don’t involve themselves in any aftereffects of someone’s innocent verdict, because its a CIVIL matter… You can ask your wife what that means.

          Your approach is arrogant, Jerry. You may think its straightforward and direct, but its coming across as arrogant. And, I’m sorry if that offends you, but to use your words… it’s a statement of fact.

        8. Well, I apologized once and explained it was not an insult. I cannot control how you accept it. It is naivete if you think that his ministry will be the same once he is proven innocent. It will not. I do not care if you believe it or not. So I am not going to bicker with you over something that I never intended this to be. It was not an insult, you take it however you want. It is a statement of fact.

        9. And confidence is commonly mistaken for arrogance. I will not apologize for being confident in my presentation of the facts. I never said you were inferior. I said that you do not understand. It is clearly obvious that you do not. So, take it how you want. Being “former IFB” does answer, to me, a lot of questions about how you view fundamentalists anyway. Hence your involvement in this website.

        10. All you had to do was say you disagreed without throwing blows, and the “bickering” would have never commenced.

        11. I did talk to my husband this morning about the case. He’s never heard about it before, but simply said if they didn’t have at least probable cause, they’d never arrested the guy in the first place.

          So, sounds like there’s more than false accusations involved.

        12. His church and his “ministry” will definately not be the same after this, but I think you are looking at it through human eyes when God’s plan for us is usually much different. God isn’t as concerned with numbers as most pastors seem to be. With a pastor, the way they view “success” is by how many people they can get following them. With God, “success” is more how much like Jesus we have become. So which will make this pastor more like Jesus? Having a great big church with lots of followers? Or being falsely accused and misunderstood? Just step down off that big old pedestal and try to see it from another perspective.

        13. The Bible most certainly does tell us to turn the other cheek. It does not tell us not to defend ourselves in a court of law, but it does tell us not to go on the attack when we feel we’ve been wronged.

          As to referring a woman to her husband for clarification, that IS insulting and offensive, whether you choose to see it so or not. And I am NOT former IFB. I currently attend an IFB church and am very happy there. Thankfully, my church is nothing like most of the other IFB churches I’ve attended in my life: legalistic, demeaning, controlling, and pretentious. You can pretend they aren’t so, but pretending doesn’t make it so.

          Secondly, I’m a writer by trade. If your words are misunderstood, that’s your fault. Not the reader’s. Writing 101. Not even Writing 101, more like Bonehead Writing.

        14. I can’t imagine how awful it would be to be falsely accused, but I do know how God expects us to respond: “But if you suffer for doing good and you endure it, this is commendable before God. To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an example, that you should follow in his steps. ‘He committed no sin, and no deceit was found in his mouth.’ When they hurled their insults at him, he did not retaliate; when he suffered, he made no threats. Instead, he entrusted himself to him who judges justly.” (1 Peter 2:20-23)

        15. Well, the Bible is clear that Christ had to suffer for our sins. That is why He did not respond. Nowhere in the Bible does it tell us that if we are falsely accused that we should lay down and take and take any punishment with it. To compare what Jesus went through to this is a misapplication and perversion to what Christ did for us.

        16. If Pastor Butler was being judged by “him who judges justly”, there would be no argument from me about the charges or the penalty. But he is not, he is being charged by men, who are sinful, accused by men, who are not just, and judged by men, who do not judge justly.

        17. I didn’t say one had to accept false accusations and any punishment that goes with it. All I did was quote Scripture which says, “To this you were called, because Christ suffered for you, leaving you an EXAMPLE, that you should FOLLOW IN HIS STEPS.” Then the passage clarifies: not retaliating with insults (to me, this means one CAN state the truth but is not allowed to insult the accusers), not threatening, and entrusting one’s future to God (an attitude of trust).

        18. But God never says we will be treated with justice in this world. When we are falsely accused, we trust God who says, “Vengeance is mine; I will repay.” Again that is not to say that we are not allowed to defend ourselves, but we aren’t allowed to defend ourselves with insults or threats or personal vengeance.

        19. Where did you see insults, threats, or personal vengeance? I merely make a statement defining the present condition of peoples opinions and it is an insult? I just welcome the oppurtunity to defend. I am slower, in this case, to convict someone who many of you have already convicted.

        20. I only said “insults, threats, and personal vengeance” because those are the things the Bible passage specifically prohibits when Christians are falsely accused. (I extrapolated the personal vengeance idea from the “entrusting to God” part.) I am not saying that it is present in this case at all, just clarifying that THAT is what I Peter tells us not to do in order to follow in Christ’s steps. I think it takes the strength of the Spirit of God to allow us to respond this way. I also think we are still allowed to speak the truth and tell our side of the story.

        21. Well, earlier in the thread you called us “pathetic” and “a joke of a helper.” You said Natalie’s faith was “naive” and “misguided.” These are all personal opinions, not facts. I could probably use the same words to describe you, and you would consider them insults, not statements of fact.

          The point is not to say that we should accept without defending or thoroughly examining any criminal accusations thrown at us. However, it is the attitude that is important. Over and over the Bible shows us examples where falsely accused individuals responded with grace, regardless of whether they were “charged by men, who are sinful, accused by men, who are not just, and judged by men, who do not judge justly.” Joseph was sold out by his brothers, forgotten by his peers, falsely accused of raping Potiphar’s wife, and went to prison for a crime he never committed. David was on a run for his life from Saul. Yet each worked with the legal systems they were born in and demonstrated grace and love to their enemies on a personal level.

      3. Because man’s accusations are so awesome and powerful that they can destroy the calling of God and thwart his ministers. All hail the power of man and his tongue!

      4. What a weak God we serve that his calling on a man can be ruined by a false accusation. Why would God let this happen to God’s man?

        Really? God isn’t in control here? The only thing you can do in this situation is cooperate and be as transparent as possible to completely exhonorate yourself. If there is no smoke, there is no fire.

      5. I have just found this post, and know absolutely nothing about this whole situation. There are, of course, sometimes false accusations, and I hope that this is a case where a pastor did not do something so grievously offensive to the Lord. My question: suppose the pastor is found guilty. Will he lose his ordination credentials? Will his church exercise church discipline? What would the church’s responsibility be in this situation?

  8. And untrue accusations from children happen so often that we should be very concerned! At least almost 1% of the time!

    And people accused of sexual assault get so much jail time! Like 16% of reported cases!

    We should be way more concerned about the possible effects on an adult who may not have abused a child than the many, many children who have been sexually abused! Priorities, people. It’s not like Jesus cared about children, or any disempowered people in his society. No, he was worried about what would happen to the Pharisees’ reputations.

  9. I haven’t read all (or any, really) of the comments yet. Has anybody used the “the Butler did it” joke yet?

    If not, I’d like to take the opportunity to do that at this time:

    The Butler did it.

    Carry on.

  10. What does a church really need when their pastor is accused of sexual abuse?

    1) The elders need to assume more authority and place the pastor on administrative leave while the police and church investigate.

    2) The elders should assume a position of neutrality and aggressively pursue the truth, wherever it takes them. Turn over all info and cooperate completely with the police. Truth is the goal, not loyalty.

    Kaiser’s “loyal to pastor” tact indicates truth is not his real goal. I hope he changes his entire approach to this situation.

    All truth is God’s truth. The minute the truth becomes an enemy of a church, that church shows itself to be dysfunctional.

  11. Kaiser says he read any email from people he doesn’t know but expects us to care about his posts when we don’t know him. Typical hypocrisy as he proclaims other’s hypocrites.

    How many many newspaper and tv news accounts must we see of a perpetrator’s family or friend’s say “I just never believed he was capable of such a horrible thing” to understand we can’t always grasp the evil that can lurk beneath the surface of anyone’s facade? I don’t know it this guy is guilty or innocent but I DO know he IS capable of such a thing. And in that I know Kaiser is not speaking rationally but only emotionally.

    PS. I’ve only seen “clan” spelled with a “K” for the KK……well, you probably know what I mean.

  12. I would like to remind everyone that we as citizens of the United States are guaranteed the right to a fair trial and are presumed innocent until proven guilty. If the man is convicted of this crime he will pay for it. My friend works for the cook county prison system in Illinois and has told me the horrors that await any pedophile. So if you are a supporter of the pastor, be comforted, because he will have the opportunity to prove it. If you are sickened by the pastors alleged abuses, take heart, because he will most definitely pay dearly for a long time.

  13. Jerry, you may have read about the situation at Berean Baptist Church in Florida. I attended the church for 17 years and loved both Tom and Greg Neal. My children have been at Berean their whole lives. I would never in a million years have guessed that Greg would be guilty of videotaping girls and that his dad would cover-up, lie, and deceive the church. But that is just what happened. All I asked for was the Truth and I was kicked to the curb. I did not choose a side. Jerry…you are choosing a side standing behind the pastor. He needs to step aside until the investigation is over. In the case of Berean, the DA found the evidence to be “overwhelming”; however, since the Statue of Limitations has expired, Greg Neal can not be prosecuted. He still has many loyal “cult” followers that are standing behind him regardless of his guilt. The purpose of church is to join together as believers to win the lost….not to promote a “man” who may or may not have fallen into sin. A pastor is just that…a man who sins.

  14. Well, it has been a month or so since this website and those of you blindly involved in this story have gangpiled Pastor Butler. I got to have about a 45-50 minute conversation with the detective to add any “help” that this website was supposedly calling for. It is interesting that in that time, the most recent allegations from the youngster that allegedly occured in 2006 have been found to be inaccurate. Those charges have been dropped. I would give you the newspaper or tv website that reported this, but, not surprisingly, none have reported it. The older charge by the convict in prison the detectives “magically” found will go to trial. The attorney for Pastor Butler is confident that these, also will be proven to be a fabrication. I am thrilled that this website reported that the charges were dropped….oh, wait a minute…this website never reported that either. Hummmm……I wonder why that is?

    1. So one count has been dropped but he is still going to trial on charges that he sexually molested another young boy. The charges being dropped does mean innocent. The victim may have not wanted to go through the pain of a trail.

      Of course his lawyer is going to say that he is confident these charges will be proven a fabrication. What’s his lawyer supposed to say?

      And if no tv or newspaper website have reported it, how would anyone here be able to report it? Right now all we have is you telling us of your conversation with the detective.

      I’m sure if he is PROVEN INNOCENT, the news will be reported here properly. Until then we will wait to hear.

      1. Umm…try again, the there were three total charges and two of them were dropped. Not because the “victim did not want to go through a trial” but because there was no eveidence! And for all of the hate and vitriol that was directed at Pastor Butler for these alleged charges, not one peep about two of them being dismissed. It proves the point that ALL media, no matter how small and insignificant (hint, hint, stufffundieslike), are more interested in his guilt than the truth.

      2. Your understanding of our legal system is flawed. He has to be proven GUILTY. Now I know that is a tough thing for those of you who blindly follow these social media buffoons that would like to convict him with no evidence, but the legal system and true justice is starting to show. And it is not because he is proving himself innocent, it is because they cannot prove him guilty. Because it is not true.

        1. I couldn’t agree with Boymom more. The Christ-like attitude is certainly mind-boggling. But this website continues to amaze me at the things they like to pass off as “Christ-like”.

  15. If the media fails to report it, be sure to post the court docs for us…’kay. That will give us a better understanding of the circumstances.

    1. Oh, I am starting to understand this now, I think. This “reputable” (and I use that term loosely) website reports innuendo and false allegations, and you guys swallow it hook, line, and sinker. But when somebody refutes it, you want documented evidence. Well, that type of cynicism is not worth my time and effort, so you guys can enjoy raking these people over the coals and us in the real world will stick with the truth.

      1. The allegations were posting with supporting info (news stories). You have posting no evidence whatsoever. Why would I believe you?

        1. It does not matter what proof I give any of you. I have wasted my time up to this point trying to persuade any of you. That old saying is true “Do not try to defend yourself against false accusations. Your enemies will not believe you and your friends will not believe the allegations”.

        2. The reason there are no supporting stories for the charges being dropped is because the buzzards (the media, this website, many of you)like to scavenge the dead. They are not interested in hearing the truth. But if this website was so interested in “the truth”, just as he sought out the detective in the first place, he would seek him out again and he would find out that what I am saying is true.

  16. I am back here to humbly apologize. I was wrong. There is no words that can begin to describe my utter disappointment in Tedd Butlers actions. He formally plead guilty to reduced charges today 12/13/11, under the premise that he was protecting his children and family. Words fail me right now. I will not visit this site again. But I wanted to appear one last time to offer my apologies to those I offended. I will not apologize for not rushing to judgement, because I think that doing that is dangerous, but in this case, it appears to have been warranted. Now it is time for me to pray for his wife and children and for him to be healed from this and for the innocent children that were devastated by this.

    1. My best wishes to you and yours, Jerry.

      It gives me no pleasure to see men of any faith or creed fall to temptation but I am glad that justice has been pursued.

      My prayers go with this man, his victims and this church that god will heal the broken and that godly sorrow will bring repentance and a change to hearts where needed.

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