Sword Of The Lord Conference 2011: Sermon Audio

Don is taking a well-deserved break today with his meeting summaries but for those of you who just can’t get enough of this stuff, the audio of a few slightly older sermons from these speakers are up over at the Grace Baptist Church website — including some sermons preached earlier this year that look scarily like the ones Don has just summarized. It appears that these preachers do believe in recycling.

You may want to take a preemptive Prozac before you start listening.

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    1. This is my first first..who do I contact for the complimentary, congratulatory butt cushion!!? :mrgreen:

      1. Congratulations! (My love language is words of affirmation; you’ll have to get your gift of a butt cushion from someone else. LOL)

  1. Actually – I think these are from a local Sword Conference and not the National one from last week.


      Say it ain’t so!

    1. “When Christians speak, orally or in print, there ought to be a note of integrity struck with every syllable spoken.”

      OK, “Dr.” Shelton Smith, here’s the most honest, sincere thing I can say right now: You’re a self-important, ignorant blowhard, and you’re bad at proof-texting.

    2. Thanks for that article, Don. You just made me throw up a little.

      Here’s the part where he was talking about Darrell:

      “For example, a student in a Christian college gets booted out. He or she gets on the Internet and tells everyone what a bad place the college is and how wicked the administration is. Typically, he knows of twenty-nine other cases like his own where students were dismissed in a heavy-handed and unchristian way. Therefore, the college is now (according to him) a wicked place.

      Now understand—the blogger will not tell you why he got kicked out—cheating on a test, just one beer he drank, or something, but it was only one time (according to him). Such behavior is shameful and despicable—for Christians! What ever happened to suffering in silence?”

      So Darrell, what was it? Cheating on a test? Beer? “Something” like getting caught holding hands?

      I’m kidding, I know Darrell wasn’t kicked out. It just sickens me the backhanded way fundies attack people who disagree with them. They make it sound so spiritual. So here’s this guy complaining about how blogs are “attacking” them, and he turns around and makes slanderous assumptions about the people who are speaking out against them, but he does it with so much piety.

      And then saying, “Whatever happened to suffering in silence?” There is so much wrong with that statement that I don’t know where to begin.

      SFL: Attacking everything they can’t control, like other people’s blogs.

      1. This article actually was kind of about me (and some other people) but not about SFL per se. It pre-dates SFL by a bit.

        This was written after Shelton Smith made a pilgrimage to PCC and heard about the evils of some unauthorized student message boards (one of which I post on) and decided to cast slurs and innuendos at the site leadership by saying that they were only bitter because they were expelled.

        To my knowledge none of the leaders of the board were ever expelled, btw.

        1. Ho! So, “Dr.” Smith starts out by insisting on “integrity,” then makes a bunch of fictitious implications about certain bloggers (or repeats unsubstantiated accusations he has heard), and then goes on to denounce gossip and rumor-mongering!

          What a prize this guy is!

    3. Don,
      I don’t think Smith knows the answer to which one he is. Just before that comment, he wrote:

      The blogosphere is mostly about molehills, not mountains. But a lot of good people are being smeared without mercy over the molehills. That’s shameful!

      It must be hard being the only voice of truth left in a dying world of sinners.

      1. I don’t think Dr. Smith considers himself to be a pimple or a cancer. Does the body of Christ get hemorrhoids? đŸ˜‰

        1. He’s not the person I first said this about, but, if you rubbed Preparation H on him, I wouldn’t be surprised if he disappeared entirely.

    4. They can label me whatever they wish. They can cast slurs and call names. But I know what I am. I am a beloved daughter of God, joint-heir with Christ, member of the kingdom, saved and redeemed. They can’t take that away from me!

  2. I love #1

    “As a Christian newspaper, the sword of the lord is very careful about reporting information…”

    (except when Spurgeon’s sermons reflect Calvinism – then we edit them to say what we want them to say.

      1. Careful, yes, in the way that the National Socialists were careful about what they said about jews….

  3. “Dr” John Hamblin is the man that “preached” at Mrs. Tom Malone’s funeral from Gen. 1, mainly focusing on vs. 16…(sorry this isn’t the KJV like he used, but the ESV says…”And God made the two great lights – the great light to rule the day and lesser light to rule the night….” Yes, you got it…he said that Dr. Malone was the greater light and Mrs. Malone was the lesser light. Oh my word.

    1. Listen to the first 13 minutes of the sermon listed in the graphic above. The “Dr” preaches on the Christian “not quitting” and he uses all 6 mentions of the word “quit” in the Scripture even though NONE OF THEM mean what he wanted them to mean!

      1. “Quit” in the KJV generally means to leave a certain place, not to stop doing a task.

        1. There are 6 “quit” in the KJV…

          3 mean “to acquit”
          3 mean “to conduct oneself accordingly”

  4. I realize this link is a reprint from SOTL, (after the introductory notes), and that John R. Rice had a lot to do with current Fundamentalism, but the article is worth the read. Try getting “Dr” Smith to acknowledge where it was first printed, and you may fail. I wonder if ol’ John R. would be invited to his own seminar?


    (I’m not sure who ‘we’ is. I guess he had a frog in his pocket when he wrote this.)

  5. Recycled indeed…the Mike Allison sermon from a text by Douglas MacArthur (I mean the book of Hebrews) that Don reported on from the first part of this year’s conference is one he’s been preaching for nearly 30 years (at least). He preached it at Franklin Road Baptist Church in Murfreesboro in either 1984 or 1985. I’m a history buff and I like good stories, but it’s not exactly “preach the Word.”

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