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  1. If the narrator of a youtube video is obsessed with some kind of photo “slanting” you can rest assured they theory behind him is lunatic fundy…

  2. Fifth! (Oh, Wait; that’s what is always present when there are four Episcopalians in one room…)

  3. The more you know… *shooting star*
    This PSA has been brought to you by the J. Frank Norris Mutual Admiration Society, worshipping J. Frand Norris since 1927. 😈

  4. The picture of the “real” Norris is just as slanted: it is a formal studio portrait, made for the purpose of presenting Norris as wise and respectable.

    I don’t think the top pic has been altered in any way. It simply shows a younger Norris instead of the older man the elderly guy on the video reveres so much. He may dislike the content of the book, but to whine about the photograph is ridiculous.

  5. Auspices is a $5 word for a whack job like this. I just wish he would have pronounced it correctly.

  6. Why do I feel like saying, “C’mon, dude, you can make it,” throughout the entire clip?

    1. That’s funny cause I was thinking the same thing. I was like cmon…you…can…do it. Then I started thinking about Waterboy. Amazing how the mind works.

    2. He should have taped his notes to the back of the picture. That way he would be appearing to look at the object of the discussion when he spoke.

  7. The village idiot now has a youtube channel…Can’t get away from these people! 🙁

  8. Too bad these folks are more concerned about their “idols” than Jesus Christ.

    I suppose some folks will be defending Jack Hyles 40yrs from now. Let it go!!!!!!

    1. No kidding.

      No human is worthy of this kind of allegiance and devotion; only Christ.

      1. May the Lord be pleased to remove it from existence long before 40 years! 5 years Lord! May it be removed from the minds and hearts of men within five years.

  9. Funny. That guy didn’t talk about the book, just the cover. Wonder if he read it. Maybe not, because he’s afraid of what he’ll find out?! 🙄

    1. He didn’t have to read it to know it was suspect. Beady eyes and everything. Couldn’t be the J Frank Norris he knew.

    2. I’m kinda reminded of a bit in Philip Yancy’s book “What’s Ao Amazing About Grace” where he tells of a man who objected to his book “Disappointment with God”. The man never actually READ the book, but sent Yancy a 5-6 page letter about how offensive the title was…..

    1. I like how some fundies can justify, rationalize, and forgive KKK membership, but being a Democrat? That’s just unforgivable.

    1. I had to check, too. Arson, perjury, murder…all acquitted. Falsely accused? doubt it. Preying on people of that day’s supposition that the MOG wouldn’t do such a thing? For sure.

      1. It’s not just “People of that day”… people ofthis day do the exact same thing. I know, I was there. Arson? Check. Emotional manipulation? Check. Attempted Murder? Check *I can say that his cred as a M-O-g was ruined by the time of the attempted murder. Oh, and we’re not talking J. Frank Norris here. People believe what they want to believe. Sheeple want to believe that the pulpiteer that they have given the god-proxy to is beyond reproach. Otherwise, they see what complete boobs they have been for implicitly trusting such a con man… all in the mane of God.

  10. “Be so bold as to say that a picture is worth a 1,000 words”? Be still my beating heart! I don’t think I could have stood it if he had said that we should make hay while the sun shines.

    If I may be so bold as to say, in this dog eat dog world it is a case of survival of the fittest. There is a time and a place for everything and I am afraid that since the early bird gets the worm this video may indeed be too little too late. At least in the video he doesn’t beat around the bush but it does strike me as a bit of crying over spilt milk.

      1. Apathetic, you really hit the nail on the head there, not to mention hitting the bull’s eye hitting it out of the park.

    1. while its true that there is more than one way to skin a cat, a stitch in time saves nine, so whenever you get while the getting is good, its important to always stay well off the beaten path to avoid stewing in your own juice when areas where J Frank Norris are held in high esteem are hotter then hell’s half acre

      1. Anyone up for some late night Chineese Takeout? I hear the Peking Moon has some purrrfectly delicious mewshoo pork and Tabbyocca pudding.

    2. The early bird gets the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese
      — Steven Wright

      A friend sent me a picture postcard of the world, taken from space. On the back he had written “which you were here!
      — Steven Wright

      Perfect for Fundies!

        1. george meet Paul… Paul meet george. george touches everyone at sometime or other. 😉

  11. Is it just a coincidence that at Hyles Anderson, preacherboys are required to read a favorable biography about J Frank Norris? I think not…this guy was one of Jack’s idols as well as a nutcase.

  12. Something about beady eyes so the book is suspect and invite your friends to read my blog.

    It’s cute.

  13. http://www.tshaonline.org/handbook/online/articles/fno07
    Texas State Historical Association article.

    Aquited of Arson? and Murder? And an opportunistic Empire Builder to boot.
    I just don’t see any Love, compassion or living the Gospel in any of the articles on him.

    Reading this I see a lot of works, and human accomplishment and hero worship of the man, but I can’t see his god for him standing in the way.

  14. That was pretty strange to hear him talk about visiting his blog. Ummm. . .well, no. . . maybe I won’t have time to check it out.

  15. Wow. I was really riding the fence so to speak about Norris before viewing this informative video…NOT.

    What a joke.

  16. Norris’s “rival” was George Washington Truett, the “moderate” pastor of First Baptist Church of Dallas. Truett’s devotional style of preaching was diametrically opposed to Norris’ red-faced fundamentalism. Truett accidentally shot and killed a deacon, the Dallas police chief, whilst the men were out hunting. According to more than one source, Norris, who had gunned down a unarmed man in cold-blood, hectored Truett for the rest of Truett’s life about the deacon’s accidental death.

    From Wade Burleson’s blog:
    It seems that after the shooting, J. Frank Norris, himself the pastor of First Baptist Church, Fort Worth, Texas would send to Dr. Truett a telegram every Sunday morning reminding the pastor that he had shot and killed his deacon.

    1. From my experience in fundamentalism, he was always viewed as a blot on the good name.

    1. yeah, at least it covers-up a multitude of sins. Cover-up, hide, deny, feign righteous indignation, move the victims out of state (the old Roloff Christian Alamo trick) and deflect, deflect, deflect, then take the public moral highground anyway you can. Appeal to authority! And since no authority is higher than the M-O-g he has the finally say-so. (remember the M-o-g holds the god-proxy)
      Sounds like politics doesn’t it? ummm, yeah, you’re right… politics is much more honest, one expects politicians to lie, cheat, and cover-up. 😉

  17. I remember learning about him in my American Church History class in college. I always wanted to name one of my pets “Dexter Elliot Chipps” because I like the way it rolls off the tongue 🙂

  18. The top picture looks like John Dillinger. Apparently this guy has a LOT of time on his hands… 😯

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