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  1. Sorry, I couldn’t get more than three seconds into that without wanting to gouge my eardrums out with a spoon. I guess that means I just can’t comment. πŸ™„

    But hey, it’s better than yelling, I suppose? 😳

    1. I can’t hear the video (stupid work computer πŸ˜† ). Reading the comments, I feel like I may be one of the lucky ones.

  2. I thought it was whiskey and cigarettes, from which I was saved at the age of four…

  3. The audio was out of sync on my iPad which made him look like he was in a subtitled movie! It was just as good as if it were in sync! πŸ˜€

    1. It wasn’t just your iPad. Am pretty sure they tried to sync/splice the audio recording with the video feed, and it’s off by a good second on my PC as well.

      1. @RobM. Ok then. Kinda fun watching it that way. Hey, is that Hong Kong Fooey as your pic? ❓

      2. @RobM. Awesome. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Mark mentioned Foghorn Leghorn and I had been meaning to ask you about that pic of HK Fooey for a while. Fun Fun. Good cartoon memories for me as well.

    2. Wasn’t the IPad. I have a shiny, new HP, and it looked the same. I’m guessing it was their 1980, bought-at-a-thrift-store-for-$2 VHS camcorder to blame.

      1. I think they tried to dub the audio from a recording on the sound system, and am assuming their camcorder didn’t have a way to record via a line in, so that would be a way to clean up what would be awful sound on a camcorder including ambient sound. Did not sync the dubbing at all though.

    1. Definitely Oliver B, although his son has one of the highest, squeakiest voices for a male I’ve ever heard.

      Danny Moore from Zion Hill Baptist here in Greenville is another chronically raspy voice.

  4. When I hear that raspy of a voice, I always think “long term smoker”. I didn’t think/know that even fundy style long term screaming would do that much damage.

    1. BTW, Pastor Schettler used to talk regularly (3 or 4 times a year — my estimate from over a decade ago) about how important being careful with his voice was. I got the impression he thought speaking was his most important job (even though he didn’t really scream so much). It probably was. Kind of telling of the problems of fundy land.

      1. Are you saying that the most important job of a pastor is something other than preaching?

        1. Pastor means _shepherd_. Consider the Lord’s charge to Peter. Preaching, while surely important, isn’t everything.

        2. So, if that’s the case, how do you explain what transpires in Acts 6:1-6, where the apostles chose seven men to assist with the feeding the widows because they didn’t want to leave the preaching to serve tables?

        3. Why am I not surprised by this? Yes of COURSE I’m saying that speaking/preaching is not the #1 job of a Pastor.

        4. Actually, Jonathan, how do you reconcile the decision of those believers described in Acts with Jesus’ own statement that a leader must be servant of all?

        5. That’s because you don’t read your Bible and you have no idea what you are talking about. Back up your assertions with Scripture. Show me where it says there is a more important job for a pastor than preaching.

        6. Acts 6:2 So the twelve summoned the congregation of the disciples and said, “It is not desirable for us to neglect the word of God in order to serve tables…”

          The study of Scripture was the point. “Preaching” as it is used by IFB was, I’m sure, unknown at the time. Showing that Jesus was the Messiah and that he arose from the dead was the focus of the Apostles. In addition, Pastor is a different office from Apostle and has different responsibilities.
          Ephesians 4:11
          And He gave some as apostles, and some as prophets, and some as evangelists, and some as pastors and teachers,

        7. “That’s because you don’t read your Bible and you have no idea what you are talking about. Back up your assertions with Scripture. Show me where it says there is a more important job for a pastor than preaching.”

          Good to see you’re working on those aggressive tendencies, Johnny-boy. Nothing encourages conversation like informing the other guy that he knows nothing!

        8. “Show me where it says there is a more important job for a pastor than preaching.”

          Where in the Bible does it say that preaching is a pastor’s most important job?

        9. This totally confirms everything why you behave so caustically in the comments, Jonathan. It seems pretty predictive that people who think their #1 job is to berate people don’t stop when they leave the pulpit.

        10. Jonathan – show me in the Bible where there is an office of “pastor” like the IFB’s have. It’s not there. Everytime the word pastor is translated in the NT it’s the same word as overseers which is the same word that Paul uses when calling the ELDERS from Ephesus.

          Pastor = Overseer = Elder and there was always a plurality of elders in the NT. So, it wouldn’t matter much if one lost their voice, someone else could just step in. This glorified “king” that churches have these days is not what was intended at all! Actually it robs Christ of the headship of the church much like the Israelites did when they demanded a king so they could ” be like every other nation”.

        11. Fundy answer is the “how will they hear without a preacher”. It’s the old disgusting attitude that that the local church has no responsibility of any sort the surrounding community than to tell them of God’s wrath & Jesus’ death (maybe mention a resurrection, but probably not).

    1. The voice is bad but the theology is worse. Typical fundy flaw: attributes praise to the man and very little to God who performed all of those things through Elijah. Elijah is probably not impressed. πŸ˜•

      1. Elijah was a man like you or me… (probably better translated human than “man” specific, but whatever)

        – James 5

        1. You focus on the man and lead all your sheeple to emulate and focus on YOU. Cult Control 101.

    2. @Mark Thank you for reminding me of Foghorn Leghorn!!! He was one of my favorites growing up. And that cute little sidekick of his? yes, he used to call him “boy” but did he have a name??

      1. Not a sidekick, Presbygirl, but a predator. He was Henery Hawk, a chicken hawk. πŸ˜€

        1. Yes! Yes! Thank you Tikatu. That was it. Foghorn was always “training” Chicken hawk. πŸ˜€

      2. I can actually hear Foghorn Leghorn being a fundy preacher in my head.

        –Thats a thats a thats a right, I say, I say, I say if Jesus, yesu Jesus, thats right was to ughh see the way some of the I say some of these, I say some of these girls is dressin now a days I say, I say I say he would bury thats right bury his head in the sand.– πŸ™„


    That was my old church!!!! DARRELL!!!!

    I was looking for me up front, because judging by the hair that was when I was a MAJOR uber-fundy, and I ALWAYS sat up front.

    I might have been at fundy u when this was taped.


      I recognized too many people in that video!!!!

      1. Breathe Natalie Breathe……it’s ok we’re here for you. I thought the lady in the first minute or so actually looked like she was bored. She crossed her arms and “settled in”.

        1. There was one chick in there who’s hair resembled mine back then.

          I had BIG hair. :mrgreen:

        2. The woman who crosses her arms is Janet Walsh, who speaks at a whole bunch of Sword Ladies’ stuff… The man next to her is her husband, Sterling Walsh, who leads the singing at the National Sword Conference each year. I certainly hope the man-o-gawd wasn’t boring such esteemed Fundies.

      2. Haha, somebody posted a video from my fundy church on the forum one time… I wanted to say “That’s where I go to church!” but then didn’t because I didn’t want anyone from there to see my posts and figure out who I am. (“Perry” is actually a pseudonym…)

        Anyway, at 1:11 in the video it reminded me of where I used to sit when I would visit Gospel Light in Walkertown, NC.

        1. Yep, and that looks like it was the Sword Conference. I would say bus conference, but I saw Clyde Box in the audience and he usually didn’t come to the bus conference.

          Most people I know knows that I’m no longer fundy, and my close friends from back then are no longer fundy themselves.

        2. Oh, that IS Gospel Light? I couldn’t tell because I wasn’t used to seeing the stage at that angle. I thought it was just a church that looked similar to it. 😐

    2. My former church was in the same city (and the MoG at my former church went to Malone’s school). I even spent a semester at the “college”. That was the beginning of my slow trek out of fundyism.

      1. I thought I was making a Selma Diamond reference, but The Simpsons does nicely, too. πŸ™‚

        1. My bad. My mind immediately went Patty and Selma from the Simpsons, not Selma from Night Court.

  6. I heard Bob Gray (the french-kisser) say once that if your voice wasn’t raspy on Monday then you were “pussy-footin’ on Sunday! Well HAAAYYYMEN!

    1. @exfundy. Umm ewwwww. French…kisser…pussy-footin.. That was quite the sentence there!!! πŸ˜†

      1. Hey, I’m just repeating the facts, not condoning anything. As for the french-kisser comment, I had to distinguish him from the other Bob Gray Baptist preacher. I guess I should have just said, “the dead one”. :mrgreen:

      1. Yep, every single fundamentalist like that type of God. You got us nailed. However, could I see the research you did to come to that conclusion? Surely you took some sort of scientific poll or spoke with the appropriate sample groups.

        1. It’s called personal experience Jonathan. Hence the reason we all posteth 😐 on here.

        2. Hmmm….you just got served from scripture on preaching being the main role of pastor.

          Now you call Mark on MOG OT fire and brimstone since there is no scriptural basis so you can’t get served again. All we have are our collective experiences in different IFB churches across the world who have the same M O. Way to pick your battles….

    1. Whenever I hear the word mentor, i wonder if tormentor isn’t what they really mean!

  7. Fundies prefer the Epistles to the Gospels. Think the only time the Gospels were used was Christmas and Easter – oops – sorry Resurection Day.

    1. And they like the Old Testament better than the Epistles!

      Honestly, at my current church they never preach from more than one isolated verse in the New Testament.

      At least my old preacher, with all his faults, actually preached through Bible passages. I miss that πŸ™

  8. Jack Hyles always had that cough/clear thing he did every sentence or so. I forget what he said it was but supposedly the doctor told him he had sacrificed his voice for the ministry. (ahhh… only one larnx to give to Christ my King…) πŸ˜‰

  9. Wow. Blast from the past. He was my pastor for 15 years! While he did his share of yelling, he was nothing like what some of these guys are doing now.

  10. Tom Malone was always a gentleman and a scholar.

    Nothing like Schaap and the usual gang of idiots out there nowadays.

    And He seemed to be born with that voice. I know some people who dont smoke or yell and have such voices.

    Maybe he yelled alot when he was younger.

  11. I didn’t realize Bobby Bowden was preaching now that he’s gotten out of coaching!

  12. Dr. Malone always sounded like a chain smoker even though I know for a fact that he wasn’t. I do have to say though that out of all of the Fundy preachers of that generation he was always on one of my favorites. Whether one agrees with him or not the man KNEW what he was talking about, unlike many others of the day.

  13. Brings back memories of listening to Maze Jackson bellowing across the airwaves as he would fade-in and fade-out on the Am dial. Oohhhh I can hear him now….

  14. I have always loved Bro Tom. I have lost all respect for every other fundy preacher, but Tom still softens my heart. I read his biography and I think he had a different set of motives and values than his fundy counterparts.

  15. We used to get a lot of the more well known fundy preachers and evangelists at my old church in Michigan but I don’t believe we ever had Tom Malone. I knew who he was though, I think we had some of his pamphlets or something. But I remember having Lee Roberson a couple times and his voice sounding like this. I always thought it was from old age, it must be a combination of old age plus preaching for so many years. It was hard for me to make out what he was saying just like with this one. It hurts to listen for very long. πŸ™

  16. I know this is a really old post…but I listened to him for four years. As students at MBC, we had to attend Emmanuel Baptist (which, I understand, no longer exists).

    It was a long four years. We also had BR Lakin, John R. Rice, Jack Hyles…yep, it was a long four years.

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