Hammond DMCA Claim Update: We Win

Lacking any further legal action, the video of Jack Schaap responding to 20/20 has been by put back up Vimeo. I’m sorry to disappoint those who were looking forward to a messy lawsuit.

It’s a minor yet satisfying victory. The battle for truth and transparency continues.

22 thoughts on “Hammond DMCA Claim Update: We Win”

  1. I would be tempted to send a taunting e-mail, but I think we’ve all learned they monitor this site pretty closely, and are aware they failed to backup their DMCA claim.

  2. Truth and Transparency – yay! The opposite of that is deception and obfuscation, which are NOT Godly characteristics.

    If they are preaching God’s Word, why are they so reluctant to let others hear it?

  3. I am so glad I saw this on “random post” just now. My 23-year-old son picked up my iPad to have something to read while in the, er, restroom. As I was walking y, I heard some maniac screaming and hollering, and I called over the noise, “What in the world are you watching?”. He answered, in a mystified voice, “There’s a lunatic named Jack Skap ( his pronunciation!) screaming about 20/20 and he sounds insane!” When he emerged, he had a lot of questions: how had I EVER bought into the HAC crap, how does ANYONE think this is how a man behaves in a pulpit, and on and on it went. The jubilation here is, at his age, his dad and I were immersed in this crap. Now, my three grown children find it repugnant, ridiculous, and dangerous. I am here to testify, there IS complete deliverance from the mindset, there is a bright future, and you CAN leave it all behind. Thank God.

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